Which Country Has The Most Cricket Fans In The World?

Which is the Country with the most cricket fans: This country feels cricket as their emotion!

Regardless of whether you are a fan of the Indian Cricket Team or the Bharat Army, India is the country with the most cricket fans. However, We know that Indian cricket enthusiasts are the best cricket fans in the world. It is no surprise that India has the greatest number of supporters across the globe, with 22 million followers of Indian cricket on X (formerly known as Twitter).

What surprises us is that India, being outspoken regarding cricket, is a bit quiet on X having just 9 tweets per 10,000 cricket followers.

But when Indians tweet, 25% of tweets are positive, 27% express joy as they love cricket and 14% flaunt their surprise.

Cricket’s Brief History – country with the most cricket fans

Originating in England, Cricket has a long and rich history. It traces to the 16th century. Over the past few decades, this sport has experienced various modifications, but it remained true to its core principles.

Later in the 19th century, it benefited from institutional support and standardized rules, thus establishing the foundation for international competitiveness.

The commencement of the first Test match between England and Australia in 1877 officially marked the birth of cricket as an international sport.

Since then, cricket has branched out from its historical roots to have evolved into a global cultural phenomenon, reaching out to many cultures and audiences worldwide.

Why is South Asia known as the Heartland of Cricket Passion?

As we know, Cricket is deeply embedded in the culture of various South Asian countries. However, its popularity in the region is unlike anything else. Here are the countries where cricket is in particular very highly regarded:


Cricket in India is more like an emotion rather than just a sport. Their Indian Premier League, popularly known as the IPL, is one of the most-watched cricket leagues worldwide. With Millions of TV audiences and street cricket everywhere, cricket stars are their national icons.


Pakistan’s Cricket acts as a uniting force, which transcends regional and cultural borders. Domestic and international matches have a huge following and a deep tradition of street cricket.


Cricket in Bangladesh has progressively gained popularity over the past few decades. Right now, it is the country’s most popular sport. Bangladesh has overwhelmingly enthusiastic fans and overcrowded stadiums for domestic leagues and international matches.

Which Is The Biggest Win In The Cricket History Of Bangladesh?

Sri Lanka

The most popular sport in Sri Lanka is Cricket, as it has a large worldwide presence. It has a domestic and international cricket following, with many children aspiring to be cricketers.


Cricket is a rapidly developing sport in Afghanistan. Particularly after the country gained complete member status from the international cricket governing body in 2017. It gained attention and became a symbol of national pride.

Although cricket has a unique degree of popularity in these countries, the sport unquestionably continues to hold a very special position. Especially in millions of hearts of South Asians, cricket is a life of many and not just a game.

55% of Indians regularly follow Cricket — A country with the most cricket fans

A rough one-third of India’s 1.2 billion-member population follows Cricket religiously. In 2018, 93% of Indian sports watchers subscribed to the cricket sport content. 760 million viewers downloaded content in 2018 and the total number of views went up from 42 billion in 2016 to 60 billion. It has a 9.2% annual growth rate.

ICC (International Cricket Council) reported that India has over 1.5 billion fans in global cricket. So, we can conclude that millions of Indians actively devote themselves to cricket

Indians believe in and follow Cricket as their religion. The IPL – Indian Premier League is the world’s biggest competition, with numerous professional cricket teams, and famous personalities like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are admired and beloved by millions.

India has the most per-minute livestream viewership – with 25.3 million viewers, India is the country with the most cricket fans: ICC World Cup 2019 Semi-Finals

No surprise that India comes out on top in live matches streamed online. Also, the India vs. New Zealand semi-final match in the ICC World Cup 2019 marked a world record for the highest possible online livestream viewership ever.

The view count drastically reduced during the quick fall of wickets against New Zealand.

But, Ravindra Jadeja’s return at a momentous time pushed the viewership from 14.5 million to 25.5 million.

During the match, Indian fans multiplied by hundreds of thousands per minute, particularly during MS Dhoni’s arrival at the crease. But the number began to decline shortly after MS Dhoni’s dismissal from the game.


India is the country with the most cricket fans worldwide.  The cricket fanbase in India will continue growing over and over. As Indians look up to cricketers as their national icon, and they admire them a lot. Also, Indians are very much connected with the player’s personal life. They own the events happening in the cricketer’s life.

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