Top 7 Esports Betting Tips: That Will Ensure You Win

As the scale of the esports business grows, so does interest in betting on e-sports. Esports betting has been overgrown recently. It attracts hundreds of thousands of new participants. But how can you move from being a total noob to making the proper decisions?

We have included seven tips in our esports betting guide to help you understand what is vital, what isn’t, and how you should approach this activity. We have covered every critical component of the overall esports betting experience.

Below you will discover friendly bits of advice to assist you in catching up on how esports betting works and how to make the most of your bets. Let us have a look.

Let’s Start!

Select a Game You Are Familiar With

The first guideline of esports betting is to be informed. You should select a game that you are familiar with. In other words, whether you wager on League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Valorant, or FIFA depends on your familiarity with these games.

Choose games you love playing since you will need to keep up with the community and frequently spend time reading, watching, streaming, or even playing yourself.

Investigate Individual Teams And Players

Now that you’ve decided on a title, you should look at who else is playing. In each esport, there are dozens of professional organizations and hundreds of semi-professionals and aspiring teams. The majority of them are unlikely to be worth following.

However, there are those with whom you should become acquainted. Teams and players that regularly perform well or demonstrate high performance throughout several games are worth keeping an eye on.

Understanding a team’s strengths and shortcomings might provide information that betting companies may fail to determine, depending on algorithms and their analysts. They may not always be familiar with each member.

Don’t Miss the Important Dates

You will see the highest esports betting action when there are significant events. Regional leagues in Dota Pro Circuit, League of Legends, or Counter-Strike are essential because they give you many betting options all year.

Don’t forget to wager on the major events, such as the Majors, Internationals, and Worlds. Bettors can wager on thousands of markets during these events.

Read Previews and Picks

Another strategy to improve your esports betting game is to look more closely at the available picks and previews. They are often offered by tipsters eager to help you understand the overwhelming amount of information you receive.

It’s always recommended to complete your research and then cross-reference it with the information provided by tipsters. However, if you notice parallels in your thinking, you may decide to make a choice.

The Best Match Winners

While several betting alternatives are available these days, match winners are statistically the greatest sorts of esports bets to make. As a result, one of our top recommendations is to prioritize these bets over all others. A match-winner will provide you with the highest value with the least risk.

You can still try some comparable picks if the chances are favorable. For example, you can utilize a handicap +1.5/-1.5 bet or an over/under bet to adjust for a little trend in the odds.

Don’t Always Bet Real Money

Here’s the deal. To enjoy esports betting, you do not need to wager actual money. In reality, the reverse is true. Simply keep a personal page with your “mock” bets and see whether you could have predicted the outcome if you had made a wager. This is an excellent way to calculate your win rate before committing money. Even when you start betting with real money, you may place “mock” bets.

Place Small Bets

If there is one esports betting advice many people should follow, it is to start small. Some users feel peer pressure or believe that not committing $10 to a single selection would adversely affect them. This is not the case. You may invest as little as $1 to understand how it feels to gamble real money, win or lose.

Most esports sites allow you to adjust the size of your real money wagers, but the bare minimum should be one unit of your currency. Smaller bets are usually not permitted unless you use mBTC at

Final Thoughts

Sports games like FIFA and NBA, fighting games like Super Smash Bros, and first-person shooters like Call of Duty are a few of the esports games you can bet on.

Remember that betting is a win-lose situation, but you’ve assured a fortune with some esports betting tips. Have you added funds to your account? Follow our advice to bet on your favorite esports games and win more.

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