Shakib Al Hasan Playing BPL Cricket Despite Eye Condition

MP Shakib Al Hasan got his Eye Issue diagnosed and he is expected to play in BPL

Bangladesh all-rounder cricketer and Member of Parliament – MP Shakib Al Hasan has been diagnosed with a retinal condition in the left eye. However, he might continue playing cricket. Shakib is expected to be playing for Rangpur Riders in the BPL – Bangladesh Premier League, against Khulna Tigers. This match will be held on Friday, 26th January 2024.

The BCB – Bangladesh Cricket Board said in a media release that Shakib has vision issues and visited an eye specialist in Singapore. The BCB Senior Physician – Dr Debashis Chowdary said that Shakib was constantly complaining of issues with his left eye.

The 36-year-old cricketer and MP Shakib Al Hasan consulted ophthalmologists in Bangladesh and other countries. After many eye assessments, it was confirmed that Shakib is suffering from severe CSR – Central Serous Chorioretinopathy of the left eye.

The medical team has decided to adopt a conventional approach to manage the issue for now. CSR is a critical stage that affects the retina and leads to visual disturbance. Hence, the medical team considers Shakib’s issue optimistic about effectively handling his condition.

During the World Cup, Shakib had a finger injury. His 1st game after injury was against Fortune Barishal where he scored 2 Runs for 16 Balls in a losing cause.

Right after the match, Bangladeshi cricketer – Nurul Hasan said that Shakib had an eyesight issue and struggled a lot to play on the field. He further added that Shakib is regularly in touch with the doctors and only they must tell in what stage the eye issue is exactly right now.

The BCB – Bangladesh Cricket Board in a press release, discussed Shakib’s eyesight issue. Also, they confirmed about diagnosis completion. However, Shakib is expected to continue playing.

BCB Senior Physician about Shakib Al Hasan Eye Issue

The BCB Senior physician – Dr. Debashis Chowdhury provided clarity regarding this matter. He says that to handle this condition, a conservative approach is to be emphasized. Despite many diagnoses, there was so-called optimism. As a result, the medical team believes that they can handle the situation effectively that too without Shakib having to compromise his cricketing career.

Shakib left the challenges behind and gearing up for the upcoming 2024 BPL – Bangladesh Premier League. Therefore, Shakib played the match against the Khulna Tigers. Rangpur Riders’ fans are cheering for their star player back in action.

Many questions arose about Shakib’s comeback. He had a severe finger injury during the ODI World Cup 2023. Though he faced many knocks, still he maintained the spirit of a true sportsman. Therefore, even with his severe eye condition, he decided to return to the field. This shows Shakib’s level of courage and dedication.

The Member of Parliament, MP Shakib Al Hasan to play for Rangpur Riders in BPL

MP Shakib Hasan played for Rangpur Riders in the opening game of the season. The match was against Fortune Barishal which ended in defeat. However, the focus was not on loss. Shakib’s comeback and his brave effort despite struggles are great.

The Rangpur Riders captain – Nurul Hasan explained that Shakib struggled a lot with his eyesight issue but never failed to show his confidence and hope in the medical team’s ability to handle him throughout various challenges.

After consulting eye specialists, the cricketer & MP Shakib Al Hasan has come back to Bangladesh. He will be continuing to play for Rangpur Riders in BPL 2024.

Hasan Mahmud about Shakib Al Hasan Eye Issue

Bangladeshi Cricketer, Hasan Mahmud expressed about Shakib Al Hasan that he is feeling better than before. However, he is not feeling that extreme kind of pain now. Meanwhile, he doubts about Shakib’s on-field playing. He says Shakib will start practicing and run between wickets. As a result, we can measure how well he will be able to play on the field.

Mahumd says that Shakib’s running will be observed. Also, he batted and bowled 10 overs despite his injury in the previous game. However, if Shakib does not feel any discomfort or vision disturbance then of course he can play. Therefore, Shakib wants to play but it depends on his 100% fitness.


Shakib’s determination and will to serve his country in Politics as well as Cricket is appreciable. That too with the condition he is at present it would be tough for anyone in his place to take this decision.

Shakib struggles a lot with his left-eye vision. However, now he is feeling better but when it comes to playing in the field, the practical observations have to be taken into note. Anyway, let us wait for the best to happen in Shakib’s instance and wait for him to give a solid comeback in the BPL.

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