Main Category of Online Casino Bonuses

The Online Casino business is growing at a rapid rate globally. The global online gambling market is expected to reach 92.9 billion USD in 2023. That means the market would almost double itself in 2023 when compared with 2022. The vast competition in the market has led many online gambling companies to announce different types of casino bonuses. The bonus attracts more viewership and allows better market penetration.

Online casinos have seen rapid growth in Bangladesh too. Despite being a Muslim-majority country, online gambling companies have created a good market base. As a result of Bangladesh’s strict anti-gambling laws, Bangladesh doesn’t have physical casinos. Also, it is unacceptable socially as well.

The online casinos do not fall under Bangladeshi jurisdiction. It is because most of these companies are present outside the country. The online casino platforms award their users with many kinds of bonuses. That includes the welcome bonus, loyalty bonus, promotional offers, etc.

Welcome Bonus

A Welcome Bonus is only available for the users who make new registrations on a betting platform. The welcome bonuses are a great asset to have when you a player start betting. It ensures that they have some extra cash in hand before making a big deposit.

There are several welcome bonuses available to the new users after sign-up. Some of them include:

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is the most significant bonus that new users look for. It provides an extra cushion to the players and helps them spend more. Thus it allows them to place more bets and win better profits.

Players unlock deposit bonuses by registering and making deposits on the platform. The betting site then adds the bonus as per the amount deposited. For example, if you deposit BDT 5000, the betting site will add 100% as a bonus amount.

That would leave the user with a total of BDT 10,000 to play with. The 100% match deposit bonus is the most common type of bonus that the companies offer.

Free Bets

A free bet allows users to place bets for free. After placing the free bets, the users get the profits with no wagering requirements. Let’s say a website provides you a free bet of BDT 1000. Now, you want to place your bet on the IPL.

The odds are 1.50 for Chennai Super Kings to win over Delhi Capitals. If the bet is successful, the user will get a return of BDT 15000 in their account. But, it was a free bet. So it will return only BDT 500. The rest of BDT 1000 will be kept by the betting site.

Loyalty Bonus

As the name suggests, the loyalty bonus offers users a purpose of gratitude. It is a bonus offered to regular users who deposit and bet regularly. The online casino platforms around the world run a loyalty bonus program for their regular users.

The loyalty bonuses could be in the form of membership cards that can be swiped for transactions. The most popular VIP loyalty programs in Bangladesh are through collecting points. The points can be exchanged for various cashback, free spins, or slot games.

Playing regularly with high stakes and collecting big points can help you get access to bigger deals and cashback that are not available to regular users. The top online casino sites such as Bet 365 and Bet 1X give you the best loyalty bonuses in Bangladesh

No Deposit Bonus

The No Deposit bonuses are offered to the new users to attract them. In that way, those platforms get more viewership and more registrations. It does not require players to deposit for getting rewards such as slots free spins, free cash, or free casino credits.

To claim a No Deposit Bonus, all you need to do is register. Some casinos might ask you to enter a promo code to access the bonus. Always remember to read the terms and conditions carefully before claiming a no deposit bonus.

But there is a twist to claiming a no deposit bonus. You can only claim your winnings, once you Wager a certain amount. The slot bonuses can expire in a day or could last up to a month, depending on the wagering requirements.

Cashback Bonus

The cashback bonuses reward the users as a part of the retention scheme. Cashbacks return a part of the purchase price to the users. The biggest advantage of this bonus is that it provides users an additional attempt to strike a big jackpot.

The cashback bonuses are present in the following categories:

  • The type of fund
  • Frequency of Cashbacks
  • The type of issue
  • The need for Wagering
  • Type of Receipt


Online casinos provide a range of attractive bonuses to gain maximum customer engagement. Many top-rated Online casinos have come up in Bangladesh. More competition has led users to pick the best available platforms and choose better deals.

As Bangladesh does not have physical casinos. Users have the option to choose the best online casinos from the comfort of their homes. Before betting, however, it is important to be responsible and safe.

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