Terms and Condition

This document governs your use of the website, its software, services, and programs, as well as the disclaimer and privacy statement (also included).

Before engaging in any activity on the website, users should carefully read and understand the Terms of Use, which include detailed descriptions, guidelines, restrictions, and other relevant information. You agree to the Terms of Use by using the website. With the disclaimer and the data protection directive, you are establishing the rules that govern the management of rights and obligations between you and the website. 

Age-Restricted Content

Our website may contain content that is not suitable for audiences under 18 according to applicable law. Users must be 18 or older to access the website’s contents. It is implied and warranted that the user is at least 18 years old in order to access this page.

Amendments of Terms and Conditions

We may amend our terms and conditions as we improve our services, develop our technologies, or change existing laws or regulations.

A new term or condition will be effective immediately when it is added. Currently, the Terms of Service govern the obligations of users.

Customers viewing or using the website must review the terms and conditions as of the end date.

Services and Content

At CRICKEXBD’s discretion, we will describe every aspect and service offered to visitors and subscribers, such as website ratings, reviews, contests, forums, and surveys.

The user may change, erase, or otherwise update it with or without their permission. Unless stated otherwise, the terms of use apply to all images, texts, pictures, figures, logos, different media, and proprietary statistics.

As part of acceptance, the customer also agrees that CRICKEXBD bears no responsibility for the use or misuse of any features or functions of the website. Each of these features is available exclusively to consumers for their private enjoyment and noncommercial purposes.

Without CRICKEXBD’s express written consent, circulation, morphing, republishing, or public distribution of its materials or services are prohibited. Furthermore, we reserve the right to deny such permission at any time.

Consumer-Generated Content 

Below are the conditions under which users may submit and store text information (“content”, “comments”):

CRICKEXBD has no responsibility for the legality, integrity, courtesy, or appropriateness of user-submitted content.

No copyrighted material is contained in the content, and reproducing such material or interfering with the privacy or publication rights of anyone is prohibited.

Unless otherwise stated, the website has the right to use, reproduce, redistribute, publicly display, or remove any content posted by its users.

There is no restriction on the reproduction and redistribution of comments made by commenters.

External reference

There are many websites that link to (i.e., reference) other websites. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, CRICKEXBD does not implicitly support or endorse these websites or the entity(ies) they represent. Those who enter external websites through such references do so at their own risk.

Links to other websites or any actions, products, or services offered by them are not under our control.

Limitation of Liability

If the user, or any third party, suffers damages as a result of contacting or using this website, CRICKEXBD, its directors, employees, affiliates, or agents are not liable, including financial damages, data deficiencies, or amortizing the value of the Goodwill.

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