Eye Problem Of Shakib Al Hasan Increases Severely

Shakib Al Hasan’s Eye Problem Increases Severely: Will Have to Bat Wearing Glasses?

The eye problem of Shakib Al Hasan came to light only after the World Cup. That too only after he had revealed it in an interview. The doctors have reported that Shakib Al Hasan’s Eye Problem occurred because he took too much stress during the World Cup.

Later after the World Cup Shakib decided to spend time in the United States with his family. At that time he had no game pressures. Therefore, it was nothing very serious to Shakib Al Hasan’s Eye Problem at that time.

After Shakib returned to his country, he became busy with his election campaigns and other political proceedings. Shakib was elected from Magura-1 for the BAL – Bangladeshi Awami League. This was during the 12th National Parliament election where Shakib was elected as M.P – Member of Parliament by attaining high margin votes.

Shakib Al Hasan’s Eye Problem Repeats & gets Severe

The polling works were completed and Shakib returned to cricket. However, the BPL – Bangladesh Premier League is ahead. As soon as he started his preparations, his eye problems seemed not to cooperate with him. The sources confirmed that Shakib al Hasan’s eye problem has become so noticeable that he had to change his batting posture also.

Though Shakib constantly continued practicing, BCB decided to show him to a retina specialist.

BPL 2024 – Bangladesh Premiere League’s new season is about to begin in a few days. Shakib Al Hasan will be playing for the Rangpur Riders team. The team’s 1st match is against Fortune Barishal on 20th January 2024.

Shakib Al Hasan’s Eye Problem Treatment in London: BPL 2024

Regarding the Eye Problem of Shakib Al Hasan, BPL Rangpur Riders have fixed an appointment with an ophthalmologist in London. Recently, Shakib was seen wearing glasses practicing in Basundhara Sports Complex inside nets wearing glasses.

Previously Shakib revealed that he suffered from blurry vision while he was team in charge of the ICC ODI World Cup 2023. Doctors advised Shakib to reduce stress due to blurred vision in his left eye. Even Shakib had told in an interview that he had huge discomfort seeing the ball. He said he had a problem with vision throughout the World Cup.

Shakib said when he went to the doctor the cornea or retina had water filled inside and the doctor had given drops. The doctors suggested he not take stress. Meanwhile, Shakib again checked in America he felt there was no more stress.  Probably, because he was not in the World Cup so naturally he didn’t seem to feel the stress.

Shakib has not just facing this issue recently but since last year’s ODI World Cup in India, he has been facing this issue. Also, he consulted a doctor in Chennai. Later He revealed that he was having trouble facing the cricket ball on the field.

Shakib Al Hasan’s Finger Injury

Shakib Al Hasan’s finger injury would have cut the World Cup campaign and might send him away from the series against New Zealand. But later when he visited the doctors in the US they couldn’t find Shakib’s eye problem probably because his stress and workload had decreased after the World Cup.

BCB Medical Team Sources about Shakib Al Hasan’s Eye Problem

The BCB – Bangladesh Cricket Board medical team sources reported that Shakib was prescribed eye drops but it didn’t work for him. Doctors have stated that the issue was raised due to stress and if something could heal this then it is to take rest. Despite warning not to strain Shakib had played in the World Cup for his country. It later increased the severity of the issue.

Later came elections and then Shakib became busy with his campaigns as he stood to become a Member of Parliament for his hometown – Magura. Also, he won the elections.

Now there is an upcoming busy cricket schedule and Shakib is planning to go to London to consult eye specialists there. According to the sources, Shakib will be seen playing on fields with his glasses. The glasses are mandatory for him to wear. He faced issues with the eye retina and cornea region. It is a very sensitive part of the eye.

He should have been taking rest as the doctors advised. But being a cricketer and politician he is actively being a part of both to serve his country. He has great dedication but fans worry about his condition. Also, the BCB is taking necessary measures. After he visits doctors in London he might get the right solution which can help him focus better on his career further.

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