T20 World Cup 2024 New York Pitch Worst Ever in History?

T20 World Cup 2024 New York Pitch Worst Ever in History? Might End Up further cutting off the USA from cricket!

The ICC is experiencing serious controversy and criticism for the 2024 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Venue, as the New York pitch quality is dangerously worse. Cricket fans and experts are asking the tournament’s organizers to relocate the rest of the matches to another venue.

New York’s Nassau County International Cricket Stadium has seen the 2nd match of the tournament — India vs. Ireland. This was another low-scoring match, which left batsmen in struggle facing each ball. Whereas, aiming for big shots was also difficult and far to think, which should have been very common in the Twenty-Twenty format.

Different personalities and key members have come forward in a T20 conversation about the pitch, uneven bounce, seam, swing, fast bowlers, and rib cage. It is something like India and Pakistan are set to resume their Test rivalry in New York when they meet at this prestigious World Cup.

Amidst the debate and controversies comes the heated conversation about the drop-in pitches that don’t seem to be ideal for a T20 game. Also, not to be considered as a tournament that defines cricket’s grand pitch for entering the US market.

However, it seems untested! This might have been due to the time-consuming process of laying them. This shows the organizational failure of the ICC and USA Cricket Board in laying a dangerously unpredictable pitch which doesn’t change throughout the match for both the innings.

As we could witness during the India vs. Ireland match on 5th June 2024, Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant suffered severe hits on different parts of their body because of the deliveries from a good length. In the same match, Arshdeep Singh’s delivery skidded on the surface, which shows the inconsistency and unpredictable nature of the pitch.

India is not Sure about What to expect from Pakistan: T20 World Cup 2024

After winning against Ireland, Rohit Sharma was not sure about the pitch conditions that they would be getting for the Pakistan match.

Rohit Sharma said “Not exactly! It is a new stadium ground, a new venue, that too with a drop-in pitch. We were not at all aware of how would the playing be on a pitch that is just 5 months old. However, it is about getting used to the conditions of pitch surfaces… and, even if we batted second, the wickets didn’t seem to settle down.”

Assessment of New York Pitch Conditions

While Rohit Sharma said it was all about getting used to the pitch conditions, others have been brutally assessing the New York pitch by labeling it as “Substandard”.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan posted on his X account about the Player’s gameplay on the New York pitch, saying: “Although it is great to try selling the game in states… I loved it… But it is not acceptable that players will have to play on such a substandard surface of the New York Pitch…Usually, players work very hard to win the World Cup, again do they have to risk getting hurt on this dangerous pitch?”

Whereas there is a humor and wistful response from Wasim Jaffer saying: “It is Great! This is such an excellent pitch, provided the idea was selling Test cricket to the Americans.”

ICC statement on New York Pitch

Amidst the heated controversies, ICC (International Cricket Council) has given a statement acknowledging that “These pitches were not played consistently like we would have wanted, and they are trying to get a solution. Especially after the recent matches, the world-class team is working hard to find ways to improve the situation. And, to bring about the best sporting surfaces for the remaining matches of the 2024 T20 World Cup”.

No LACK OF EFFORT in the New York Pitch

To make the pitch, the best men were hired from their field of business. Damien Hough has a fantastic track record and reputation as the chief curator of Adelaide and for making the world’s finest grounds. Also, the ICC hired LandTek, which is a well-known local company specializing in good sports facilities. And, together, they have come up with a small-scale miracle in 5 months.

The pitch had to travel 22,000 kilometers, from Adelaide, going through different time zones, via the port of Savannah, Georgia to Boynton Beach in Florida. Finally, during April’s end, the drop-in pitch reached New York.

Damien Hough recently said, “Ever since it reached New York, we allowed it to grow, and gave it enough time to adapt to the natural conditions.”

T20 World Cup 2024: New York Pitch — Dangerous, Unplayable & Substandard

What went wrong with the New York Pitch?

One of the most important points to be noted is that the surfaces did not have enough time and none of the cricket matches were played on these pitch surfaces until the warm-ups.

Overall, the New York pitch is horrible not because of lacking expertise but due to improper planning. But still, there is a hope that the pitch surface might become better over time.

Generally, drop-in pitches take time to improve, but that was in the case of Australia and New Zealand. Whereas in the US, everything ahead is uncertain.

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