Back & Lay in Cricket Betting – Learn with Crickex From Video Tutorial

The Back and Lay bet is one of the most interesting types of cricket betting. But, it could be an unknown term for many gamblers. They may also find it difficult to understand and practice.

Betting in sports is considered a game of chance. To win those bets, you also need good strategies. It becomes easier to crack the code when data collection and research are improved. It is always advisable to learn and practice well before getting into sports betting.

How to do Back & Lay in Online Cricket Betting with Crickex?

Please check the video for detailed steps on how to bet back and lay betting with crickex.

Back and Lay Betting: An Explanation

Back and Lay betting is based on two simple concepts. There are two outcomes that punters can wager on – positive and negative. When an outcome favors the bet, it is said to be positive. Negative outcomes are those that go against the outcome.

It might be difficult for new gamblers to understand. Despite this, if properly educated, it is very easy to understand.

Lay Betting

In lay betting. You bet on an outcome that is unlikely to occur. A lay bet is an example of a negative outcome. The horse racing industry is one of its major applications. However, it is also practiced in a variety of other sports, such as cricket and football.

In Lay betting, punters bet on an expected outcome against another punter. You can bet digitally or with a group of friends. In this case, the loser would have to give his money to the winner.

Using a simple example, we can understand a Lay bet. Imagine betting on Australia not to win the Cricket World Cup 2022 at 4.0. Wherever Australia finishes in the tournament doesn’t matter. As long as they do not win the World Cup 2022. And the punter would make handsome returns.

Back Betting

Back betting is the most traditional form of betting used today. It is a kind of betting where the outcome is positive. Punters bet on the outcome of an event to win. In the case of a positive outcome, the bet winner wins. The bet is lost if the outcome does not favor them.

Similar to Lay betting, punters could wager among themselves or digitally. Bets are won based on the probability of the outcome. Betting on backs is the most popular form of betting among punters.

A simple example can help you understand back betting. Suppose we bet on India to win the Cricket World Cup 2022. In order to win this bet, India must win the World Cup. If not, the punter would lose his entire stake.

What is Fancy Bet?

There is an additional bet market that is only available to cricket punters, called a fancy bet. In fancy betting, there are specific betting rules that apply to it. There will be no effect on the liquidity of the Exchange if you bet on fancy bets.

For Example: Fall of 1st wicket NCC

The Abbreviation “NCC” indicates the team’s name, while “Fall of 1st WKT” indicates the first batsman to be out. By betting on “Yes”, you are predicting that the batsman will be out after 58 runs. When you bet “No”, you believe the batsman will be out before 58 runs. When the 1st batsman is out with 54 runs to go, the one who bets on ‘No’ will win.

What is Premium Bet?

Premium Bet is a sports betting site that provides a variety of sports markets. And it will not affect the liquidity of the exchange. There are various types of games and sports that can be bet on online, including cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, etc.

Premium bets are available on both in-play and pre-match markets. During in-play betting, punters can place bets at any time during the match, while pre-match betting is limited to the beginning of the game.

For example:1st inning – Chennai Super Kings ( CSK ) SRL total:

1st Innings – Chennai Super Kings SRL total
over 158.51.80
under 158.51.80

In cricket, an innings refers to a part of the match during which one team bats. An innings ends when the batting team is “all out” or the ball delivery is completed. When you bet on ‘over 158.5’, you are betting that Chennai Super Kings SRL will score more than 159 runs in their first innings.

It is the odds that are shown in the number. For each bet, there is a minimum and maximum stake. It is your choice whether to accept any odds or not. In the event that odds change between the time of betslip creation and bet placement, choosing to accept at any odds will still allow you to place your bets.

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