Who Is The Best Bangladesh Cricket All-Rounder?

Who is the Best Bangladesh Cricket All-Rounder? Who will be the successor to it?

Undoubtedly, Shakib Al Hasan is the best Bangladesh cricket all-rounder. The 36-year-old cricketer is an internationally identified talent. As of now, he is ranked as the all-rounder in ODI Cricketing. Also, he has been involving himself in charitable help to weak children and he is a role model to many youngsters.

At times, a few disputes off-field have afflicted his good image. But if you ask purely only about the game, then Shakib Al Hasan holds a strong place amongst many other greatest all-rounders.

Bangladesh Cricket Blessed with 4 Cricketing Stars

It is such a delightful moment that Bangladesh cricket has been blessed with 4 cricketing stars over the last decade namely:

  • Tamim Iqbal
  • Mushfiqur Rahim
  • Mashrafe Mortaza (Now Retired)
  • Shakib Al Hasan (Team’s Prime)

Shakib has accumulated excellent records and attained immense popularity. Also, no one would deny that he remains the greatest in donning the Bangla Tigers Red and Green Jersey.

Has any player reached Shakib’s Records?

Till now it is only Shahid Afridi and Sanath Jayasuriya who have reached Shakib’s record which is more than 7000 runs and 33 wickets. It remains a beautiful history in the One Day International chapter.

His Test matches would count for more than 4000 runs and 200 wickets. With this Shakib fixed a strong place for himself in the history of international all-rounders.

Even in the short formats, he didn’t slow down as he attained more than 2000 runs and 140 wickets. However, it is without counting his unfair performances in the leagues.

Shakib’s importance in the match against New Zealand

Shakib created a crucial stand with Mushfiqur while they played in Chennai. They were in the process of saving Bangladesh’s name. However, it was a question of holding the prestige, with a stagnant score of 54 runs, and 4 wickets that too within the 13th over. Hence, Shakib’s importance in the match against New Zealand acted as a lifesaver at that time.

Despite having blunders in delivery, missing a few catches, and their slow start, Shakib struggled to take the score beyond 150 runs in 30 overs.

However, Shakib required medical attention as he had strained a lot during that match. Due to that, he felt tough moving his thighs. It happened while Shakib was trying to take a quick single. Probably it was because of the humid climate in the venue.

Will Bangladesh have an abiding successor to Shakib’s Renowned Legacy?

There are praising talks that Bangladesh has Mehidy Hasan Miraz as an abiding successor to Shakib’s Renowned Legacy.

Surprisingly, his batting skills have bloomed so well in the previous year. It is almost after 5 years of ordinary performances, that Bangladesh has witnessed such a player again. However, he has to make a splendid performance in all 3 departments to fetch victory for the country.

However, World Cup 2023 was almost like the end of the Bangladesh Cricket Era. But Mehidy Hasan Miraz (the all-rounder), with his spellbound performance, will be remembered in cricket history. Also, he will be a respectable icon to the upcoming cricketing generations.

Why is Shakib Al Hasan the most loved and best Bangladesh Cricket All-Rounder?

It is Bangladesh’s pride to have Shakib Al Hasan as the most loved role model. His impeccable records will remain in cricket history. Many youngsters and aspiring cricketers admire him as their role model. Indeed calling him “star of the nation” or “youth icon” would also best suit him. It is not just the sports achievement but also many off-field works that keep Shakib al Hasan the most loved cricketer.

Apart from his cricketing, he has done so many charitable works that will be remembered for a long time. His help to vulnerable children will remain in history. 

During the year 2013, Shakib was designated as UNICEF National Ambassador. Also, he has been part of various flagship events that include:

  • The Meena Media Awards
  • 25th Anniversary – Convention of the Rights of Children
  • Every Child Alive
  • Online Safety and World Immunization Week

Shakib’s Cox Bazar visit raised awareness about the Rohingya children’s difficulties.

Shakib Al Hasan is the best Bangladesh Cricket All-Rounder in the Real World too…

You might wonder what makes Shakib Al Hasan the best Bangladesh Cricket All-Rounder in the real world too. Shakib once said “Nothing could be more powerful than investing in today’s children and young people. These Children and young people are resilient and dynamic. But we must give them the right opportunities and support. They are priceless assets that we cannot and we should not afford to neglect. It is for the sake of both – Theirs and Ours”.

Not just saying, that Shakib actively helped many children and young people at their tough times. Also, he manages to give time to his cricketing career as well as his political career.

So that is the reason why people see Shakib as a perfect all-rounder in cricket and the real world.

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