Rishabh Pant Might Make T20 World Cup India Squad

3 Reasons why Rishabh Pant might get selected for T20 World Cup 2024 squad

The most anticipated ICC T20 World Cup 2024 is yet to begin after the exciting IPL 2024 and there are constant speculations in the cricketing world about squad selections. Rishabh Pant, the brilliant Indian wicketkeeper-batsman’s name, has continuously made rounds. Let us discuss the 3 major reasons why Rishabh Pant might be selected for the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024 Squad.

1.   Match-winning ability, Fearless Batting, and International Experience

Even Players like Ashish Nehra have stated that there are contributors in the team, but we need good players with x-factor for bigger events like the World Cup. He added, that Rishabh Pant should be selected for the World Cup because he is not just a contributor but a perfect match-winner.

One of the main reasons is that Rishabh Pant can fit in any position from 1 to 7. So the team management can use Rishabh as a floater throughout any position.

When it comes to fearless batting, the only name we have in the Indian team is none other than everyone’s favourite Hitman Rohit Sharma. Rishabh Pant comes 2nd to Rohit Sharma in terms of fearless batting, which was praised by Ashish Nehra saying that it could be important and useful in a pressured situation. India will need such type of fearless batsman in the T20 World Cup.

According to Nehra, he feels there are 3 match-winners — Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and Jasprit Bumrah, and now he considers Rishabh Pant to be the 4th Match-Winner adding to the list.

When it comes to International experience, Rishabh Pant has played 66 T20Is and is quite experienced compared to Samson, who has played 25 T20Is. Also, Rishabh was a part of the T20 World Cup 2022 Squad held in Australia and had also played a few matches.

2.   Left-Handed Batsman in the Batting Order

Undoubtedly, Rishabh Pant has showcased his phenomenal left-hand batting skills, which are most needed for the Indian team right now during the T20 World Cup 2024.

Let’s have a look at the batting order of the top 6 players in the Indian cricket team for the ICC World Cup 2023 which holds names such as:

There were no left-handed batsmen until Ravindra Jadeja arrived.

Ashish Nehra feels Rishabh Pant is a perfect inclusion in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024 in terms of his left-hand fearless batting and adaptability to fit into any position from 1 to 7. He feels this is indeed one of the best advantages that can be used to its full potential.

If we look at the IPL, Rishabh Pant is presently batting at 4th position for Delhi Capitals, but for the Indian team, if he is batting at 5th or 6th position it would give the team an option for a middle-order left-hand batsman.

3.   Improved Wicketkeeping, Rapid Reflexes, and Support from the Team Management

Rishabh Pant excels in his batting skills, but apart from that he has improved a lot in his wicketkeeping abilities too.

Earlier, Rishabh Pant had been under scrutiny after an incident during a T20I match played against Bangladesh in 2019, where it was ruled ‘not out’ because Rishabh had grabbed the ball in front of the stumps. After this incident, every ball that was reaching him was under increased scrutiny.

Later, Rishabh Pant was seen practising and improving on his wicketkeeping techniques and rather improved a lot compared to the initial days. We could see his lightning-speed reflexes and amazing glove work on the field.

Above all these points, Rishabh has been constantly getting good support from team management, his fellow teammates, and the cricket spectators.

Also, many former cricketers, like Virender Sehwag and Venkatesh Prasad, have complimented Rishabh Pant for achieving an impressive century even under a pressured situation. They added, saying that this shows Rishabh’s maturity and the way he handles the game with complete awareness.


Overall, we could say that Rishabh Pant proves his mandatory inclusion in the T20 World Cup 2024 Squad because of his match-winning ability, fearless batting, need left-hand batsman in the order, improved wicketkeeping skills and support from the team management.

Also, many former cricketers have been praising his maturity in handling extremely pressured situations. When it comes to handling pressure, Rishabh comes in 2nd to KL Rahul and in terms of hitting sixes and fearless batting style he comes in 2nd to Rohit Sharma. That is the reason Rishabh could be the best choice for inclusion in the T20 WC 2024 Players list.

Besides Ravindra Jadeja, the Indian team must have another left-hand batsman like Rishabh Pant, who has the best adaptability to play in any batting order from 1st to 7th position.

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