Best Cricket Betting Tips That Will Help Your Win Money

Betting is an inseparable part of almost all sports and games. And, cricket is not an exception to this. There is a huge amount of betting taking place in cricket. Applications like Dream11, Team11, and many more, are official ways to do so. Sadly, there is a lot of betting taking place, which is unknown. This is because of its unofficial nature.

However, below we are going to discuss some of the best cricket betting tips and tricks. This will give you an edge over others while placing a bet.

Keep a check over the best odds

The very first thing in the list of best cricket betting tips is figuring out which of the bet has higher odds. As I have mentioned earlier, there are many bookmakers available in the market. And, each bookmaker may be providing separate odds for each bet. It can vary from 1.20 to 500.00. However, the optimum one, to begin with, is 100.00. So, keep a check on it to get a higher amount if you win the bet.

Matched Betting and Arbitrage Betting

Those two tricks are quite effective to use. It doesn’t require any mathematical calculations. Therefore, it is easy to apply.

Matched betting strategy is using free bets. Those free bets are provided by bookmakers for promotional purposes. As in Dream11, the new users are given RS. 29 to bet.

And Arbitrage betting strategy is one of the best cricket betting tips. Let’s say there is a disagreement between two bookmakers. One is giving higher odds of winning for team A. And others think inversely and give higher odds for team B. Now you can bet on team A with the first bookmaker and team B with the second. Eventually, no matter what the result will be. You are definitely the winner.

Keep a check on tips and predictions of experts

There are a lot of webpages, websites, blogs, shows, and likewise, from where bettors can get useful information. Experts know their game. And, there are extremely high chances that their prediction will be true. But, make sure you are following the actual experts. And, not those bookmakers who post for their own profit.

Learn to stop

If you are betting on cricket for a while, then there must be a time when you feel that today is the day. And, you end up losing the winning as well as the betting amount. Believe me, there is no such thing as continuous winning. Hence, learning to be satisfied with smaller wins is the best cricket betting tips. Keep your emotions in control. And, stop relying too much on luck. New bettors must understand this.

Research about the weather forecast

If you play or watch cricket, you must be aware of the effect of climate on the game. It even affects the whole team lineup. Let us assume that it is quite humid. So, this will result in extra movement of the ball. The score prediction will change too. Spin bowlers will be mandatory. Hence, this will also tell you which team to bet on. Also, if you are placing bets for individual players, you can predict that too. Therefore keeping a check over climate conditions is actually the best cricket betting tips.

Pitch and Ground condition

This is the most important point. The Internet gives all the details about the pitch condition, past records, etc. Therefore, do extensive research about it. Take a look what were the maximum scores in the last matches played on that particular ground. Is the pitch flat? Are there any cracks on the pitch?

For instance, if the pitch has cracks. The bowl will be unpredictable. Therefore, fewer runs will be scored. On the other hand, flat pitches will help batsmen a lot. Therefore, research the pitch properly. And, bet for the team or player accordingly.


Above are some of the best cricket betting tips. Besides those, there are many other factors too. Such as, checking for players with injuries. Also, who is in the playing eleven?

If you are not aware of the game at all. You must get knowledge about it first. Else, there are fewer chances of winning the bets. The above tips and strategies will not work without proper information and research work.

Finally, have fun with cricket betting. I will be back with more such useful tips and tricks.

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