Future Tour Program announced for Pakistan Cricket Board

The Pakistan Cricket Board has unveiled the Pakistan Cricket FTP. The FTP is for the 2023 to 2027 session. Pakistan will host 10 test-playing nations in the FTP from 2023 to 2027. 

Per the PCB, a few plans were made while creating the Pakistan Cricket FTP from 2023 to 2027. It includes player workload management, bilateral series, and ICC events.

Pakistan will play 238 days of cricket during the four-year Pakistan Cricket FTP. It includes 27 ICC WTC matches. Besides, the team will play 13 Tests at home and 14 away. Pakistan will be hosting the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025 as well.

They will play 47 ODI matches (26 at home and 21 away). The Pakistan Cricket FTP for 2023 to 2027 has 56 T20I (27 at home and 29 away). Again, the number of matches may increase. It all depends on where the Pakistani team finishes in the rankings.

Pakistan Cricket Team FTP for 2023 to 2027: A Review

The ICC Member boards prepare the Future Tour Programs. Also, there is always a chance of increasing the number of matches or series. There will be no problem with the players’ availability or dates. It will be taken care of in this case.

When talking about the ICC WTC for 2023-2025. First, Pakistan will travel to Australia for a test series. Then they will host Bangladesh and England. The team then travels to South Africa. And Sri Lanka for the test series. At last, they will play the West Indies at home.

Now, talking about the 2025-2027 Pakistan Cricket FTP for the ICC WTC. The team will first travel to Bangladesh. And then to England for a test series. Next, the  Pakistan cricket team will play test series against New Zealand, South Africa, and Sri Lanka at home. At last, they travel to the West Indies for a test series.

The Pakistan Cricket FTP was announced by the PCB. The three-nation ODI series makes a return for the first time since 2004-05.

The tri-series will feature New Zealand, South Africa, and Pakistan in 2025. The series will take place before the ICC Champions Trophy 2025. England and Sri Lanka will join Pakistan for another tri-series in October/November 2026.

Schedule of Pakistan Cricket FTP from 2023 to 2027

Below is the Pakistan Cricket FTP Programme 2023-2027. All Test matches count towards the ICC WTC 2023-2025 and 2025-2027:


  • July – Pakistan tour of Sri Lanka (two Tests)
  • August – Pakistan to Afghanistan (three ODIs)
  • September – ACC  Asia Cup 50 over tournament in Pakistan
  • October/November – ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup in India 2023
  • December/January – Pakistan to  Australia (three Tests)
  • February/March – West Indies tour of Pakistan (two Tests, three T20Is)
  • May – Pakistan tour of the Netherlands (three T20Is). Ireland (three T20Is), and England tour (five T20Is)
  • June – ICC Men’s T20 World Cup hosted by USA/West Indies 2024


  • August – Bangladesh in Pakistan (two Tests)
  • October – England in Pakistan (three Tests)
  • November – Pakistan travels to Australia (three ODIs and three T20Is)
  • November/December – Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe (three ODIs and three T20Is)
  • December/January – Pakistan tour of South Africa (two Tests, three ODIs, three T20Is)
  • January – Pakistan travels away to New Zealand (three ODIs and three T20Is)
  • February – New Zealand and South Africa tour Pakistan for an ODI tri-series.
  • February/March – ICC Champions Trophy Pakistan 2025
  • May – Bangladesh tour of Pakistan (three ODIs and three T20Is)


  • July/August – Pakistan travels to West Indies for three ODIs, and three T20Is
  • August – Afghanistan in Pakistan (three T20Is)
  • August/September – ACC T20 Asia Cup, host venue not confirmed yet.
  • September/October – Ireland tour of Pakistan (three ODIs, three T20Is)
  • October/November – South Africa travels to  Pakistan (two Tests, three ODIs, three T20Is)
  • November – Sri Lanka tour of Pakistan (three ODIs, three T20Is)
  • February – Australia in Pakistan (three T20Is)
  • February/March – ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2026 in India/Sri Lanka 
  • March – Australia in Pakistan (three ODIs)
  • March/April – Pakistan tour of Bangladesh (two Tests, three ODIs, and three T20Is)
  • April/May – Zimbabwe tour of Pakistan (three ODIs and three T20Is)


  • July/August – Pakistan flies away to West Indies (two Tests)
  • August/September – Pakistan to England (three Tests)
  • October – Sri Lanka in Pakistan (three T20Is)
  • October/November – England and Sri Lanka travel to Pakistan for an ODI tri-series.
  • November – Sri Lanka travels to Pakistan (two Tests)
  • March – New Zealand tour of Pakistan (two Tests)
  • Pakistan Super League — Only tentative windows during the 2023-2027 cycle):
  • January/February 2024 – Pakistan Super League 2024
  • March-May 2025 – Pakistan Super League 2025
  • December 2025/January 2026 – Pakistan Super League 
  • January/February 2027 – Pakistan Super League 2027

Remarks from Pakistan Cricket Board

Pakistan Cricket Board Cheif Executive Faisal Hasnain said that the board is happy with the new Pakistan Cricket FTP. 

“The FTP 2023-2027 schedule for Bangladesh cricket is quite pleasing. When finalizing Pakistan Cricket Future Tours Program 2023-2027. We focused on context, and quality. And player workload in a tight and densely-packed cricket calendar.  Additionally, we have tried to find an appropriate balance between all three formats. So that they can coexist meaningfully in the future.

PCB Cheif Executive Faisal Hasnain : “I am sure that our cricket fans will be delighted to know that top-ranked. And attractive sides such as Bangladesh, England, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies will visit Pakistan to compete in matches for the ICC World Test Championship. Additionally, Afghanistan, Australia, Ireland and Zimbabwe will also tour Pakistan for the white-ball matches. And that means 10 of the 12 ICC Full Members will play cricket in Pakistan during the four-year period.  This is exciting!

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