A Look At Bangladesh Cricket 10 Greatest Moments

The unpredictable nature of cricket is full of surprises. Whether it is a 1983 World cup win by India, with a weak team of that time, or when Bangladesh entered the 2015 world cup quarter-final after defeating England. Everything is a part of memorable history.

Below we are going to discuss the ten biggest moments of Bangladesh cricket, to date.

1. Banglawash

As the name suggests, it was a straight win for Bangladesh. In the year 2010, there was a one-day international series of four matches between Bangladesh and New Zealand. With the epic bowling of Rubel Hossain in the series, Bangladesh performed remarkably. Thus a huge moment in Bangladesh Cricket, with a clean sweeping win with 4-0. None can forget this.

2. World Cup, 2011

The opening ceremony of the 2011 World Cup was special for Bangladesh because they were jointly hosting it. The performance of the team was not enough to qualify for the quarter-finals.
In fact, they lost to West Indies and South Africa with drastic differences. Which made the fans of the tigers throw bricks at the bus of the West indies.

Though they managed to win against England, it was not enough.

3. Asia Cup, 2012

After the not-so-good performance in the 2011 World Cup, things turned out to be good in Bangladesh Cricket during Asia Cup, in 2012. With the exceptional performance of the tigers, they were in the final against Pakistan. Sadly, it was just nine runs short to lift the title. Still, the fans were really happy with this Bangladesh cricket moment. They defeated both India and Sri Lanka.

4. Mohammad Ashraful fixing the issue

One of the saddest moments in Bangladesh cricket is when the Ashraful match-fixing controversy came up. It was during the 2013 BPL. Surprisingly, someone close to him did give the information regarding this. Of course, it was anonymous to the public. The player was supposed to be the captain of the team in a few years. However, he was proven guilty and the rest was history.

5. T20 World Cup, 2014

The venue of the T20 world cup, in 2014 was Bangladesh itself. But that was of no help. They even lost to Hong Kong. In fact, they did not even win a single match in the second group. The team played ten matches in total in the tournament. And, lost seven of them.

6. 2015: A happy year

Bangladesh Cricket was in quite outstanding form in 2015. It was the first time the Bangladesh team reached the quarter-final of the World Cup. And that too by defeating England.

Moreover, in the very same year, they defeated the one-day international series at their home ground to Pakistan, South Africa, and even India too.

7. Test win against England

The biggest series win for Bangladesh was against one of the top teams, i.e England. It was during the year 2016. The first batting was of Bangladesh. They scored 220 runs. And, England mange to score 244. Then, in the second inning, the score of Bangladesh was 296.

Surprisingly, with the exceptional bowling of Shakib and Miraz, England was all out at 164 runs. Thus, the memorable Bangladesh Cricket moment.

8. Entering the Semi-final of the Champions Trophy

With a losing start of the team against England. The further matches were consistent wins. In the land of England, the scale of performance was quite high. The winning streak started with the third match. The win was against New Zealand. And with consistency, it was their first time entering the semi-finals of the champions trophy.

9. Winner of Asia Cup

2018 was one of the happiest years for Bangladesh Cricket. The Bangladesh Women’s team did the magic with their efforts, skills, consistency, strategies, etc., and brought the Asia Cup trophy home. The final match was against India. It was a really close match. The last over of the game was breathtaking for both teams. But Bangladesh managed to win the last ball of the Asia cup.

10. Ban on Shakib

During the year 2019, a Whatsapp conversation came into public. It was between Shakib and an Indian Bookie. Though there was no proof of his involvement in the match-fixing. Still, as per the law, he did not inform the Cricket Board. This led to a 2-year ban from all formats of cricket. Later, on accepting the mistake, the ban was reduced to 1 year.


There are many joyful and sad moments in the history of Bangladesh Cricket. But of course, none of them can be forgotten. However, focusing on good ones can bring positivity. Currently, the team is in great form. And, always have a crisp of surprise against the opponent.

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