Virtual Sports Betting: A Guide to Improve your Winning Chances

Virtual Sports betting is a unique form of sports betting. It has seen immense growth in the past few years. Virtual sports betting lets you wager on the matches made by a computer, using a Random Number Generator.

Betting on a virtual sport is like betting on a real sports event. The only difference is that in virtual sports betting, the bookmakers decide about the occurrence of virtual events. It happens at a fast pace and at regular intervals.

Virtual sports betting has seen steady growth in Bangladesh, as their economy opens up. The small Muslim majority country does not permit betting, as it is against the principles of Islam. But with more people accessing the internet, it has built a good fan base in the country.

So, if you are someone looking to understand the concepts of virtual sports betting, then this article is for you. We will also discuss the tip to improve your winning chances in the world of virtual casino betting.

Preview: Virtual Sports Betting

Virtual sports betting is present on different leading online sportsbooks. Virtual sports betting is done using computer simulations. This betting feature allows the bettors to wager on a range of popular sports in Bangladesh like Cricket, Football, Horse Racing, etc.

For normal sports betting, you need to wait for different aspects like weather, schedule, and timings. But the biggest advantage of virtual sports betting is that you can bet anytime you want to at your comfort. Everything is in your hands, whenever you wish to bet.

Another advantage of Virtual sports, besides betting, is you can also enjoy watching them. The games are short and available on virtual sports betting websites. The games are of short durations, which means that you can bet on as many games as you wish.

Below are some betting tips that might help you improve your winning chances.

Manage your Bankroll properly

Bankroll is the extra cash that you need to keep aside before betting. Even though it does not improve your odds of winning, it helps you place your bets responsibly. Bankroll helps improve your bank balance and gives you an extra cushion to last long.

  • Let’s say you have a bankroll of BDT 500 
  • The least wager in an online sportsbook is BDT 10. 
  • Now, 10/500= 0.02
  • Thus, you can place the smallest bet by risking only 2% of your bankroll
  • 500x.05= 25
  • You can wager worth up to BDT 25 by only risking 5% of your bankroll.

Know how the Random Number Generator Works

The entire outcome of virtual sports betting depends on the Random Number Generator. This number updates through a computer algorithm and varies from game to game. There will be times when the number falls in your favor, and sometimes it won’t.

The thing with the RNG is that it can even help the underdogs to win. On the flip side, it could even make the favorites lose. 

Never Chase the Losses

It is the basic tip for every sports betting. There are times when bettors would face huge losses. To cover up those losses, they start betting on future bets with high emotions. Bettors need to understand that the odds are always in favor of the house.

So, betting with high emotions to cover up the initial losses could lead you to lose even more. By doing so, they might start betting even more than they could afford. So, the best way to avoid it is to set a budget and not bet more than the set limit.

Choosing a Trustworthy Betting Site

The Internet is full of touts who look to steal from you every time. Online betting is an unregulated market, where anyone can create a website and people would start betting on it. This practice could be fatal, as they would put out unusual conditions for withdrawal.

So, you must be aware of those websites that run flashy ads, impractical bonuses and offers, and dodgy wagering requirements. Always choose websites that have proper licenses. They must have a proven track record of delivering safe gambling practices. A simple background using Google can help your cause.

Make use of Betting Bonuses 

The virtual sports betting sites offer two kinds of bonuses:

  • Free Bets
  • Deposit Bonuses

Also, there are two common mistakes that the bettors make on bonuses. The first mistake that the players make is they do not take these bonuses seriously. They do not use them wherever applicable, hence not getting fair cash in hand while placing the bets.

The second type of bettor chases the bonuses by betting large amounts. Without reading the terms and conditions, they make big deposits while chasing a bonus. This can hurt in the long run, if they make a big deposit and get no bonuses in return.


Online sports betting is a unique way to make money whenever you feel comfortable. It is a great pastime and always creates an adrenaline rush for those who love to have fun in life. But, its addiction could be devastating, and bettors must always promote responsible betting.

Always go for smaller bets and choose the right platforms to bet on. We hope that the betting tips mentioned above will help you practice virtual sports betting efficiently.

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