Bangladesh Cricket Team SWOT Analysis: T20 World Cup 2022

Mens T20 World Cup- Bangladesh Cricket team has been ruled out of the Asia Cup 2022 after a close-fought game against Sri Lanka. They are one of the contenders in the Asia Cup 2022 to go to the next round (Super 4). Bangladesh has progressed a lot in the past 7-8 years and they have a very good team with a lot of experienced players in the team.

From the beating, of India, Pakistan, and South Africa in 2015 to starting winning the series outside the home, they have done well over the years. But still, they are not the force and we can’t say this will be the team who can win big tournaments like Mens T20 World Cup, ODI World Cup, etc.

Today, we will do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, and Threats) analysis of Bangladesh’s cricket team before the Mens T20 World Cup in Australia.


1. Experienced players in the team

Starting with the strengths of Bangladesh’s cricket team, they have a lot of experienced players in the team.

Shakib ul Hasan, Mahmudullah Riyad, M Rahim, M Rahman, etc are playing since many years. Their experience will be vital in the Mens T20 World Cup. They know how to handle pressure situations as they are in these kinds of situations so many times in those playing years. This is one of the strengths of the Bangladesh team.

2. World Class all-rounder in Shakib ul Hasan

Their current T20I captain, Shakib ul Hasan is a world-class all-rounder and gives balance to the team.

He bats in the top order and can bowl all 4 overs in the game. Having a world-class all-rounder like him is one of the biggest strengths of the team.

3. Great death bowler in M Rahman

M Rahman has made a reputation as a good death bowler in the world. His ability to bowl cutters and yorkers in the death overs makes the batter’s life difficult. That is the phase (death overs) where teams can control the opposition to get the momentum.

4. Some talented youngsters in the team

Bangladesh has some talented youngsters in the team like A Hossain, Mosaddek Hossain, etc who can be the X Factor in the team.


1. No perfect candidates for the opening role in the Mens T20 World Cup

After the retirement of T Iqbal, Bangladesh is still trying to fit in a perfect candidate for the opening role.

Even when Tamim was there, they didn’t have another opener who can partner with T Iqbal.

Before the Asia Cup 2022, there are some reports that suggest M Rahim will get the role of an opener. But in the last game, they went with M Hasan Miraz and Sabbir.

They have to find a proper opening combination before the Mens T20 World Cup.

2. Lack of power hitters in the team

They didn’t have reliable power hitters in the team which is a must in the T20 format. Mahmudullah has experience in this role but they have to find someone who can do the job for them.

3. No quality wrist spinner

Bangladesh didn’t have a quality wrist spinner on the team. Although they have some good spinners in the team in Shakib ul Hasan and M Hasan Miraz, the wrist spinner can control the game in the middle overs and can be a wicket-taker.

4. The approach to playing T20 cricket

Bangladesh plays T20 cricket as an extension of ODI cricket. They have to adapt to the new approach as other teams are progressing in the shortest format.

5. No quality seam bowling all-rounders

A quality seam all-rounder would give the right balance to the team. They have to give the opportunity to some youngsters before the Mens T20 World Cup.


1. To test something new in the upcoming T20I series

Bangladesh has a Tri-Series coming up in New Zealand. They have an opportunity to test some new things before the Mens T20 World Cup.

The team can try some new combinations before going into the Mens T20 World Cup.

2. Opportunity for Sabbir Rahman in the Mens T20 World Cup

Sabbir Rahman has been brought back into the team after a long time. It will be an opportunity for him to show the world why he is brought back into the setup again.

3. Test of captaincy for Shakib ul Hasan- (Mens T20 World Cup)

Shakib ul Hasan is already a captain of the Test team. It will be an opportunity for Shakib ul Hasan to show his prowess in the T20Is as well.


1. Not having enough match time

Bangladesh only has a Tri-Series before the T20 World Cup to test things. Maybe the Bangladesh cricket board has to schedule a few T20I series before the Men’s T20 World Cup to have enough match time.

2. No experience of playing on good T20I pitches

Bangladesh didn’t have enough experience playing on good T20 tracks in the recent past. They will not get the wickets in the Men’s T20 World Cup as they prepared at home against Australia and New Zealand.

Those wickets were slowish, tricky, and two-paced, where runs are hard to score.

3. The lack of form of M Rahman, Mahmudullah Riyad, T Ahemd

Some of the players of Bangladesh like Mahmudullah, M Rahman, T Ahmed, etc didn’t have a good form currently. Although M Rahan is a world-class bowler, his form is a bit dicey.

4. Lots of chopping and changing in the leadership group might hamper Bangladesh’s preparation

Bangladesh has changed a lot of T20I captains recently. Tamim Iqbal was the T20I captain before his retirement, and M Hossain captained the side in Zimbabwe.

Now Shakib ul Hasan has been given the responsibility to captain the side. He will captain the team in the Mens T20 World Cup as well. Too much chopping and changing are not good for the team’s preparations.

So this is the SWOT analysis of the Bangladesh cricket team before the Mens T20 World Cup. Thank you for reading the article. Keep following us for the latest updates.

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