Know The Top 7 Sports Where You Can Do Sports Betting

Betting is an inseparable part of most games. It can either be legal or illegal, sports betting is part of it now. You must be aware that there are huge loads of money being used in bets nowadays. But, you will be surprised to know that sports betting covers around forty percent of this business.

In fact, the operators of this betting industry are in competition with each other for the major share of the market. There are some stunning numbers for those transactions too. It is known that around half a trillion US dollars are traded through betting.

Now, there are so many sports today. As per records, there are few renowned sports with the maximum market share of betting. We are going to discuss around seven of those.


The National Football League is the most popular game in the US. Football occupies the maximum market share in sports betting. Every game gets a huge audience. Bettors keep an eye on not only the pro football matches. But, bets on local football matches too.

One can place bets both in cash as well as online. And, people all over the globe do that.


First of all, a lot of people are not aware of the difference between football and soccer. And no, they are not the same. Even though there are countries where football and soccer are used interchangeably. But, that’s not right.

So, in soccer, the ball is completely round. Whereas, football is similar to rugby. In that, the shape of ball is in oval shape.

From the sports betting point of view, soccer is the most played game all over the world. There are so many unofficial bettings taking place in soccer. Due to this, we do not have an exact figure. However, just around the UK, almost one billion US dollars of betting takes place every year.

Horse Racing

Everyone must have seen horse race betting in the movies. It is considered rich people’s sports betting. It stayed on the top of betting for a maximum of years, as compared to other sports. Also, this is the only game on which you can place bets anytime around the clock. And, no matter where you are, you can bet on your favorite horse.

The major betting players in horse racing are in Japan. There are many countries where it is legal. Almost $100 billion of business is done through it, annually.


This is another extremely entertaining sport for both viewers and bettors. It is in third place in the betting world. There are so many combinations of bets. You can place a bet on who will win the particular point. Also, who will win the whole match is a thing to bet on too. The chances of a draw in this game is close to zero.

Live betting is a major part of it.


Golf is known for one of the most expensive games. Every piece of equipment used in the game is quite costly.

So the game is usually played for 3-4 days. In total, seventy-eight players take part. Therefore, there are many betting options in this game. So, you can see why this is a famous sport for betting.


The game requires a lot of stamina, skill, and effort. Till now, around thirty countries play rugby. Out of those, 20 teams qualify for the world cup. There are two teams at a time playing against each other. Players can carry the ball, kick it, push it or touch it. Everything is allowed except deliberate ripping.

Punters are fans of this too. Sports betting has always been an inseparable part of rugby. There are many other tournaments besides the World cup. Some of them are Super Rugby League, the Champions cup in Europe, and many more.

With ample variations to bet on, bettors are quite involved in it.


Though MMA is not a very old sport. Still, it got a place in the list of top seven sports for sports betting. It is catching up soon. Bets are usually quite big in MMA events.

People love to watch skillful fights with rules. The audience is rising at a tremendous rate. Hence, bettors are using this opportunity too. Currently, not many punters are involved but this sport is getting famous.


So, above are the selected sports. You can opt for any sports you like. Just make sure you research well before placing bets.

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