The MI Stars Rohit & Hardik Unfollowed Each Other On Instagram: A New Controversy

Since Mumbai Indians announced its new captain, the Rohit Sharma- Hardik Pandya controversy has been fueled to an unimaginable extent. Recently, the fans sparked another controversy when Rohit and Hardik unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Before the IPL 2024 auction, Mumbai Indians traded Hardik Pandya from Gujarat Titans for INR 15 crores.

Earlier, Hardik Pandya created a sensation as a GT skipper. He led his team to the maiden title in its debut season and concluded as runner-up in the subsequent edition. The arrival of the Indian all-rounder marked a conclusion to Rohit Sharma’s 10-year period as Mumbai Indians captain.

Ever since Hardik Pandya replaced Rohit Sharma as the MI Skipper for IPL 2024, fans reacted severely on social media. A majority of them unfollowed the official page of the franchise.

Before the beginning of the 17th edition of the Indian Premier League, Mumbai Indians squad is completely hit by new controversies at frequent intervals of time.

As Rohit and Hardik unfollowed each other on social media, certain doubts arose about whether the present Indian skipper will play under the new Mumbai Indians captain in IPL 2024.

Since Hardik Pandya’s transfer to Mumbai Indians, he hasn’t played a single game for Team India. It is because he has to completely recover from his ankle injury. Hardik Pandya while bowling against Bangladesh in  ICC World Cup 2023 sustained a severe injury.

Earlier, Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah also unfollowed Mumbai Indians from social media. He too hinted at his dissatisfaction over removing Rohit Sharma from captaincy.

Mark Boucher Finally Opens Up On Hardik Replacing Rohit As MI Captain | IPL 2024

Ritika Sajdeh sparks a new controversy: A hint about why Rohit and Hardik unfollowed each other on Instagram?

Rohit Sharma’s wife Ritika Sajdeh sparked a new controversy on Mumbai Indians Head Coach Mark Boucher’s statement.

While speaking to SmashSports, Mark Boucher voiced his opinion. He said that it was a cricketing decision to bring out the best talents of Rohit Sharma as a person and player. Furthermore, he added that Rohit as MI captain has fared well these years and he continues to lead Team India as well.

Additionally, Mark reveals why Hardik Pandya replaced Rohit Sharma as Mumbai Indians captain through a lengthy conversation. The head coach concluded that he wanted to see Rohit playing with the MI family with a smile on his face.

But, Ritika Sajdeh didn’t affirmatively receive Mark Boucher’s opinion. Rather, she wrote in the comment section of the podcast “So many things wrong with this.”  In response to Ritika’s comments former Indian batter Akash Chopra said that all isn’t well inside the Mumbai Indians camp.

Rohit Sharma reacted to his wife’s post for the first time. Four days after Ritika Sajdeh’s comment on Mark Boucher, Rohit shared a picture of his wife on X handle. He captioned it highlighting his wife’s support “Always by my side.”

The Indian skipper’s post further raised speculations among fans. As a result, a few others commented by saying “The captain said it all.”

The recent controversy made fans point out that Rohit and Hardik unfollowed each other on Instagram.

 Rohit and Hardik unfollowed each other on Instagram: Overall Facts

Overall, fans speculate by sharing a screenshot that Hardik Pandya still follows Ritika Sajdeh on social media platforms.

However, it remains unclear if Rohit and Hardik unfollowed each other on Instagram recently or if they haven’t been following since the beginning.

A new twist arises among these pairs after fans start sharing various posts, thereby heating the existing controversy. 

After Mumbai Indians opted for a captaincy change, the franchise received a huge backlash from fans. Shockingly, their followers vanished with a count of more than 4 million on social media. 

Since then, neither Rohit Sharma nor Hardik Pandya commented anything about the change in captaincy. However, it would be intriguing to witness how situations would unfold for Mumbai Indians in the forthcoming season of the rich-cash league.

Furthermore, a new layer of speculation integrates the question of these duo cricketers’ relationships in their personal and professional lives.

At the same time, there are uncertainties about Hardik Pandya’s ability to lead Mumbai Indians in IPL 2024 following his injury. Despite this, he started posting videos and updates regularly about his training sessions. Perhaps, Hardik wanted to indicate to his fans that his preparations are in full swing to lead the franchise in the upcoming season.

Also, it is noticed that a few sets of cricketers don’t follow each other on social media. But, they have a deep understanding on-field.

The continuing drama between Hardik Pandya and Rohit Sharma captivates the cricket world.

Cricket fans are eagerly waiting for any fresh developments. It is because the present situation raises questions about team dynamics, leadership skills, and personal and professional relationships in a respectable sport like cricket.

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