In What Ways Can Bonus Abuse Be Prevented?

Online gambling is an incredible way to play games, have fun, and earn money. Apart from winning money from the games you play, you can also make money from bonuses. Bonus is the best way for online websites to attract new users.

The bonus may sound like a win-win deal for players and online gambling companies. But bonus leads to the darker side of the game—Bonus Abuse.

What is a Bonus Abuse?

In simple words, Bonus abuse is making money from bonuses by malpractices. It is like finding the loopholes in the system and taking disadvantage of it.

Suppose there is a popular Bangladeshi website offering a bonus for new players. There will be some existing players that will create a new profile and will grab that bonus.

Bonus Abuse is a common name, for some, it may be bonus hunting, casino whoring, or promo abuse. There are several names but cause and effect are identical. There are different names for it, also, there are various types of bonus abuses. Let us know about them in detail.

Most common types of bonus abuse in gambling

Everyone who plays any game has the intention to win it. Gambling is even more intensive as winning and losing has money factors involved in it. So we can say everyone who is playing online casinos is there to make money and be on the profit side.

In a casino, winning is earning money, and no matter what people want to win. So the easiest way of making money is by playing foul and exploiting the glitches of the system.

There are different ways of doing it, some popular practices are:

  1. Stealing Sign-up Bonus: Creating many accounts and signing in for various games. Then once they have a sign-up bonus they will delete their account. Even the same things are happening with the promo bonuses.
  2. Arbitrage: understanding the winning odds and placing bets at the same time. This kind of abuse is arbitrage and people doing it are “arbers”
  3. Chip Dumping: many people already plan the outcome of the game. This is like losing a bet on purpose to affect the outcome of the game.
  4. Collusive play: One player controls many accounts and takes advantage of the genuine opponents.

Bonus abuse is something that continues to be a growing issue. Casinos and online gambling are attracting and driving big business. There are many organizations that are putting their trust in online gambling websites.

Large bonuses without human verification are an open invitation for all fraudsters. It is very important to take some steps against such issues. Let us know how one can identify and stop bonus abuse.

How to identify bonus abuse?

Bonus abuse will start at from sign-up process. Many accounts will be in the play with fake IDs and documents, even sometimes with fake credit cards. This process of many fake accounts is “gnoming”.

There are two ways to identify “gnoming” accounts:

  1. IP address: The IP address is unique for every individual. If any player is not having an IP address or using a VPN. Then that player is suspicious. So better to allow that only after cross-checking all the details.
  2. Device information: No matter how many accounts you have, the device information will remain the same. So if there are multiple accounts from a similar kind of device set-up then you can put that account on hold.

How to prevent bonus abuses?

It is significant to understand that by creating more secure registration. You are making the process difficult for normal players. So here are a few ways that will keep your online platform secure and simple for new players:

  1. Implement the KYC process in such a way that it will be quick and secure.
  2. Record the registration time of every new account. Generally, fraud players do it more quickly than new ones.
  3. Keep the initial bonus low and give more rewards after a certain time or after each game.
  4. Set rules for cash flow even for depositing money and withdrawing money.
  5. The process like 2-step verification and OTP sign-in can be a real solution to the problem.

Making things more secure is important. Most of the time to take an upper hand in the business, online websites skip some processes. Must know the long-term effects of the situation as well.

Final words

Bonuses have become a very essential part of online gambling. Because they are the main reason for players sticking around. Without bonuses, players would shift to games that offer better.

But what if it was too easy to abuse these bonuses? The abuse can not only affect one website but will make people lose hope in online gaming. So be smart and do not abuse the loopholes of the system.

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