Virat Kohli Batting Skills & Technique:  A Detail Analysis

The Indian talented cricketer and former captain Virat Kohli has gained huge stardom for his energetic batting style and outstanding consistency achieved throughout his career.

Even the young generation cricketers find it difficult to match Virat Kohli’s fitness levels and running speed between the wickets that help to rotate the strike and maintain the flow of runs.

He maintains perfect footwork and balance to achieve perfect timing of strokes such as the cover drive and horizontal shots. Moreover, Kohli analyses every bowler’s technique and reads the fielder’s concentration levels which helps to increase his focus to execute unorthodox shots during a critical situation of a match.

You would be excited to explore the secrets of Virat Kohli’s batting skills and techniques that make him the greatest cricketer of all time. 

Mainly you need to understand the key elements of how Virat Kohli adapts himself to different cricket formats such as the tests, ODIs, and T20Is.

1. Fundamentals of Kohli’s Batting :

These are the essential fundamentals of Virat Kohli’s batting you need to know:

The ability of Perfect Timing:

The brilliant timing from Virat Kohli’s bat helps him find gaps on the field to score runs instantly.

Footwork and Balance:

Virat Kohli’s agile footwork sets him in a balanced position that allows him to execute shots with complete control. His foot movement is so fast that he can counter-attack the swing, seam, and spin bowling effectively.

Quick Running Between the Wickets:

One of the special abilities of Virat Kohli is to run swiftly between the wickets and grab quick singles and doubles in situations where the possibility of scoring runs becomes challenging. As a result, the run-out chances to dismiss Virat Kohli seem to be completely impossible.

Grip and Position:

Virat Kohli maintains a firm grip on his bat and an accurate position at the crease. It allows him to swing the bat combined with both power and control. He maintains a slightly open stance that makes him flexible to adapt to different bowling styles.

2. Mental Fitness:

Apart from physical fitness, Virat Kohli has great mental strength that helps him to adapt to different situations of a match.

Focus and Concentration:

Virat Kohli maintains an uncompromising focus and concentration, even in tricky and highly pressurized situations.

Reading the Bowler’s talent:

Another important factor of Virat Kohli’s batting that you might have not noticed is his brilliant ability to read a bowler’s talent and intentions. It might be picking up slight variations in line and length or figuring out the bowler’s mindset. Kohli’s cricketing intelligence helps him to stay one step ahead of the opposition team.

3. Virat Kohli vs Spin:

Virat Kohli exhibits great athletic ability while playing against spin bowlers:

Use of Feet:

Most of the time, you might have observed Kohli moves towards the ball by using his feet. This allows him to play with great control and steadiness.

Strike Rotation:

Virat Kohli is an expert in rotating the strike against the spinners by nudging the ball into the gaps and picking up the singles. It not only helps accumulate runs on the scoreboard but also pressurizes the bowler to maintain a steady line and length.

4. Virat Kohli vs Pace:

The batting techniques of Virat Kohli against pace bowlers leave fielders clueless as the ball rapidly accelerates towards the boundary:

Executing Late Shots:

Virat Kohli waits for the balls to approach closer to him and plays the shots as late as should be to minimize the chances of error and enhance the success rate. This ensures that the ball comes onto the bat more easily.

Cover Drive Shots:

Another approach of Virat Kohli to counter-attack the pace bowling is through cover drive, which is indeed one of his signature shots. His timing is so brilliant that he places the ball through the covers.

Horizontal Bat Shots:

The horizontal bat shots such as the pull and cut from Virat Kohli help him to score runs through boundaries at the fine leg of the field

5. Adjusting to Different Cricket Formats:

Here is how Virat Kohli adapts to three different formats of cricket such as:


In the traditional format of cricket such as the tests, Virat Kohli has shown great temperament by playing as many dot balls as possible and at the same time manages to smash brilliant shots against quality bowling attacks. As a result, Kohli bats for a long time to score more runs for his team.  

One Day Internationals (ODIs):

Virat Kohli takes minimum risks and accelerates his innings steadily in a 50-over format such as the One-Day Internationals (ODIs).

Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is):

In the shortest format of the game like the Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is), Virat Kohli might not be as explosive as his other teammates but can anchor the innings. Also, he can finish the games by taking calculated risks and chasing targets under pressure, which makes him one of the vital and most aggressive batters of the 20-over format.

Virat Kohli Equals Sachin Tendulkar’s Record For Most ODI Centuries


Virat Kohli’s journey from a young chubby-looking cricketer to one of the fittest batsmen in the world shows his dedication and maturity in mastering his batting techniques.

With 80 international centuries (Tests- 29, ODIs- 50 and T20Is- 1); and 139 half-centuries (Tests- 30, ODIs- 72 and T20Is- 37); Virat Kohli has redefined the art of batting with his superb strategies and unmatched talent to time the ball with impeccable accuracy. As a result, King Kohli is hailed as the Chase Master of limited-overs cricket for his outstanding ability to chase targets even on unfriendly or tricky batting pitch conditions.

Interestingly, Kohli scored the most number of centuries in ODIs; by surpassing the previous record of the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

Ultimately, it is expected that Virat Kohli can continue to break many records of legendary cricketers in the upcoming days of his career by implementing the finest technique, temperament, and commitment.

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