IPL 2024: Hardik Pandya Yet To Talk With Rohit Sharma

The IPL 2024 is about to start and the fans are excited to see what unfolds in the Mumbai Indians camp this season. When Hardik Pandya came back to the Mumbai Indians (MI) through trading, the fans were so happy to see him back in the franchise. But as soon as they found out that he was replacing Rohit Sharma in the captaincy role, the reaction was there to see on social media. Hardik Pandya talked about a few things in the MI press conference on Monday (March 18), where he gave some insights about things going forward. Also, he ignored some of the tough questions asked by reporters as well. Let’s see what Pandya said in detail.

Hardik Pandya yet to talk with Rohit Sharma

In a press conference on Monday, Hardik Pandya faced some tough questions by the reporters. The all-rounder said he hasn’t seen Rohit Sharma for the last couple of months. When asked about if he has had a chat with Rohit Sharma, Pandya said – “Yes and no to that.” The newly appointed MI captain said because Rohit has been traveling and playing, he didn’t get the opportunity to connect.

“He will have his hands on my shoulder” – Hardik Pandya on Rohit Sharma

Adding to that, Hardik Pandya said there would be no awkwardness and it won’t be any different. Rohit will always be with him if he needs any help. Hardik said the focus will be on carrying this franchise’s legacy forward and what the team has achieved. The all-rounder also talks about playing under Rohit Sharma for 10 years.

“He is the captain of the Indian team, which helps me because what this team has achieved, it has achieved under him. From now on, it will be about carrying forward what he has achieved, so there will be nothing awkward. I have played for 10 years under him and I know he is going to have his hand on my shoulders throughout the season.” – Hardik said.

Hardik faced backlash from the fans on social media

The MI fans weren’t happy with Hardik replacing Rohit as captain of the team. When asked about the backlash on social media by the fans, Pandya said he can’t control the uncountable. Adding to that, Pandya said that the team is grateful to the fans and thanked for their love and support from them.

 I respect their opinion, but at the same time, I am very excited.” – Pandya said.

The MI fans weren’t happy regarding a captaincy switch. Some fans think that Rohit should leave MI and go somewhere else. While some fans opined on boycotting MI games. The followers of MI across social media also gone down. The fans are divided into two groups, in which one is on Rohit’s side and the other is on Pandya’s side. But the new MI captain is not worried about that.

A Homecoming for Hardik Pandya

The all-rounder started his IPL (Indian Premier League) journey with this franchise in 2015. He played for MI for 6 years before moving to Gujarat Titans (GT). In those 6 years, he won 4 IPL titles as well (in 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020). Now, again he is back with MI, and this time as a captain as well. He will have that pressure of carrying the hopes of fans along with some backlash as well.

Talking about his comeback, Pandya said the comeback has been amazing and the welcome was wonderful, very warm, and very exciting. He never thought that he would lead the franchise where he started his journey 10 years back.

Hardik Pandya – the all-rounder in IPL 2024

Hardik Pandya missed the ICC World Cup 2023 after Bangladesh’s game due to injury. He missed all the international cricket after that and came back on the field with the DY Patil Tournament in Mumbai. Now, we will see him in the IPL 2024. He will be fit to bowl as well. The all-rounder said he will try to finish as many games as possible.

Talking about Jasprit Bumrah’s availability, he said it is good to have him back. Bumrah’s role will be important and he can guide the youngsters in the camp. The pacer missed last year’s IPL due to a back injury.

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So this is it for today. We can see some of the MI fans are not happy with the captaincy switch decision. But they all are professional cricketers and we have to see how things unfold in this season. IPL 2024 will commence on March 22 with Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) locking horns in the tournament opener in Chennai.

Mumbai Indians’ first game will be against Hardik’s previous franchise, Gujarat Titans. It will be interesting to see how fans in Ahmedabad responded when Hardik came out at the toss on March 24. Shubman Gill will lead GT after Hardik’s exit.

Hardik has had a successful two seasons with GT. He won the title in 2022 and played the final in 2023. Will he replicate his success in MI as captain? What do you think? Comment your opinion below.

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1. How many games Hardik Pandya has played in the IPL so far?

The all-rounder has played 123 matches in the IPL so far. In those many games, he scored 2309 runs and took 53 wickets as well.

2. Who is the most successful franchise in IPL history?

Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings are two of the most successful franchises in IPL history. Both have 5 IPL titles and 2 Champions League titles in their cabinet.

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