Mark Boucher Finally Opens Up On Hardik Replacing Rohit As MI Captain | IPL 2024

Reasons Why Hardik Replaces Rohit as MI Skipper for IPL 2024: Mark Boucher finally opens up and shares the real reason

Ahead of the IPL 2024, Mark Boucher finally opens up by sharing the actual reasons why Hardik replaces Rohit as MI skipper. Two months back Mumbai Indians not only traded Hardik Pandya from Gujarat Titans but also appointed him as the new captain.

However, Rohit Sharma’s legendary reign concluded after a decade. As it was expected, the franchise’s decision did not react well to the fans.

By keeping the fans’ emotions aside, the franchise spent a huge amount of INR 15 crores to secure the Indian all-rounder, who led the Gujarat Titans to consecutive IPL finals. Also, the captaincy was a part of the deal.

Especially, it was under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy that Mumbai Indians became a successful franchise in IPL history. Similarly, Rohit Sharma became the successful captain in the  Indian Premier League by winning the trophy 5 times. Though MS Dhoni might have the same number of titles, Rohit Sharma was able to achieve the record in just a few seasons.

After 2020, Mumbai Indians haven’t won a trophy under Rohit’s captaincy. Moreover, his form started to decline compared to the previous seasons.

Rohit Sharma managed to score 332 runs in 16 matches of IPL 2023. Whereas, the Hitman could accumulate only 268 runs in just 14 matches of IPL 2022.

Perhaps, his form and waning periods of the cricketing career could be one of the reasons why Hardik replaces Rohit as MI skipper.

Mark Boucher reveals the reasons why Hardik replaces Rohit as MI Skipper

Mumbai Indians Head Coach Mark Boucher, while speaking to SmashSports podcast, shared the exact reasons why Hardik replaces Rohit as MI skipper:

“I feel it was purely a cricketing decision. We witnessed Hardik’s return to the team during the window period. It was a transition period for me. Most of them in India cannot realize that fact. Rather, people become quite emotional. But you can remove the emotions from it.

I believe that the choice was made from a cricket perspective. Certainly, it will bring out Rohit Sharma’s best capabilities as a player and person. Simply, you need to let him enjoy himself and watch him score impressive runs.”

Furthermore, Boucher shared how Rohit Sharma could perform as a batsman if he is relieved from the captaincy:

“Also, I wanted to let you know about the entire chat with the MI squad. Throughout the conversation with the Mumbai Indians team, we considered that this might be his perfect chance to make a move as a player.

We think that he has a lot to offer as a batsman. Without pressuring him to continue as a captain, he should just enjoy himself out there.

However, that hype is still going to surround him since he will continue as Team India’s captain. Perhaps, Rohit Sharma might perform at his peak level in IPL and we could see the best version of him if he gets relieved from the captaincy burden.

We want to see him having fun with a smile on his face. Also, he should enjoy his time playing with his family.”

Mark Boucher lauds the 36-year-old skipper’s captaincy in IPL. However, he points out the MI skipper-cum opener wasn’t in his best form in the last few IPL seasons.

Mark Boucher praises Hardik Pandya’s captaincy

Additionally, Mark Boucher heaped praises on Hardik Pandya’s captaincy in IPL:

“His captaincy has improved in recent times. The Mumbai Indians boy moved to another franchise and led his team to the first title in its debut season. Moreover, he concluded as the runner-up in the second year. So, there’s excellent leadership skills as well.” 

Hardik Pandya started his journey with Mumbai Indians in 2015 and made his impressive debut in the Indian national cricket team in 2016.

Overall Facts about why Hardik replaces Rohit as MI Skipper?

Interestingly, Hardik Pandya was part of the Mumbai Indians winning squad in the years 2015, 2017,2019, and 2020. Later, Mumbai Indians released him after IPL 2021.

Since two new teams were added in the year 2022, Hardik Pandya was roped in as the Gujarat Titans skipper.

Recently, Ritika SajdehRohit Sharma’s wife, expressed her disagreement by commenting on Mark Boucher’s opinion.

Also, Ritika Sajdeh comments on Mark Boucher’s podcast with the caption “So many things wrong with this…”

Meanwhile, fans speculated Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya unfollowed each other on Instagram, thereby fueling up the existing conversation to a peak level.

However, the franchise considered the long-term goals into account. The management felt that the transition to captaincy had to take place at a certain stage. Also, sticking with Rohit Sharma as MI skipper doesn’t make complete logic as the T20 World Cup takes place again in two years.

Since Rohit Sharma will continue for 3 to 4 years, Mumbai Indians felt that an Indian all-rounder should become his successor as a captain.

Overall, Boucher highlights that Rohit Sharma in the upcoming season can focus completely as a batsman after being relieved from captaincy. As a result, his focus wouldn’t be distracted due to captaincy.

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