USA Became First Team To Be Penalised By Stop Clock Rule

T20 World Cup 2024: USA became the first international team to be penalized by the stop clock rule!

The United States became the first international cricket team to be penalized by a stop-clock rule to enhance the gameplay against India in the Group A match of the T20 World Cup 2024 on June 12.  As the game between both sides was very close and exciting till the end at Nassau County Stadium in New York; the co-hosts made an error in time management. This resulted in the USA getting penalized by five runs; and letting the momentum slip out of their hands.

Especially, the USA failed to start the 16th over on time. And the on-field umpires imposed a five-run penalty which favored reducing India’s target while chasing on tricky pitch conditions.

You might be wondering what exactly a stop clock rule is all about; and how the 5-run penalty resulted in the USA’s first loss in the ongoing tournament.

What is a stop clock rule in cricket?

The ICC introduced the stop clock rule on a trial basis that began in December 2023 to improve over rates. And save at least 20 to 30 minutes per match in a limited-overs format.

Initially, the rule was first put forward by the Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC) on 21st November 2023 during a board meeting in Gujarat. After the experimentation period of six months from December 2023 to April 2024. The decision taken by the CEC resulted in the implementation of this rule. Since then, no team has been penalized under the stop-clock rule; which officially became effective from the opening match of the T20 World Cup 2024 between the USA and Canada. Also, an electronic clock will be presented to the match umpires to track the transition time between the overs.

According to this rule, the fielding team will be allocated a time limit of 60 seconds to commence the next over, following the completion of the previous ones. If the rule is violated three times in a single match. The fielding team has to face a five-run penalty for the third repetition of the offense. In other terms, the batting team will benefit with an additional five runs.

Stop clock rule plays a crucial role in the USA vs India 25th match T20 World Cup 2024

The 25th match of the T20 World Cup 2024 between the United States and India marked one of the historic moments in cricket history. The main reason is not that India qualified for the Super 8s; or Virat Kohli was dismissed for a golden duck in a crucial chase. But, the USA became the first team in cricket history to face a penalty of five runs since the introduction of the stop clock in cricket.

What happened during the United States vs India match?

Chasing a target of 111 runs, Team India experienced a shaky start after the dismissal of the opening batters Virat Kohli (0 from 1 ball) and Rohit Sharma (3 runs from 6 balls). Eventually, the USA started to take the situation into their control when the pace bowler Ali Khan bowled out the in-form batter Rishabh Pant, who had to depart scoring just 18 runs from 20 balls (including 1 four and 1 six).

Ahead of the 16th over, India were 76-3 and required 35 runs from 30 balls to chase the target.

While Jasdeep Singh was about to start his over, the Australian umpire Paul Reiffel signaled the American skipper, Aaron Jones, to indicate that his team had been issued a five-run penalty. Mainly the umpire called Jones to explain to him the reason behind executing the decision.

Consequently, the equation was simplified, thereby reducing India’s target to 30 of 30 balls.

Aaron Jones, who was appointed as the stand-in-captain in the absence of injured Monank Patel; had to accept the penalty despite the tight situation and had to proceed with the game.

Earlier, the umpires warned Jones twice for violating the stop-clock rule. But, after the third repetition of the offense, the umpire had to officially declare the five-run penalty.

India utilized the penalty runs and ultimately proceeded to triumph the match by 7 wickets and 10 balls to spare. This was only possible due to the 72-run partnership between Suryakumar Yadav and Shivam Dube on a difficult batting surface. Suryakumar’s 49-ball-fifty (including 2 fours and 2 sixes) and Dube’s 35-ball-31 (including 1 four and 1 six) guided India to a crucial victory to seal their place in the Super 8s by winning all 3 out of 3 games, thereby showing their domination in the tournament.


After a 7-wicket loss against India, the United States are in a must-win situation for their last game in the group match against Ireland. Even a win or no-result game would enhance their qualification chances into the Super 8s. But a loss could leave their hopes at risk; and has to depend on the net run rate if Pakistan manages to win its upcoming match against Ireland.

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