Crypto Gambling: Here is a Complete Guide

Cryptocurrency has taken over the world by storm. It is a big subject of discussion on the Internet. Everywhere you see, it is a subject of debate. Even those who do not invest in it have something to say.

The popular payment methods have become outdated and insecure. Thus, crypto offers an excellent alternative to those payment methods.

Bitcoin and Crypto are still illegal in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Bank even put a statutory warning to its citizens in 2021. The notice read as “Cryptocurrency Trading is not allowed at all in the country”

The act of gambling itself is a punishable offence in Bangladesh. It is a small Islamic nation that follows Sharia Law. The country has strict anti-gambling laws as well that prevents gambling. Thus, physical casinos are illegal in Bangladesh.

But the online casinos have still made their way into the Bangladeshi market. Most of these companies are outside the country. So, they do not fall under Bangladeshi jurisdiction. The companies also encourage crypto gambling to their users. 

Top Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites Today

Crypto Gambling has found its way into Bangladesh. Most online gambling punters are using it for gambling transactions. The leading online casino companies have made their way into the country. Some of those include:


Crickex is one of the leading online betting & casino sites in the world. They have been in the market for ages. The company also promotes cryptocurrency payment methods for Bangladeshi users.


Marvelbet Casino is a leading online casino operating in Bangladesh. The company also allows deposits through cryptocurrency. It has a wide range of casino games that lets users bet and win big cash prizes.


Betvisa has a vast online gambling market in Bangladesh. The company has adopted cryptocurrency as one of its modes of transaction. Users can log in and play exciting games like online casinos and various sports betting.


1xBet is one of the most popular online gambling sites in Bangladesh. Their website is available in the Bengali language. They offer many lucrative bonuses and promotional offers for their users. The company accepts cryptocurrency as one of its payment modes. 


MegaPari is a leading online sportsbook in Bangladesh. They have built a good market using their welcome bonus and promotional offers. The company offers rewards and cashback for its crypto gambling users.

Know About Crypto Currency Gambling

The gaming industry has grown at a quick pace in the past few years. Cryptocurrency saves you from theft and duplication. Unlike other payment modes. Crypto is tough to trace and track. 

Cryptocurrency is a more precise mode as it is free from human errors. The crypto gambling sites provide high withdrawal rates. Also, it lets gamblers stay secure and 100% confidential with their transactions.

Various applications allow gamblers to invest in crypto coins. Customers can use those coins to make payments while gambling. But the value of cryptocurrency changes with time. Thus, users need to be cautious of the same while betting.

The coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most used coins. Online casino companies prefer using these two coins. It is because these coins are available and acceptable all over the world.

Why Crypto Gambling is Growing so Fast?

Gambling using crypto has gained momentum in the past few years. Crypto has also become a favourite mode of transaction for many users in Bangladesh. Some of the reasons for its growing popularity are:

A Secure form of Deposit

Gambling with crypto is safe and secure. The deposits using crypto do not need personal details from users. The details such as bank accounts and personal identification are not required.

The users only need to submit their wallet addresses for transactions. The money earned is then deposited into your wallet with ease.

Unmatched Privacy

The privacy factor is one of the vital factors that drive crypto gambling. While paying with the standard payment methods, your identity is open. But, your details remain intact when you pay using cryptocurrency.

Quick Payment Processing

Transactions through normal modes of payment need a lot of time and effort. First, you need to add your credit card using your details. Then, you need to add money to the gambling websites. 

But, crypto does not ask users for any personal details. All the transaction details and bank statements are invisible. None of your private data is accessible anywhere.

Global Presence

Cryptocurrency is legal in several countries around the world. Thus, crypto gambling has become a safer option for gamblers. Gamblers can buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and start betting.

Once they win, they can withdraw the same into their wallet. Thus, gamblers could also earn more than they expected.

Requires no Mediator

Payments can be done through Cryptocurrency. There is no intermediator. Users can complete their transactions and do not need any intimation from banks. In short, the customers themselves are their banks.

How to Deposit with Cryptocurrency?

Before making deposits with cryptocurrency, you must have it with yourself first. If you are new to gambling, then you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Buy CryptoCurrency

There are two simple ways to buy a cryptocurrency. The first is through the online platforms where people buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Users can buy the same using cash or wallets.

The second step of buying is. You can meet a person who holds the cryptocurrency. You can buy the same from him using cash.

Step 2: Deposit Cryptocurrency

Once you have the coins with you. Then you can start gambling. Research and select the betting site that is famous in your country. Also, research whether it allows payments through cryptocurrency or not. 

Once you select a betting site. Create an account. To deposit money through, click on the “Payments” tab. And then select the specific cryptocurrency that you want to invest in.

Your choice of crypto could be Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. Then, you need to specify the amount you want to enter into the address. Once you enter the amount and click on confirm. Your amount gets into your account.

Step 3: Bet with CryptoCurrency

Now that you have made a deposit using cryptocurrency. You can start gambling. There are many online gambling sites to choose from that allow it. The gaming options may include online casinos, cricket, football, etc.

Once you win. You can withdraw the sum to your wallet too.


Cryptocurrency has gained high momentum in the past few years. People prefer using it, as it gives more benefits. And high-value returns. The online gambling market is a lucrative business.

And, the rewards while making payments through it are huge. It is because the rates of cryptocurrencies change every minute. Thus, customers can achieve high profits once they make payments through cryptocurrencies. 

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