Why Rashid Khan Is Unplayable | 4 Killing Factors

Here is why Rashid Khan is Unplayable! 4 Fundamental Factors you need to know…

Regarding bowling in short-format matches, Rashid Khan is undoubtedly one of the modern-day great players. The 25-year-old Afghanistan all-rounder is very talented as he has multiple leg-spin bowling styles to choose from.

In one of his recent interviews, Rashid Khan revealed that he has practised 6 different types of bowling patterns to deliver in a single over. One of the most important parts is that Rashid is capable of delivering it equally effectively, making it challenging for the batsman.

Let us explore the 4 crucial factors that make world-class experienced batsmen feel challenged about Rashid Khan’s bowling.

1.   Rashid’s 12’o’Clock Technique for Greater Rebound or Bounce

The first and foremost point that strikes in observation is that Rashid Khan releases the ball from a greater height as compared to other leg spinners. Hence, this makes the ball rebound at a good height.

Rashid uses the 12’O’Clock technique while releasing most of his deliveries, which is the primary reason for getting the greater bounce after pitching the ball.

As a result, this is a key factor that helps him find the edge techniques of a batsman.

2.   Gaining a Speedy Charge-In Period for Bowling

The charge-in period of a bowler changes according to the type of pacer he is! In the case of Rashid Khan, his charge-in is quite the same as a medium-fast bowler. Hence, this technique allows him to gain additional speed as compared to the other spinners.

Rashid’s speed is his great strength, through which he gives batsmen just a little or no time to react. As a result, this makes it more challenging for the batsman to tackle Rashid Khan’s bowling.

In this technique of speedy charge-in, Rashid is not just gaining a force to be fast, also he is increasing the momentum of his hands and shoulders, which would rotate much faster than other bowlers.

Therefore, this factor supports the greater rebound and bounce which are interlinked to each other, creating a stronger bowling pattern.

3.   Maintaining Perfect Length and Adjusting the Line of the Ball

One of the greatest highlights is that Rashid utilizes his finger power rather than his wrist power. Whereas other leg spin bowlers don’t use their finger power as much as Rashid does.

If you have ever noticed, Rashid Khan has rarely or never delivered short-pitched balls or full-toss balls. Using his finger power effectively is the reason for maintaining a constant and successful bowling.

Usually, Rashid delivers the ball at a very good length, which allows him to try different variations. Also, he always adjusts the line of the ball based on his delivery variations. Therefore, his variations have also proved worthy because of the Length and Line he maintains.

4.   Rashid’s Unpredictable and Unique Bowling Variations

In modern-day cricket, many batsmen have been successful in taking over the lead by analysing the bowling pattern and predicting it. The concept of predictability is one such factor due to which the batter always has an upper hand over the bowler.

But when it comes to Rashid Khan, the 25-year-old all-rounder has got unique ways of bowling. Not just the variations, but also the way he executes each delivery is a masterclass. Above all, Rashid’s bowling consistency is completely unpredictable.

Rashid has a total of 6 different variations and all of them are unique. Each time he delivers the ball, he gains an extra pace, which is known as the charge-in period. As a result, the Afghanistan leg-spinner gives no clue to the batsman or any chance to judge his bowling pattern.

As Rashid had already told in an interview, he has got 6 different types of bowling variations that he uses throughout the over. So 6 balls of 6 different patterns is something that will put batters into a challenging situation.

Especially, when the match is the shortest format game, batsmen will have very less time to judge or predict the bowler’s pattern. In that case, the scenario becomes in favour of Rashid Khan, and he excels with his spellbound bowling for each delivery of an over.

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Above are the 4 prominent factors that make batsmen feel challenged about the Afghani Cricketer Rashid Khan. Technically, when talent meets strategy, the outcome is unpredictable and favourable. That is what Rashid Khan has been proving with each delivery. We rarely or never witnessed Rashid Khan delivering Short-Pitched balls or Full-Toss balls, because of his careful strategy and practice. As a result, Rashid Khan’s momentum of the shoulder and finger power is superior compared to the other leg-spinners.

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