Bangladesh Cricket History: Worst Records

Cricket in Bangladesh is quite a popular sport. And has a rich history of success and achievements. But, along with the highs, there have also been many lows in Bangladesh cricket history. There are embarrassing defeats as well as unfortunate records. Also, there are several instances where the national team did fail to live up to expectations. Thus, in this article, we will take a closer look at some of the worst records in the history of Bangladesh cricket.

Though the cricket team has made significant progress over the years. But, there have been several moments in its history that have left fans and experts alike scratching their heads. These records not only show the poor performance of the team. But also state the need for improvement and strategic changes. As Bangladesh continues to develop its cricketing infrastructure and talent pool. There is a need to address the shortcomings and learn from past mistakes. In the following sections, we will examine some of the worst records in the history of Bangladesh cricket in more detail.

Worst Record in the History of Bangladesh Cricket:

Lowest Test Innings Score

Bangladesh cricket team has suffered some of the most embarrassing defeats in cricket history. One such record is the lowest test inning score, which they hold. On 4 July 2018, the Bangladesh cricket team registered their lowest test inning score in history. They did score 43 runs against the West Indies. The performance of the whole team was not even average. As they failed to negotiate the bowling attack. Thus, getting out to loose shots and poor technique.

This low score was a culmination of a series of poor performances by the Bangladesh team in the longest format of the game. They had already suffered four innings defeats in the previous five test matches. It was because of their batting lineup. As they were struggling to cope with the pace and bounce of the opposition bowlers.

Biggest Defeat in ODI

Bangladesh’s biggest defeat in history occurred on June 02, 2000. It was in a one-day international (ODI) match against Pakistan in the Asia Cup. It was a humiliating defeat for the Bangladesh cricket team. As they were all out for a paltry total of 87 runs in 34.2 overs. Pakistan did score 320 runs in total. Also, they lost only 3 wickets. Thus, they did win the match by 223 runs.

Bangladesh’s batsmen were not able to score any significant runs. Also, only two players did manage to reach double figures.

Longest Losing Streak in Test Cricket

The longest losing streak in test cricket for Bangladesh is a reminder of the challenging path the team has had to navigate in its short history as a test-playing nation. Between 2001 and 2004, Bangladesh lost 21 consecutive test matches. Also, it is the longest losing streak by any team in test cricket history. The streak began with a loss to Zimbabwe in 2001. And did continue for three years. Until Bangladesh finally broke it with a historic victory.

This period was a challenging one for Bangladesh cricket history. As they were facing defeats by an innings margin. The team was struggling to find its footing in test cricket. And was up against formidable opponents such as Australia, South Africa, and England. The lack of experience and quality players contributed to the losing streak. Also there was the inability to perform consistently in both batting and bowling.

Lowest ODI Innings Score

The lowest ODI innings score in Bangladesh cricket history was on 4 march, 2011. The Bangladesh cricket team faced a strong West Indies team. And things went from bad to worse for the Bangladeshi team. After winning the toss and Bangladesh team did elect to bat first. But, the team was off to a terrible start. As they were losing quick wickets.

The Bangladesh team couldn’t manage to stay at the crease for too long. Thus, their innings quickly came to an end in just 18.5 overs. And making it the lowest ODI innings score in Bangladesh cricket history. The entire team did manage to score just 58 runs. Junaid Siddique did score a maximum of 25 runs.


Despite their struggles in international cricket, Bangladesh has produced some talented cricketers. And has the potential to compete with the best teams in the world. While the worst records highlighted in this article are a reminder of the challenges they have faced. It’s important to remember that every team goes through tough times. And that Bangladesh cricket history can look to the future with optimism. With the right investment and support, Bangladesh cricket can continue to grow and develop. And we may see them achieve some remarkable results in the years to come.

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