How To Bat and Bowl In Australias Venue – T20 World Cup 2022

The ICC T20 World Cup 2022 has kicked off in a sparkling fashion. The first two matches of the tournament witnessed two epic upsets when associate teams like Namibia and Scotland beat heavyweights like Sri Lanka and West Indies respectively. 

Traditionally the pitches in Australia always have something for the bowlers, especially the pace bowlers. The pace and bounce on the Australian pitches are omnipresent, and bowlers with good skills can initially trouble the batsman.

In addition, the long boundaries in the majority of the Australian grounds make run-scoring hard. Subsequently, the bowl-first & win-match formula too has failed to prosper in the T20 World Cup 2022. Also, going by the recent results, it seems like the toss will not entirely decide the outcomes.

Comparison of different Venues for the T20 World Cup 2022

In this article, we will go through different venues for the T20 World Cup 2022 and how they fare against each other when it comes to the pitches.

1. Melbourne Cricket Ground

The majestic Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) will host several key games, including the T20 World Cup 2022 final. 

In addition, the MCG also has the longest boundaries which makes run-scoring a tedious task. It is the reason why the average total at the MCG is just 137. As a spinner, you need to be dead straight with your line and length.

Subsequently, the MCG will also host blockbuster games like India vs Pakistan, England vs Group B runner-up, Afghanistan vs New Zealand, Afghanistan vs Group B runner-up, Australia vs England, India vs Group B winner, and T20 World Cup 2022 finals.

2. Adelaide Oval

With a total seating capacity of 53,583, the Adelaide Oval is probably a more batter-friendly pitch than the MCG. The straight boundaries are long and the spinners get good assistance from the pitch in the later stages.

The Adelaide oval can be one of the highest-scoring grounds in the country. The highest T20I score at the Adelaide oval is 232/2. Out of 8T20I matches played at the venue, the teams batting first have won 3 matches, while the teams batting second have won 4 times.

The ground will host important matches like India vs Bangladesh, NZvsB2, Aus vs AFG, RSA vs NED, Pak vs BD, 2nd Semi Final.

3. Sydney Cricket Ground

The Sydney Cricket ground is the second-fastest-scoring pitch in the country after the MCG. Similar to the MCG, the SCG has long boundaries which makes boundary scoring tough. Nevertheless, run-scoring will become easier once the batsman sees off the new ball. The large squares indicate that 2’s and 3’s will be easier to get. 

The SCG will also host games like Australia vs New Zealand, Bangladesh vs South Africa, India vs Group A runner-up, New Zealand vs Group A winner, Pakistan vs South Africa, England vs Group A winner, and the 1st semi-final

4. Brisbane Cricket Ground

The Gabba, Brisbane is rated as one of the easiest pitches to bat in Australia. In addition, it is also a tough place to defend, as the pitch gets better to bat on as the game progresses. So as a bowler, you need to make sure that the batsman hits the ball towards the longer side of the boundary.

Wrist spinners are the most effective of all. The matches that will be played at the Brisbane Cricket ground are as follows: Bangladesh vs Group B winner, Australia vs Group B runner-up, Afghanistan vs Group A winner, and England vs New Zealand.

5. Perth Stadium

The all-new Optus Perth stadium has hosted only six T20I matches to date, due to Western Australia’s covid restrictions. In addition, the chasing teams have struggled at the Perth Stadium pitch. The team’s batting first has won five out of six T20I matches. Spin bowlers have struggled to contain the batters, especially during the later stages of the match.

The pitch at the Perth stadium is unusual as well. Sometimes it can be fast and sometimes it can be flat. The vital matches at the venue would be Afghanistan vs England, Australia vs Group A winner, Pakistan vs Group B winner, Pakistan vs Group A runner-up, and India vs South Africa.

6. Bellerive Oval, Hobart

The Bellerive Oval in Hobart has the smallest boundaries in the country. If you are a bowler at this ground, it will be hard for you to confine a batsman. Even the traditional wrist spinners have their fair share of struggles at the Bellerive Oval. 

Their T20 World Cup 2022 schedule is as follows: Scotland vs West Indies, Ireland vs Zimbabwe, Ireland vs Scotland, West Indies vs Zimbabwe, Ireland vs West Indies, Scotland vs Zimbabwe, Group A winner vs Group B runner-up, Bangladesh vs Group A runner-up, South Africa vs Group B winner

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