How To Become The Best Batsman In Cricket?

Different Batting Shots you must know!

Cricket is well-known as — “the gentleman’s game”. It is a sport that draws millions of attention across the globe. How to become the best batsman is a heart concept of this fascinating sport. Batting is an art which requires discipline, technique, mental strength, and passion for the sport.

If you are aspiring to become the best batsman in cricket, then you must make a note that this art is not just about scoring runs. It is about mastering this wonderful craft by outsmarting opponents and having an “up to the mark” gameplay on the pitch.

In this article, we will further explore the greatness of batting by keeping you equipped with tips, techniques, and in-depth insider information to help you further develop your game.

Start with the Fundamentals of how to Become the Best Batsman

You might aspire to become like your favourite cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Vivian Richards, Glenn Maxwell, Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma. Before that, you must have a strong understanding of the basics.

An effective batting approach is the backbone of your batting technique. It shouldn’t make a difference about the bowler or delivery pattern. You must be able to respond to the ball immediately. Also, the decision inside your mind has to be taken in a fraction of a second.

However, to implement that, your stance should be comfortable, balanced, and ready. Always focus on strengthening your grip on the bat. However, make sure that your hands are positioned at the top of the handle. Also, place the hands close together for the best control of the bat.

Batting Techniques for How to become the best Batsman with Successful Gameplay Execution

Do you know? The best batsman is based on certain factors. How to become the best batsman? For that, you need to have a top-notch technique that allows you to play a great variety of shots with a high degree of accuracy. 

To become the best batsman, you will have to master the standard batting shots – the drive, the cut, the pull, and the hook.

However, many other different types of batting shots in cricket have led to being known as the best batsman in cricket. You will explore those batting shots further in this article.

Different Types of Batting Shots in Cricket

In cricket, batsmen use different types of batting shots to score runs. However, these shots are categorized based on the technique and shot direction. Here are some of the popular and well-known types of batting shots in cricket that will answer how to become the best batsman:

● Front Foot Defensive Shot:

One can use this shot to protect his wicket by just defending the delivered ball. The batsman doesn’t hit the ball, instead, he takes a long step forward and uses his bat to just block the ball.

● Back Foot Defensive Shot:

This is quite similar to the front-foot defensive shot. But here the difference is the player stepping a little backwards to block the ball with the bat.

● Straight Drive:

The batsman hits the ball in such a way that the ball travels straight on the ground, towards the delivery line. However, this is an elegant and powerful shot played with straight batting.

● Cover Drive:

The batsman hits the ball on the off side, driving it through the covers. This is one of the most classic and stylish shots.

● Square Cut:

The batsman hits the ball by cutting square on the offside, behind the point. Therefore, this is a horizontal, flat shot played for a short-pitched delivery outside the off stump.

● Pull Shot:

The batsman plays this shot against a short-pitched delivery. Especially played when it is on or outside the leg stump. As a result, the batsman redirects the ball with force to his leg side, usually towards mid-wicket or square leg.

● Hook Shot:

This is quite similar to the pull shot. The difference comes with using for a short-pitched delivery which is on or outside the leg stump. Therefore, the batsman hits the ball with great force towards the fine leg or deep square leg spot.

● Leg Glance:

The batsman plays this shot when a bowler delivers the ball directly to the batsman’s pads. However, using this shot, the batsman flicks the ball out towards the fine leg region, which is frequently played against a leg-stump delivery.

● Sweep Shot:

In this type of shot, the batsman often drags the ball, sweeping from outside the off stump over to the leg side. However, these shots are mostly played against the spinners to hit the deviating ball.

● Reverse Sweep:

This shot is similar to the sweep shot. The batsman usually changes his grip to sweep the ball from outside the off stump towards the off side. However, this is a very risky shot. Also, it can be beneficial against spinners.

● Helicopter Shot:

Here comes the most popular shot that was popularized by MS Dhoni. This shot features a unique follow-through technique where the batsman flings the ball towards the leg side and that fling resembles a helicopter-like motion of the bat. As a result, this is played to a full-length delivery. Also, this particular shot is well-known for its innovation and power.

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Factors for “How to Become the Best Batsman”

Before you strive to become the best batsman, here are other factors that influence your batting skills:

  • Mental Toughness.
  • Gameplay Strategy.
  • Concentration.
  • Confidence and believing in your abilities.
  • Adaptability to different scenarios.
  • Physical Fitness and Nutrition.
  • Practice makes a cricketer perfect.

Conclusion on how to become the best batsman

Therefore, many who had this question of “How to become the best batsman in cricket?” answered with the above explanation. So further it is you who has to blend the technical cricketing skills, mental strength for gameplay, physical fitness, passion, and dedication towards the sport.

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