Who Is Likely To Be Head Coach Of Team India Mens Cricket?

5 Possible Candidates: Who are likely to be the Head Coach of Team India Men’s Cricket Team as Rahul Dravid is not keen on re-applying

Generally, when a Head coach’s tenure is completed, that particular candidate will have the option to re-apply. Meanwhile, Rahul Dravid as Team India head coach tenure is nearing completion which is after the T20 World Cup 2024. Now the topic of interest has been that despite Dravid having the possibility to re-apply, he doesn’t seem keen to apply. This is because the talented former cricketer and present head coach is willing to spend a wonderful time with his family.

Let us further discuss the 5 possible candidates who are likely to be the head coach of team India men’s cricket team.

Worldwide Practice of Coaching Split

Initially, it was England that sparked up this trend of coaching split, and it has been successful in doing so. It was seen when red-ball cricket had Brendon McCullum coaching and white-ball cricket had Matthew Mott coaching.

Later on, many other countries including — Pakistan, South Africa and West Indies adopted this practice. But India follows a system that is completely in contrast to the coaching split practice, as it maintains a traditional method of single-coaching, which has been constant.

BCCI sticks to the single-coaching practice

While there are other countries following the global trend of splitting up the coaching duties, BCCI tends to stick with the traditional single-coaching methods. This is because the Board of Control for Cricket in India feels player profiles in different formats could overlap. As a result, their decision created a path for selecting the eligible candidate as head coach with India or even internationally. 

5 Eligible Candidates — New Head Coach of Team India

After Rahul Dravid’s tenure is completed, the question of the next new head coach is raising a heated discussion amongst the nation. Despite re-applying possibilities, Rahul Dravid is not interested in renewing his tenure.

Meanwhile, here are the 5 candidates who are eligible to be appointed as the Indian team’s new head coach:

1.    VVS Laxman

The ex-Indian Cricketer VVS Laxman, who is currently leading the NCA (National Cricket Academy) is mostly expected to be one of the most eligible candidates after Rahul Dravid. Undoubtedly, Laxman is one of the best contenders for the national men’s cricket team India’s Head Coach job.

2.    Justin Langer

Former Australian cricketer Justin Langer, who is also an experienced coach, showed his keen interest to take over the responsibility as Team India’s head coach. Recently in an interview, Justin Langer expressed that he always respects coaching internationally for any team. But when it comes to India, he says that he could feel the curiousness about getting an extraordinary role.

3.    Ricky Ponting

Delhi Capitals’ current coach, Ricky Ponting, has shared his excitement as team India’s head coach. Earlier, Ponting had already talked about this with BCCI officials. Despite Ricky Ponting showing his interest, his availability due to his 10-month hectic schedule becomes a major complication. Also, for the United States’ upcoming major league cricket season, Ricky Ponting is the new head coach for Washington Freedom, and it is yet to begin soon.

4.    Gautam Gambhir

Being a talented ex-Indian cricketer, Gautam Gambhir is currently mentoring the KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders) in IPL 2024. He shared his keen interest in taking up the prestigious responsibility of the Indian Team’s new Head Coach.

5.    Ashish Nehra

When experience meets strategy, then comes the name of ex-Indian cricketer Ashish Nehra, who is currently the Head Coach of GT (Gujarat Titans) in IPL 2024. Also, he holds a good track record. Under his coaching, Gujarat Titans had secured positions as IPL winner and runner-up. Hence, this shows the excellent coaching abilities of Ashish Nehra which makes him a strong contender for the position of head coach.

VVS Laxman’s uncertain competing for Indian Team Head Coach

Considering the latest reports, despite VVS Laxman’s name speculation as the next Indian team head coach; he doesn’t seem to be keen on applying for the job. Just because Laxman’s competition is uncertain, the field is open with ample possibilities for other potential IPL mentors and coaches.

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What are the criteria that BCCI considers for Team India’s Next Head Coach?

Despite Pakistan and English cricket boards having been following the coaching-split methods, BCCI repeatedly confirms its unwillingness to adopt it. Rather, the BCCI always followed the traditional single-coaching practice.

Also, they are keenly looking to appoint a new Indian head coach, who will responsibly train the team for all 3 formats of the game.

The BCCI has the criteria published on their official website that they are looking for a head coach who will firmly build a world-class Indian team in cricket. Therefore, the team might become capable enough of sustaining longer in any type of condition or format.

Here are the 2 major criteria based on which the BCCI selects team India’s new head coach:

  • To be an eligible contender, one should have played a minimum of 30 Test matches or a minimum of 50 ODI matches till the date of applying.
  • Should have served as a full-time member or coach for the Test-playing nation, with a minimum service period of 2 years.

When is the Last Date to Apply for Team India’s Head Coach Job

To apply for the head coach job of Team India, BCCI has set the last date as 27th May 2024. The early-set date indicates the BCCI’s urge to bring in a promising replacement after Rahul Dravid. Also, the management is keenly looking forward to getting a capable coach who can train team India across the international schedule.

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