Mayank Yadav To Receive Fast Bowling Contract From BCCI

Mayank Yadav – BCCI Pace-Bowling Contract: Despite his 2nd Injury in IPL 2024

The LSG (Lucknow Super Giants) fast-bowling powerhouse Mayank Yadav is almost guaranteed to get a BCCI pace bowling contract despite being injured for the 2nd time in the ongoing IPL (Indian Premier League).

The 21-year-old Delhi boy became the centre of attention after he hit 150+ speed before getting injured and ruled out for 4 weeks. Recently, he proved his fitness, making his return against Mumbai Indians. But he fell victim to a feared abdominal muscle tear. Also, it is reported that due to Mayank Yadav’s injury, he might stay out of the remaining IPL 2024 matches.

Let us further discuss in detail what is a pace-bowling contract; the BCCI source information to PTI, and Mayank Yadav being out of the remaining IPL 2024 matches.

Mayank Yadav receives Pace-Bowling Contract from BCCI

According to the latest report, Mayank Yadav — the Indian cricket’s newest breakout star player, is set to be granted a fast-bowling contract from the BCCI.  Mayank will have to stay on the sidelines till the group games. This is because he is suffering a severe grade 1 tear. As a result, many sources have been reportedly stating that if Mayank recovers soon from his injury and if the team Lucknow Super Giants qualify for the playoff, then he could get back into the playing XI.

BCCI Source Information to the PTI

Recently, the BCCI source provided some information to the PTI, maintaining anonymity. The information stated that Mayank Yadav was suffering from a severe muscle tear. So, he might be able to play only the knock-out games. Also, he added that this scenario would be like hoping against hope as Mayank’s playing is uncertain for the remaining matches of IPL 2024.

Mayank had been in the headlines for a while, with his stunning bowling speed clocking more than 150 Kmph. Also, Mayank was rewarded for his spellbound wicket-taking performance and the delivery length.

However, the BCCI is focused on handling Mayank’s situation with maximum care. Also, the Indian Cricket Board is coming up with its selection of a few bowlers like Mayank Yadav. As a result, the other bowlers include — Umran Malik, Vidwath Kaverappa, Vyshak Vijaykumar, Yash Dayal and Akash Deep. Hence, these bowlers will be granted the fast-bowling contract from BCCI.

Also, the BCCI has decided to closely monitor his growth and pathway. After that, Mayank will soon be granted a pace bowling contract.

However, the BCCI source informed PTI about Indian team management and the national selection committee to gradually decide about Mayank Yadav. It is to make sure that the star fast-bowler can assure them about maintaining his peak fitness.

Mayank Yadav Out Of Remaining IPL 2024 Matches

During Mayank’s 3rd match in the ongoing IPL 2024 where he played against Gujarat Titans, he was able to bowl only 1 over. After bowling 1 over, Mayank started complaining about his severe abdomen pain. That is when he walked out and further missed playing for 5 IPL matches. However, he returned to the playing XI against Mumbai Indians on 30th April 2024.

Also, Justin Langer (the head coach of Team Lucknow Super Giants) revealed about Mayank’s injury status and that he is still suffering from soreness. Hence, Justin confirms keeping Mayank out of playing for more than 3 weeks as further he has to undergo a scan too.

What is a Fast-Bowling or Pace-Bowling contract?

Bowlers under this contract will get their placements under NCA’s Sports Science and Medical team’s supervision. Mayank Yadav and a few other bowlers are said to be receiving this contract which will take care of their injury surveillance and fitness timetable.

At the same time, Mayank has an ultimate IPL debut, where he acclaimed the 2 back to back Player of the Match awards. But unfortunately, during the match against Gujarat Titans, Mayank Yadav suffered severe stiffness in the lower back.

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After Mayank Yadav made his return as a part of the playing XI for the match against MI, he faced discomfort after bowling for 3 overs. However, in his stressful physical state, he was able to take 1 wicket and conceded 31 runs.

Surprisingly, the latest reports have confirmed that Mayank Yadav was considered for the Indian Squad for T20 World Cup 2024. But analysing his current status of injury. BCCI decided to give preference to his health and wanted him to stay fit.

Mayank Yadav is seen consistent right from his very first match against Punjab Kings; where he showcased his spellbound bowling, becoming the 2nd fastest bowler of all time. Also, he had taken 7 wickets in just 4 matches. Indeed, he positively got a quick impression in everyone’s mind, including the BCCI.

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