Future Tour Program Announced for Bangladesh Cricket

The International Cricket Council has announced the schedule for the next ICC Men’s Future Tour Program for 2023-27. In the next Bangladesh Cricket FTP, the Bangladesh cricket fans will see their team play the most number of matches.

The announcement was made on Wednesday, but it’s up to the members to announce the exact dates. As per the FTP released by the ICC, the 12 full members will play a total of 777 international matches. It includes 173 Tests, 281 ODIs, and 323 T20Is, compared to 694 games in this year’s FTP schedule.

Bangladesh will play a total of 150 international matches in the next FTP. It includes 37 Tests, 59 ODIs, and 57 T20Is. The Tigers are followed by West Indies (147), England (142), India (141), Australia (135), New Zealand (135), Sri Lanka (131), Pakistan (130), Afghanistan (123), Ireland (111), South Africa (110), and Zimbabwe (109).

Bangladesh Cricket FTP for 2023-2024

As for Bangladesh, they will play all other full members in the next FTP. The first assignment for The Tigers in the next Bangladesh cricket FTP will be a tour of Ireland in June 2023. Next is a home series against Afghanistan that consists of two Tests, three ODIs, and three T20Is.

In September 2023, just before the ODI World Cup, Bangladesh will host New Zealand for three ODIs. Then just after the ODI World Cup, the Kiwis will return to Bangladesh for a two-match test series in December 2023. The Tigers will reciprocate by flying to New Zealand for three ODIs and three T20Is in the same month.

The Bangladesh cricket FTP has a busy schedule in 2024 as well. Firstly, the team will host Sri Lanka for two Tests, three ODIs, and three T20Is. Then they host Zimbabwe for two Tests and five T20Is. These two tours will stretch from February to April 2024.

Then in mid-2024, the Tigers travel to Afghanistan for two Tests, three ODIs, and three T20Is. Then they reach Pakistan for a two Test-match series. Bangladesh then will travel to neighboring India for two Tests and three T20Is. 

Bangladesh then hosts South Africa for a two-Test match series. It will be followed by a tour to the Caribbean, where the West Indies hosts Bangladesh for two Tests, three ODIs, and 3 T20Is. This series will be a part of the World Test Championship 2023-2025. The West Indies and the USA jointly host the T20 World Cup in 2024

Bangladesh Cricket FTP for 2025-2026

The first assignment for Bangladesh in 2025 will be home series against Zimbabwe. It will be a three-match for each ODI and T20I series. In May 2025, the team flies to Pakistan for a three-match each ODI and T20I series. 

The Tiger then will reach Sri Lanka for two-test, three ODIs, and three T20I series. In August 

2025, Bangladesh will host India for a three-match each ODI and T20I series. Soon after the Cricket World Cup in 2025, the team will host West Indies and Ireland.

Bangladesh will participate in the T20 World Cup in early 2026. Then they host Pakistan for 2 Tests, three ODIs, and three T20Is. The Kiwis and Australia will tour Bangladesh in successive months for a 3 ODI and 3 T20I series. 

It follows with two away series to Zimbabwe and Ireland. The year ends with a 2 Test match home series against the West Indies and an away series that comprises two Tests and three ODIs against South Africa.

The year 2025 will also witness a return of the ICC Champions Trophy after eight long years.  The ICC Champions Trophy 2025 will see Pakistan as the host.

Bangladesh Cricket FTP for 2026-2027

The Bangladesh Cricket FTP ends with a home series of 2 Tests against England and an away two-match test series against Australia. It comes as an immense challenge for Bangladesh will face two mighty test-playing nations in successive months.

India and Sri Lanka will jointly host the T20I World Cup in 2026. South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Namibia will jointly host the ODI cricket World Cup in 2027.

Remarks from BCB

Bangladesh Cricket Board Cheif Executive Nizam Uddin Chowdhury said the board is happy with the new Bangladesh Cricket FTP. 

“The FTP 2023-2027 schedule for Bangladesh cricket is quite pleasing. We have received a healthy share of matches against all 12 full-time members. The FTP is also a credit to the hard work of the ICC scheduling team and the member boards, along with cooperation among the various stakeholders in the ICC”.

“The BCB believes that the FTP must be designed on the fundamentals of fair distribution of matches for all teams. So, from that aspect, we are happy that the new FTP promises us a great share of International cricket compared to the previous Bangladesh cricket FTP”.

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