Top Four Team To Play Semi-Final In Womens T20 World Cup 2023

Women’s T20 World Cup 2023

Womens T20 World Cup 2023 must be entertaining you to the fullest. We are halfway to the finals. Moreover, in both groups, there are five teams each. And, each team did play 2 matches. As per the current point table, in group A, the Australian Women Team are at the top with 8 points, and Sri Lankan Women team with 4 points by winning two out of three matches they did play. In addition, South Africa is in third and New Zealand at 4th place as they won and lost two matches each. Lastly, by losing all matches, the Bangladesh team is at last place.

Furthermore, in Group B, England has 6 points, and India with four points. Likewise, women’s team of Pakistan is in third place with a win and a loss. Moreover, West Indies is 4th with 1 win, and Ireland losing all games places in the last position.

It seems like the teams which are on top as per current points will end in Womens T20 World Cup 2023, as the top four itself. Let us discuss those in detail as follows.

Australia Women’s Cricket Team

Though the Australian team is at the top not just with winning points but the net run rate (NRR) is highest among all 10 teams. In their first match against New Zealand, they did manage to get the opponent’s team all out at mere the score of 76 runs. However, Australia’s score was 173 for 9 wickets. Moreover, in the second match against Bangladesh, their performance was exceptional too. Bangladesh Women’s team did give the target of 108 in 20 overs. In response, the Australian team achieved the total in just 18.2 overs by losing just 2 wickets. Therefore, this epic performance of the team did help them to be on the top of the point table of Womens T20 World Cup 2023.

England Women’s Cricket Team

Here is the topper of Group B with two out of two wins. The NRR of +2..497 is the second highest among all Womens T20 World Cup 2023 teams. England did play against the West Indies and Ireland. In both matches, England did bowl first. West Indies women’s team did score 135 runs in 20 overs. And, England achieved this target in just 14.3 overs. Similarly, in the match against Ireland too, they did win the match in 14.2 overs. Therefore, it states the obvious fact that the team is in great form. And, they might give a huge target to the opponent team by batting first.

Indian Women’s Cricket Team

The women’s team of the country where cricket is a religion is performing exceptionally well too. Though all Indian cricket fans had an eye on the match against pakistan. Women in blue did win that match in the 19th over with seven wickets in hand. In fact, the Pakistan team did play well too. They set a fighting target of 150 runs. But of course, with ups and downs in the match, India did manage to win. Moreover, in the second match against West Indies, the Indian team did win by losing 4 wickets and 11 balls remaining.

The batting performance of the team will definitely lead the team to the top four by the end of Womens T20 World Cup 2023.

Sri Lankan Women’s Cricket Team

Though, during the Womens T20 World Cup 2023 warm-up matches, the performance of the team was not optimum. However, in the World Cup, they did manage to pull out two out of two wins. The matches were against South Africa and Bangladesh. Moreover, in the match against South Africa, the Sri Lankan team won by 3 runs only. However, against Bangladesh, it was a win while chasing the target of 127. In fact, they had 10 balls and 7 wickets in hand.

All in all…

All in all, we can precisely state that all four teams above have quite a high probability of being in the top four positions by the end of the World Cup. However, those are mere predictions. Though there are many of the matches left. As we all know, cricket is an unpredictable game. Thus, the predictions are subject to change.

Thanks for being an epic reader. Hope you are enjoying the tournament at the maximum. As we get closer to the finals, both fun as well as tension will enhance to unimaginable levels. Wish you and the team you support great luck. But of course, the best will win.

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