Steve Smith Halted The Match During The AUS vs PAK Series

Steve Smith halted the match during the AUS vs PAK Day 3 Game: Bizarre Reasons to Know

During the Day 3 test match between Australia and Pakistan, Steve Smith halted the match as some commentators were left crackling up. The star batsman was in his best form before halting the game.

This incident occurred on 5th January 2024 (Friday), when Steve Smith was batting along with Marnus Labuschagne during the 1st innings.

Due to more distractions, the Australian veteran batsman couldn’t get into the desired concentration to play test cricket.

Previously, the Aussies held a dominating position against Pakistan during the first two days of the 3rd test match in the series.

However, Pakistan ensured to lead by 82 runs at the end of Day 3.

Pakistan seemed to post a huge total on board and set a huge target, which could become tough for the Aussies to chase down.

Nevertheless, Australia successfully won against Pakistan with a  complete sweep of 3-0 by securing an 8-wicket victory during Day 4.

Josh Hazlewood’s 4-wicket haul restricted Pakistan to a total of 115 -10 in 43.1 overs.

Reasons why Steve Smith Halted the match during DAY 3 of AUS vs PAK 2024?

Steve Smith halted the match due to the tiniest object on the sightscreen. He complained that something was distracting him while batting. It affected his vision and concentration on batting.

Before the 71st over, Smith asked the groundsmen to remove the object, which was out of reach.

Initially, there was some confusion as to what the object was exactly. The commentators, spectators, and match officials were struggling to identify it.

Eventually, it was a little piece of black tape that was lying behind the sightscreen.

As a result, the match officials halted the play for 5 minutes respecting Smith’s request.

Fans recorded the video when the groundsmen were spotted climbing up on the screen and taking out the object. After the test match, the video became viral on social media.

The commentators were left diverted as the play was stopped for a while. Earlier, Steve Smith has voiced about his rare deficiency known as ADHD( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). It leaves him restless and causes frequent distractions during the match.

After removing the object, the right-handed batsman wasn’t able to last long. Steve Smith finally fell into the cover trap set by the Pakistan skipper Shan Masood. Consequently, Babar Azam’s catch helped Mir Hamza grab the crucial wicket of Steve Smith.

He scored 38 runs from 86 balls ( including 3 fours), stitching a crucial 79-run partnership with Marnus Labuschagne.

The third test match commenced with Pakistan scoring 313-10 in 77.1 overs.

But, the Pakistan Cricket team wrapped up Australia’s innings for 299 in 109.4 overs. Marnus Labuschagne ( 60 runs from 147 balls- including 6 fours) and Mitchell Marsh ( 54 runs from 113 balls- including 6 fours), were the top-scoring Australian batsmen of the 1st innings.

Commentators Reaction after Steve Smith halted the match: AUS vs PAK Day 3

As one of the ground staff members attempted to clear the distraction at Sydney Cricket Ground, the former cricketers who were the commentators for the test match started their conversation:

Former New Zealand cricketer Ian Smith said “ It seems you’ve seen everything on air”.

“Certainly, it can’t be the small thing there, certainly not!”, voiced the former England skipper Michael Vaughan.

Furthermore, his fellow commentator Ian Smith added “Never bet against it. Bet it on being a diversion rather than going against it.

I mean, we are guessing up here since we’re not there. We are trying not to make it sound ridiculous as it is. This cannot be the main reason.

Do you remember those days when you believe you’ve seen everything?”

Harsha Bhogle replied, “I believe there are a few sets of individuals, including even the Pakistan players who are still in shock.”

Steve Smith halted the match: A wise tactic or unwanted interruption?

Every minute of the test match between Australia and Pakistan proved crucial, after losing several hours of gameplay due to bad light and unfavorable weather conditions.

Despite the poor weather interrupting the game continuously, Smith was adamant that the object was affecting his concentration and requested its removal.

Fans were surprised with the reason after Steve Smith halted the match. Some praised him for his attention and dedication in batting in the best possible conditions. Whereas, a few others criticized it as the most bizarre reason they have ever witnessed in the sport of cricket to pause a game.

Some experts considered it an unwanted delay in a test match played under unpleasant weather situations.

However, the removal of the tape didn’t make any difference in Steve Smith’s batting. The 34-year-old right-handed batsman failed to time the lofted shot with perfection, which led to Babar Azam taking the catch conveniently.

Regardless of the reason, Steve Smith’s uncompromising focus and dedication make him rank among one of the best batsmen in the world.

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