Mohammed Siraj Speaks English And Shocks Jasprit Bumrah | IND vs SA

Mohammed Siraj speaks in English and shocks Jasprit Bumrah: Siraj-Bumrah best-ever attack in SA vs IND

After the conclusion of the 2nd test match between South Africa and India, Mohammed Siraj speaks in English for the first time in a post-match interview. after declaring the player of the match.

We all know that Siraj doesn’t know how to speak English, so he brought Jasprit Bumrah to translate his speech while collecting his award. Siraj replied to the anchor in English as he asked his first question. As soon as he completed speaking both Siraj and Bumrah looked at each other and bursted out in laughter.

It was because Siraj brought Bumrah to translate his speech whereas he had replied in English not given a chance to Bumrah.

In the Newlands, Cape Town test against South Africa, while Rohit Sharma led the team, it pulled off the series for the 2nd time. In contrast, 9 attempts were made over the 31 years.

If we looked at the 1st innings, Mohammed Siraj did impeccable bowling- 6/15 in 9 overs, which is indeed one of the finest ever by any Indian pace bowler. How awesome it is that South Africa was out as a bunch within 55 runs in 23.2 overs, which is the lowest team total ever against India in Test cricket history.

Jasprit Bumrah took over the 2nd innings and he too performed well with his bowling. South Africa could set only 79 runs as the target for India. It was 3rd occasion for Bumrah to take 5 or more wickets in an innings against South Africa.

Both Siraj and Bumrah deserve appreciation for an extremely spellbound bowling performance on the field. As a result, they were awarded with respective recognition. Siraj won the Player of the Match award. Whereas Bumrah stands as the first Indian to win the Player of the Series award.

After the match, Bumrah walked along with Siraj to help him translate his speech from Hindi to English. Whereas, Siraj seems to have forgotten Bumrah’s presence to translate.

As a result, Mohammed Siraj speaks in English by replying to a question. Later Siraj answered the remaining questions in Hindi. This whole conversation lit up laughter and smiles among the spectators, fans, and cricket enthusiasts.

Why Siraj is given the Player of the Match award? Siraj vs Bumrah 6-wicket haul

Although both the players Siraj and Bumrah gave their best performance, each of them had equally taken 6 wickets in the 1st and 2nd innings. Still, the judges had considered that taking wickets in the first innings was very important for the team to gain an advantage. It was only because of Mohammed Siraj.

He delivered his spellbound bowling performance and took 6 wickets in the 1st innings at a crucial moment.

Siraj dismissed most of the in-form batsmen before they could attempt to make a huge individual score:

  1. Aiden Markram ( 2 runs from 10 balls): At 5-1 in 3.2 overs.
  2. Dean Elgar ( 4 runs from 15 balls): At 8-2 in 5.3 overs
  3. Tony de Zorzi ( 2 runs from 17 balls): At 11-3 in 8.3 overs
  4. David Bedingham ( 12 runs from 17 balls- including 2 fours): At 34-3 in 15.2 overs
  5. Marco Jansen ( 0 from 3 balls): At 34-6 in 15.5 overs
  6. Kyle Verreynne ( 15 runs from 30 balls- including 1 four): At 45-7 in 17.5 overs

Siraj – The Bulldozer Bowler

No doubt that when Siraj steps into bowling he transforms into a fierce fast bowler taking wicket after other. India has witnessed such a talented bowler only in recent times after many decades. Being a Hyderabadi pace bowler he has got many fans from Hyderabad who have started naming and sharing it on their X accounts as “Bulldozer”. That is because when he starts bowling he sweeps out the batting order clean.

Likewise, we could witness in the 1st innings against South Africa that Siraj showed his excellent spellbound performance by taking 6 wickets and letting them score just 15 runs.

Even well-trained South African batsmen who dealt with fast bowlers, seemed to struggle a lot against Siraj’s bowling. Probably it could be the swiftness and the pattern shifts in his bowling during every next ball.

Experienced players like Aiden Markram too found it very tough to face the ball coming out of Siraj’s hand. But as expected Markram as well as Elgar got out in his bowling.

Bumrah had dismissed Tristan Stubbs and after that Siraj again stepped in by taking the wickets of Tony de Zorgi which was a catch-out by KL Rahul. At that point Siraj’s confidence spiked and he further continued with his magical spellbound bowling taking wickets after wickets.

Mohammed Siraj speaks in English and later shifts to Hindi

Mohammed Siraj speaks in English for a few lines and struggles to convey his opinion with these words, during the post-match presentation:

“Yes ma’am is very, to be honest, it’s my best figure, in the test cricket career. I thought, was similar to bowling in consistent areas. Don’t think too much when being hit the areas.”

Later, Bumrah helped Siraj as a Translator from Hindi to English by answering the following questions:

“To be honest, he (Siraj) got the learnings from the previous game. He was not able to deliver inconsistent lengths.  He wanted to work on his consistency.

Moreover, he took that as feedback and wanted to implement it in the 2nd test match. Being consistent and relentless in bowling was required.

When we play along together, he gets a message a little earlier. Our experience leads us to attempt to analyze the wicket instantly. It results in better communication throughout the bowling circuit.

We realize that this is the wicket we are looking to do and it helps him sometimes.”

Once again Mohammed Siraj speaks in English to conclude the conversation with simple lines:

“Thanks a lot… Keep supporting… Keep loving always.”

Mohammed Siraj speaks in English: Conclusive Facts

Overall, it was a hilarious moment for the spectators as well as the entire Indian cricket team after leveling the 2-match test series with 1-1.

As Mohammed Siraj speaks in English, Bumrah couldn’t control his laughter and teased him jokingly.

Conclusively, Mohammed Siraj proves that as a cricketer, consistent talent matters a lot rather than fluency in English.

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