Should Mayank Yadav Be Selected For T20 World Cup squad?

Should Mayank Yadav be selected for the T20 World Cup squad of India?

T20 World Cup 2024 is nearing and player selection in the Indian team has been the most debated topic amongst cricket experts and enthusiasts. Should Mayank Yadav be selected for the T20 World Cup Indian squad is one of the questions revolving in discussions.

About Mayank Yadav

Mayank Yadav is a rising young talented bowler originally from Delhi; who was born on 17th June 2022, making his remarkable impact with his debut in the IPL 2024. With his rapid pace of right-arm bowling and extreme speed. Mayank has become a troublesome bowler for the batsman on the field.

There is something more sensational that Mayank stands out to be the first player in IPL history to win 2 Player-of-the-Match awards in his very first two matches.

Mayank Yadav is the Needed Speed right now

What makes Mayank Yadav stand out, unique from the rest of the fast pace bowlers; is his consistency of breaching the top speed of 150 kph over and over.

In his very first IPL debut. Mayank Yadav’s spellbound bowling speed was nothing less than calling it sensational. He scooped up 3 wickets for 27 runs from his four overs. And several times Mayank’s topped speeds greater than 150 kilometres per hour (kph). Mayank delivered at a speed of 156.7 kph, which is indeed the fastest ball recorded in the tournament.

Mayank has been hearing many praises from top cricket experts, fans, and enthusiasts for the stellar performance that fetched him 2 consecutive players of the match.

Performance Analysis of Mayank Yadav

Mayank Yadav’s journey officially began when he was selected by the team LSG (Lucknow Super Giants) for the IPL 2022; despite that he had played just 2 List-A games at the time.

Tragically, Mayank couldn’t play that season because of his torn hamstring. Later after he gained back his fitness, he returned giving a remarkable impact. Mayank secured his spot for the 50-over match of the Deodhar Trophy in the North Zone side, and that is where he showcased his boundless talent by wrapping up established and in-form batsmen with his lightning-speed deliveries.

Mayank’s top-notch performance in the IPL 2024, including — delivering the fastest ball recorded in the tournament, consistent breaching of 150 kph speed, and extremely fast bowling has captivated many cricket experts, fans, and spectators.

Also, many established batsmen on the field have been feeling Mayank Yadav to be a troublesome bowler for them as it could be challenging for any batsman to face such rapid and lightning-fast deliveries. Above all, he holds impressive bowling statistics, with a strike rate of 12.3 and a marvellous ability to take wickets.

Former Cricketers about Mayank Yadav

One of the most prestigious moments for Mayank Yadav is when Dale Steyn, the former legendary South African pace bowler, whom Mayank idolises most, complimented him. He was astonished and extremely overjoyed to see Dale Steyn posting on X (formerly known as Twitter) saying: “Mayank Yadav, where have you been hiding!”

Similarly, Brett Lee, the legendary former pace bowler of Australia, posted on X saying: “India has just found its fastest bowler. Mayank Yadav! The raw pace and Very impressive!”.

He also tagged the official handles of the IPL, JioCinema, and the BCCI.

Also, Indian former cricketers like Virender Sehwag and Manoj Tiwary are supporting Mayank Yadav to be selected for India’s T20 World Cup squad. Whereas the former Indian fast bowler Irfan Pathan complimented Mayank saying “bloody exciting talent”.

Yet another interesting compliment was from the former West Indies fast bowler — Ian Bishop; who mentioned Mayank as a “kid bowling like a child of the wind”. Therefore, he refers to Mayank’s lightning-fast bowling speed as similar to that of the wind and calls Mayank the child of the wind.

As a result, these compliments from the legends show how Mayank Yadav could be a valuable asset for the T20 World Cup 2024 Indian Team.

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Right now, his consistency of maintaining a fast pace and constant speed breach is the major factor why experts are discussing Mayank Yadav’s inclusion to be compulsory in the T20 World Cup 2024 Indian Squad. And many fans feel that this type of pace bowling is very necessary for the team right now.

Overall, considering the spellbound performance and consistent speed. It is quite evident that Mayank Yadav should be selected for the T20 World Cup India Squad. According to the discussions amongst the experts, it is likely possible for us to witness Mayank Yadav playing in the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024. Hence, let us wait for the official confirmation from the Team management.

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