What Are The Reasons For The Empty Bangladesh ICC Trophy Cabinet?

Bangladesh cricket team despite gaining its Test status in 2000 has been questioned about its ability to win an ICC Trophy (International Cricket Council). It was in 1997 when Bangladesh lastly lifted the ICC Champions Trophy under Akram Khan’s captaincy which helped them qualify for the 1999 ODI World Cup. Despite winning the tournament, Bangladesh’s trophy cabinet remained empty for more than 25 years.

In this review, we will shed light on the main reasons behind this noticeable void in the trophy cabinet of Bangladesh.

ICC Champions Trophy 1997: A Common Misconception

There has been a common misconception that Bangladesh’s ICC trophy cabinet hasn’t remained empty over the years.

Most of you wouldn’t be aware of the fact the ICC Champions Trophy 1997 was just a qualifying tournament for the Associate and Affiliate member nations to secure their spot for the ODI World Cup. In reality, Bangladesh’s famous victory in the champions trophy in 1997 was a crucial stepping stone in the cricketing journey of Bangladesh, which marked a grand entry into the ODI World Cup 1999 hosted by England. Moreover, their victories against Scotland and Pakistan in the tournament helped them achieve the ODI and test status in 2000.

Bangladesh’s Missing ICC Trophy

The trophy that Bangladesh won in 1997 wasn’t placed in Bangladesh’s cabinet. Rather, it was a running trophy that was passed from one winner to another.

Regardless of its importance, the actual trophy made its way to Bangladesh 16 years later (in 2013) after the tournament.

At the same time, there has been confusion for 16 years about whether the trophy was stolen from the cabinet or never received, according to the contrasting media reports and statements from the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). There were rumors that the BCB was billed around 5,000 dirhams (approximately $1,300) to deliver the trophy, which seemed to be a basic price considering its importance in Bangladesh’s cricket history.

Was the ICC Trophy Never in Bangladesh?

No! The ICC Trophy was never placed in Bangladesh’s cabinet. Rather the BCB received its replica 16 years later after the tournament.

A few reports stated that the original trophy was kept at the BCB’s old headquarters at the BNS; and later it was moved to a new office in Gulshan. Even a few players of the winning squad claimed that they had seen the trophy either at BNS or the Gulshan office.

Later the BCB communicated with the ruling body ICC and received confirmation that the trophy never reached Bangladesh. Since the event was regularly held for ICC Associate member nations. The winning team was sometimes allowed to take the trophy home for a few months to use it for taking photos and promoting their achievement.

Furthermore, as per the acting CEO Nizamuddin Chowdhury (at that time in 2013), there wasn’t any arrangement or agreement to give the actual trophy or its replica to the winners of the tournament as a reward or recognition of their victory.

Has Limited Training Facilities resulted in Bangladesh’s empty ICC Trophy Cabinet?

Yes, compared to other full-member nations. Bangladesh lacks proper training centers for its players since there are only fewer gyms, fields, and expert coaches. As a result, the determined cricketers find it challenging to perform upto their complete potential. Cricket is one such sport that grabs a lot of attention and investment. And the cricket boards’ difficulty in providing support and resources doesn’t help players nourish their talents. 

Possibly, the BCB might not have adequate funds that could help purchase additional training equipments for players to enhance their training sessions and compete against the top international teams. 

Bangladesh’s Journey to Achieve ICC Trophy: Overall Facts

As of now, Bangladesh’s ICC Trophy cabinet seems to be empty. It’s all due to the back-to-back losses in the ICC tournaments and the failure to qualify for the knockout stages. However, an empty cabinet doesn’t reflect Bangladesh’s journey and achievements. Over the years, the team has shown tremendous progress by securing notable wins against the competitive teams.

However, the absence of ICC trophies shouldn’t overshadow Bangladesh’s accomplishments and transformation from an Associate member to a full-member nation. Rather, the Bangladesh cricket team should receive motivation to achieve victories in future ICC tournaments.

Most importantly, Bangladesh should get enough opportunities to play against the strongest teams; which can help them improve their progress levels and make it easier to win big trophies.

Conclusively, the reasons for the glaring emptiness of Bangladesh’s ICC trophy cabinet are more complicated than they appear. If Bangladesh can fill up their cabinet with ICC trophies in the coming years, it will be a great achievement.

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