Learn to Calculate Matched Betting Bets

Matched Betting is a term that has been associated with the betting world for a long time. If you are a new bettor, then you must learn it quickly. Matched betting works for punters who want to bet risk-free.

Betting is illegal in the Muslim-majority country of Bangladesh. It is because of the old anti-gambling laws framed during the British Raj. Also, Sharia law is practised in the country. Thus, gambling is socially and lawfully unaccepted in Bangladesh.

People in Bangladesh are passionate about sports such as Cricket and Football. Thus, online betting companies have made their way into the market. The online betting companies are based outside the country. Thus, they do not fall under Bangladeshi jurisdiction.

The Matched Betting Bets are hard to grasp in the beginning. The tricks possess many mathematical calculations. The calculations are an essential part and parcel of betting. The faster you learn, the more you win.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is also known as lay bet matching, back bet matching, or double betting. Various free bets are offered by bookmakers. Matched betting is a betting technique that is used by bettors to bet risk-free. This involves generating profits from free bets and incentives offered by the bookmakers.

Matched betting requires an account with two or more bookmakers who offer betting exchanges. In that case, at least one of them offers the user a free bet. Possible outcomes of the bet are then planned and proposed. The value of the free bet must always be retained in this scenario.

The more advanced version of matched betting is practised widely nowadays. It offers to place bets on multiple bookmakers to avoid extra commission charges. The online betting companies allow punters to bet without official odd-makers. This, in turn, reduces the commission charges.

How to use Match Betting Bets Calculator?

Matched betting can give you big returns but also needs hefty calculations. An online matched betting calculator can help you avoid the hustle. It helps in calculating the returns and profits from a bet.

The calculator also helps you to place free bets that helps you earn big profits. The calculator analyzes all the possible outcomes of an event. Based on it, the calculator advises you to place the best amount to bet.

Different online matched bet calculators can help you calculate your best bet. For a better understanding, follow the steps below:

Steps to Calculate the Qualifying Bet

  • First, you need to enter an amount under “Back Stake”. It is the stake that you place at the bookie
  • The Back Odds are the odds of the bet that you have placed at the bookie’s table.
  • The ‘Back Commission’ Box will appear. Unless it is a betting exchange, the box shows 0% on its display.
  • The “Lay Odds” are those odds that you have placed at the betting exchange counter.
  • Next is the “Lay Commission Box”. It has a dynamic value that changes with time. So, always be sure about the current exchange rates.
  • Now that you have filled in all the required details, the calculator will show you the results.

Steps to Calculate Free Bets

  • At first, change the type of bet from ‘Normal’ to ‘Free Bet SNR’
  • Now, enter the values of ‘Back Stake’, ‘Back Odds’, ‘Lay Odds’, and ‘Lay Commission’ boxes to get the desired results.

How to Calculate the Qualifying Matched Bet?

Matched bets are the ones that need maximum practice to perfect. There is typical mathematics involved while making a Qualifying Bet. So, consider an ideal scenario where you bet BDT 100, and get BDT 100 free bet.

Let’s say that you bet on Sylhet Sunrisers to beat Ministers Group Dhaka. The odds for the bet are 1.5, in favour of Sylhet Sunrisers. You also placed a lay bet on Ministers Group Dhaka on a betting exchange. The odds for the same are 1.8, and a lay commission of 5%.

The ideal Lay stake

Lay stake = back odds * back stake / (lay odds – commission)

So, here we have:

Lay Stake= 1.5*100/( 1.8-.05= BDT 85.70

If the Back Bet wins

Profit= back stake * ( back odds-1) – lay stake*(lay odds-1)

So, here we have:

Profit= 100* (1.5-1) – 85.7* (1.8-1)= – BDT 18.56

If Lay Bet wins

Profit= Lay Stake *(1- commission) – back stake

So, we have

Profit= 85.7* (1-.05) – 100= BDT 18.58

How do you Calculate a Risk-free Bet Stake?

Risk-free bets are the most valuable aspect of sports betting. Risk-free bets are the most popular bets among bookmakers. The risk-free bets ensure big matched betting profits for punters. The Risk-free bets help you maximize your profits and reduce stress. The matched free bets are offered by almost all the bookmakers.

But the real art is capitalizing on the free bets. Not everyone can earn profits from them. Also, fewer punters can maximize their profits. In a risk-free bet, even if you lose the bet, you would not lose your initial investment.

The best way to maximize your profits is by using the risk-free calculator that is available online. It allows you to calculate your winnings effectively. The risk-free calculator also helps you to calculate the expected winning amount.

All you need to do is enter the free bet amount along with the betting odds. Then the calculator will inform you of the amount you need to lay off to get better winnings and maximize your overall profits.

How to Use a Free Bet Calculator?

There could be different ways to calculate your free bet. But the overall results would always be the same. To calculate the free bet, you need to go through the following steps:

1.  Enter the amount that displays the worth of the free bet.

2.  Enter the odds of that particular bet that the bookmaker has offered to you.

3.  Now finally, enter the value of the lay bet, which is the exchange bet that you would win from the bet.

These are the following steps that you need to follow to maximize your profits. The following figures are displayed on the calculator:

1.  The stake amount that you entered for your bet.

2.  The deposit that you require in your betting account.

3.  The total fixed profit that is guaranteed to you, whether you win or lose.

How to Choose the Risk-Free Betting Site?

Below are some of the points that you need to consider before picking the best Risk-Free betting sites:

Better Odds

As a bettor, you must look for websites that offer the best payouts and profits. Also, you must look for trusted websites that possess genuine certificates and licenses. 

A User-Friendly Platform

Better app design and features attract more viewership. As discussed earlier, you must always look for genuine sites that offer the best interactive features and licensing. 

Highest Risk-Free Betting

The bettors must always look out for websites that offer maximum risk-free betting. Comparing different websites with each other always gives a clear picture.


To conclude, we can confirm that Matched betting gives higher returns when placed strategically. The entire matched betting includes a bit of hectic mathematical calculations. The calculations could be tough for the new bettors to grasp.

So, you must always learn and practice well before placing the bets. Also, you must fix your budget and bet accordingly. Getting too emotional while betting might cause you more harm than good.

Always go for the free bets whenever possible. The free bets provide you an opportunity to bet big and face minimal losses when compared with the regular matched bets. And always remember to bet responsibly.

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