Hardik Pandya Reveals Why He Took 5-Month Break For Recovery

Hardik Pandya about his injury: The Indian all-rounder opens up on why he took a 5-month break for recovery

Finally, the Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya about his injury reveals some unknown facts ahead of the IPL 2024. The 30-year-old cricketer finally breaks his silence on why he needed a 5-month break for recovery.

Hardik fractured his ankle while bowling in the 2023 World Cup match against Bangladesh in Pune. He sustained an ankle injury while attempting to stop the ball. As a result, he was sidelined since October 2023. Moreover, Hardik had to stay out of most of the World Cup campaign.

Also, Pandya was informed to undergo a rehabilitation period of at least 25 days. Rather, he tried to physically prepare himself for a comeback within 5 days and concluded deteriorating his condition. Hardik Pandya about his injury pointed out that the pain started to become worse when he attempted to return for the knockout stages of the tournament.

Especially, the criticism started to explode when Hardik Pandya had to miss many international fixtures for five months after the ODI World Cup tournament. He had to miss out on 11 T20I matches in the series against Australia (5 T20Is), South Africa (3 T20Is)  and Afghanistan (3 T20Is).

One such criticism Hardik Pandya had to face was from the former Indian bowler Praveen Kumar, who alleged that the Indian all-rounder portrayed a pattern of undergoing injuries two months before the Indian Premier League. Furthermore, Praveen stated that Hardik was not ready to participate in the domestic team, Baroda, or his country matches. His prime focus is on the rich-cash league to earn lucrative amounts of money with his participation in the upcoming season.

After a long time, Hardik Pandya decided to silence critics by revealing why he took a prolonged break after the ICC World Cup 2023 in detail.

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Hardik Pandya About His Injury: Reveals his struggles to regain fitness

In his recent interview with Star Sports, Hardik Pandya about his injury described some shocking facts by indicating the struggles he went through to gain complete fitness: 

“This is a fact. I am one such player who doesn’t undergo training just 2–3 months before any tournament. My routine practice commenced 1 and a half years before the Cricket World Cup 2023 and planned work accordingly. This was an abnormal injury. Only a few people knew that my injury had increased. Typically, it would take 25 days to undergo rehab when I got injured. I had to push myself out of my comfort zone and inform my team that I would make a comeback within 5 days.

At three different places on my ankle, I got injections. It is because I had to remove so much blood from my swollen ankle.

I never wanted to give up, and I will always be ready to deliver the best performance for my team. At a certain stage, I was aware that I might get injured for a long time if I kept forcing myself. For me, even a one-percent chance of being with my team could have provided satisfaction. Gradually,  the injury persisted for three months and reached a point where walking was extremely impossible. Despite that, I was trying to run in such a critical condition which further increased my injury.

Additionally, I consumed painkillers and tried to make a comeback so that I could rejoin the team within 10 days. The greatest satisfaction for me is to represent the country. Playing the World Cup at home is like my child. Nevertheless, whether we win or not, I wanted to be along with my child. Certainly, I missed out and that regret will always be heavy on my heart.” Pandya said

Why did Hardik Pandya decide to wait till the ICC T20 World Cup 2024?

Furthermore, Hardik Pandya shared that he waited for a long time to preserve the best version of himself ahead of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024:

“ To be honest, I haven’t tried such things before in life. I was aware of my body conditions in advance.

You need to understand my simple concept! If I go out, what is the guarantee that I will come back with the same version? I realized that I needed to come up as the upgraded version of myself. The Afghanistan Tour of India in January 2024 just started when I became fit. But, there were no games to play for me. 

You might have understood that the reason for opting for a long break was not because of IPL. It is just a part of my career. After IPL, another huge baby- the T20 World Cup is approaching again. You know that I treat World Cups as my children. I can promise you that I will keep on trying till I get them back.

Finally, I conclude by saying that the entire 5-month gap was a preparation period for me. My ultimate goal is to play the T20 World Cup to the best ability. Also, you will see the best version of myself.” Hardik Pandya explained in detail.

Hardik Pandya about his injury: Conclusive Facts

From his above statement, Hardik Pandya wanted to give a counter-attacking reply to Praveen Kumar as well as other critics. They wrongly assumed that he enjoyed a pattern of undergoing injury and taking a break to participate in IPL and earn huge cash.

Also, Hardik shared that he practised yoga by emphasizing that the determination was not just to return to the Indian Cricket Team, but to make a comeback as an advanced version of himself.

Finally, Hardik Pandya will be back in action as the new captain of Mumbai Indians by playing against his former team Gujarat Titans on 24th March 2024 (Sunday).

Most importantly, the T20 World Cup 2024 selection is purely based on the performance of IPL. Ultimately. it is a challenge for Hardik Pandya to secure his position in Team India’s squad among many young talented cricketers who have established their reputation in the shortest format during his 5-month break.

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