Iftikhar Ahmed’s Apology To Asad Shafiq: SPL 2024

Iftikhar Ahmed’s Apology to Asad Shafiq: Pakistan Star Players Fight during Larkana Challengers vs Karachi Ghazis SPL T20 2024

Recently, Iftikhar Ahmed’s Apology to Asad Shafiq sorted a few things. Earlier both the Pakistani players Iftikhar Ahmed and Asad Shafiq involved themselves in a heated scuffle during the ongoing SPL 2024 – Sindh Premier League T20. Iftikhar Ahmed’s apology to Asad Shafiq through official X account (Formerly Twitter) consolidated the clash. Both the Pakistani cricketers lost their temper in the match between Karachi Ghazi and Larkana Challengers on 31st January 2024.

Later is Iftikhar Ahmed’s Apology! But.. How did it Start first?

As of now, the issue has slightly cooled down, but before knowing Iftikhar Ahmed’s apology, How did the clash start first? This incident occurred during the 8th over. At that time, Iftikhar Ahmed delivered a bowl to Asad Shafiq – Larkana Challengers captain. Soon after he outed Asad with his delivery Iftikhar is seen walking toward him with a verbal accent. Further, the extreme temper of both players leads to further verbal exchanges. and ex leading to frayed tempers and verbal exchanges.

Other players stepped in and separated this Pakistani duo from getting into further verbal conversations. They feared that the quarrel could get bigger in public. The entire Pakistan Cricket Fraternity was in shock and the officials entered to restore normal situation. However, this particular video clip became viral on all social media platforms.

Iftikhar Ahmed’s Apology to Asad Shafiq

The drama behind this issue is temper, regret, and apology. The Pakistani all-round cricketer Iftikhar Ahmed’s apology to Asad Shafiq reads that Iftikhar is extremely sorry for his behavior in the field. However, in his post, he addresses Asad Shafiq as a brother and says that he had personally asked excuse for his behavior during the heat of the moment and accepts that he shouldn’t have reacted that way. Also, he recollects about having played many matches together. Iftikhar Ahmed posted all these words on his official X account (formerly known as Twitter).

Gameplay of Larkana Challengers vs Karachi Ghazis: SPL T20 2024

In this match, Karachi Ghazi attained a total score of 161 runs in 20 overs. Larkana Challengers faded out in the run-chase as they could settle for 92 runs. However, Iftikhar Ahmed delivered a good performance with his batting and bowling. Therefore, he scored 69 runs in bating and took 3 wickets in bowling.

Asad Shafiq announced his Retirement

According to the reports, Asad Shafiq announced his retirement. Hence, It applies to all forms of cricket in 2023. He expresses a downfall in passion for the game.

Asad Shafiq says that he is no longer feeling the same excitement and passion to play cricket. Further, he adds on saying he no longer maintains the same fitness levels required for international cricket. That is the reason for him to say goodbye. He expressed these points in a press conference. However, he leads Karachi Whites to the National T20 Championship title.

From 2010 to 2020 – Asad formed the strong backbone foundation of the Pakistan Test batting. The line-up scored 4660 runs in 77 games. With a healthy average of 38.19, it includes 12 hundred and 27 fifties.

Pakistan’s Test batting core players are namely Asad Shafiq, Azhar Ali, Younis Khan, and Misbah ul Haq.

Asad has a clean, non-controversial image of Pakistan cricket. So he decided to keep himself away from the public, media, and his presence in the limelight. Also, he confirmed that he never had any pressure to make decisions regarding his international cricket. However, he does only what he feels is best for him.

Face Off that led to Iftikhar Ahmed’s Apology

This particular incident was captured on camera. However, it made viral rounds on all social media platforms. However, the criticism and foul comments showered in excess on the Pakistani cricketer Iftikhar Ahmed for his temper and non-sporty behavior.

One of the main reasons, probably one & only reason is Shafiq’s scoring boundaries in Iftikhar’s bowling. This built the rage in Iftikhar to start the wrong way of heated conversation. Further, the officials involved and solved vigorous verbal exchanges. Even though players tried stopping both the players, their temper didn’t allow them to subside.

However, now the issue has almost come to a cooling end as Iftikhar realized his mistake and apologized to Azad Shafiq personally and through social media (in his official X account).

Also, the netizens have cooled down a bit and stopped showing hatred through the comment section. Hence, both players played together. Even the audience wishes them to be united again. But let us see what happens as Azad Shafique announced his retirement in all formats of cricketing.

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