How to Win at Super Sic Bo Games – Sic Bo Strategy Guide

Sic Bo is a simple and profitable game growing in the Bangladeshi gambling world. The online market is taking off thanks to online websites and apps. 

Online gambling is getting its audience because of win-win situations for both parties. Players can win real money and operators do not have to invest in brick-and-mortar models of casinos

As games are online, and it has a popular fan base the competition is high. Now to be the best from the rest companies need to offer various games. Slot games, Table Games, and Dice games are popular types. Almost all the websites and apps have games like Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, etc. the market for dice games like Sic Bo is wide open and ready to explode.

Let us know how Sic Bo works and super sic bo winning strategy.

Decoding Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo is a popular dice game from China. Generally, Sic Bo needs three dice and has small and big bets. And the whole game is just permutation and combination of these dice and numbers.

The best part of the Sic Bo game is that anyone can play this game. Even the chances of winning the game are high comparatively. And with basic information and skills, you can start your Sic Bo journey. 

However, to increase your chances of winning you have to level up. In order to improve, you must adopt some skills. Yet, you can acquire skills by playing consistently and having a winning strategy. But, more on the super sic bo winning strategy, later in this article.

Basics Of Sic Bo Game And How To Play

Dice games are very easy and fun to play. But if you are someone who is the first time looking at the tables of Sic Bo. You will definitely think of playing some other game. However, once you understand the basics of the game. You will never leave this game.

Sic Bo has three main components or stages in the game. In the first stage, you have to place a bet on numbers. The second stage is rolling the dice, it is done by AI on the websites. The third stage is winning or losing. If the number you bet on is the number or sum of the numbers on dice. Then you win or else you lose the bet.

Variants of Sic Bo 

The basics of the game are simple. As you play more games you will understand there are a lot of variations. Small or big bets are simple and single bets. 

You can then try double bets and combinations of bets. Combination bets are multiple bets, they can be triple, double dice, and more. But, right now we will only focus on some important aspects that will help you to win. 

How to Win Super Sic Bo Games

Dice games are a combination of luck and timing. So you have to be lucky at the same time you need perfect timing. There are other factors as well that can increase your winning chances. It is influential to maximize your profits and minimize your loss in Sic Bo. here are three super sic bo strategy to help you with it.

Small or big bets are the best odds

Small and big bets are the best way to win. You can see many people that only bet big and small. If you play this way you will win 60% or more games you play. As a new player, you can try this.

As you will play more you will find these bets boring. So to win and keep the interest alive you will try different bets. But to start with Sic Bo, small and big bets are good.

Multiple bets are not always profitable

The combination of bets is like double-sided swords. You can win more, but what are the real chances of all bets to win? 

So instead of going with variations of bets, you can stick to simple bets. If you are in doubt about two numbers only then go for multiple bets. However, winning more money is a trap, just ask if you can lose that much money.

Don’t look for patterns

Most players change their bets after a frequent appearance. But just because it is frequent does not mean it would fail. This term is mostly known as Gamble’s fallacy. So, do not try to fix what is not broken. Also, go with the strategy unless it stops working. This way you can earn more and lose less.

Final words

Sic Bo, Slot games, and Table games are all for entertainment purposes. You can play and enjoy the game and that is what matters. And If you are playing Sic Bo, do let us know about your gameplay. Also, tell us about your favorite online games in the comments. So, stick with our website, and we will bring more content on such topics. 

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