Shikhar Dhawan Posts Emotional IPL Jersey To Show Love For His Son

Indian cricketer and Punjab Kings captain Shikhar Dhawan shared an emotional post on social media for his son Zoravar on 17th April 2024, one day before the match against Mumbai Indians. The 38-year-old veteran batter posted his photos on Instagram wearing a jersey with his son’s name on the back. Within 3 hours the post became viral and attracted more than 2 lakh likes. 

Previously, Dhawan had to miss out on the game against Rajasthan Royals on 13th April 2024 (Saturday) in the 27th match of IPL 2024 due to a shoulder niggle.

After recovering from the recent injury, Shikhar Dhawan wrote a heart-touching message for his son with the caption “You are always with me, my boy”.

Why did Shikhar Dhawan share an emotional message to his son on social media? What were the struggles that Dhawan faced in his personal life? Let us delve deeper to find out the reasons in detail…

Why did Shikhar Dhawan share PBKS Jersey with his son’s name on his Instagram account?

After getting separated from his wife Ayesha Mukherjee in October 2023. Shikhar Dhawan was blocked from any source of contact with his son and wanted to share his love as a father by recalling his relationship. It has been more than a year since they have met each other.

Earlier, on 26th December 2023, Shikhar Dhawan shared a sentimental note on his son’s birthday on Instagram; saying that he couldn’t connect with him directly and had to stay in touch only through Telepathy. Furthermore, the left-handed batter expressed that he missed him so much; and was waiting to see his smile if they both could meet each other.

Struggles of Shikhar Dhawan in his personal life:

Shikhar Dhawan married Ayesha Mukherjee, a former Australian boxer, in October 2012. However, their marriage ended 8 years later after Shikhar Dhawan filed a police complaint against Ayesha for mentally harassing him; and forcing him to transfer ownership of the land-based properties in Australia using his funds. The divorce concluded their 11-year marriage life.

Delhi family court gave a verdict in favor of Dhawan by granting a divorce. And allowing him to meet his son in India and Australia. This is because Zoravar Dhawan is an Australian citizen and the court directed the divorced wife to bring the child to India only for school vacations, which included overnight staying along with Shikhar Dhawan and his family.

Moreover, Ayesha didn’t make any complaints nor tried to defend herself after the Delhi court granted the divorce.

Later, it was found out that Zoravar remained in the custody of Ayesha and wasn’t allowed to meet Dhawan and his parents.

Despite facing many struggles in his personal life, Shikhar Dhawan tried to maintain his focus on the field. In the continuing season of IPL 2024, Dhawan scored 152 runs in 5 innings with an average of 30.40 and a considerable strike rate of 125.61, which includes his highest score of 70 runs against the Lucknow Super Giants.

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Shikhar Dhawan’s emotional post shows his sentiments towards his son and hopes that the modern era of technology could convey his wishes and make his son read the post. Currently, Zoravar lives with his mother in Australia.

The jersey with Zoravar’s name printed on it shows Shikhar Dhawan’s feelings to keep his son close and feel his presence while playing any match. Many fans were impressed with the way Dhawan. The way he showed the importance towards his family and the love he has for his son.

At the same time, Dhawan’s gesture sparked debates about the affectionate fathers who are separated from their kids highlighting the challenges they face and stressing the importance of staying connected despite being miles apart. It shows the human side of the cricketers and reminds us that even the superstars of the Indian cricket team have families they miss deeply.

Most importantly, Dhawan’s caring gesture throws light on parents dealing with separation and marks the importance of staying connected with their children despite several obstacles. 

Following the 3-wicket defeat against the Rajasthan Royals. Sanjay Bangar, the Director of Punjab Kings, gave an update about Shikhar Dhawan’s shoulder injury. He could miss out 7 to 10 days of the tournament. As a result, Sam Curran is the stand-in-captain for the Punjab Kings.

Dhawan’s fans continue to watch him throughout the ongoing IPL season not only as a player. They appreciate his genuineness about the challenges he faced to be a caring father amidst the demands of his team in the sport of cricket.

Possibly, Dhawan might wear this special jersey in his upcoming matches, thereby symbolizing love for his son.

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