The Hottest Female Cricket Anchors In IPL, PSL, ICC & Big Bash

Cricket is one of the most popular sports globally. It has seen an increase in its fan base over the years. Also, there are many cricket tournaments we have in the world. Such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), Pakistan Super League (PSL),  and many more. Thus, the game has become a perfect combination of talent and glamor. In this article, we will highlight some of the hottest female cricket anchors. Those who have attracted audiences with their beauty, and engaging presence. Thus, let’s get into their profiles and explore their contributions to the cricketing world.

Indian Premier League (IPL):

The Indian Premier League is quite an exciting cricket tournament in the world. Also, it includes glamor too. The league includes many exciting matches. Also, they infuse glamor through its female cricket anchors which makes it more popular. These talented women not only bring their expertise and knowledge of the game. But also add an element of style, elegance, and charisma to the tournament. Thus, let’s have a look at some of the hottest female cricket anchors who did bring glamor to the IPL.

a. Mayanti Langer:

Mayanti Langer

Mayanti Langer has been associated with IPL for many years. She has fine hosting skills, insightful analysis, and elegant persona. Thus, she has won hearts across the globe.

b. Shibani Dandekar:

A multi-talented personality, Shibani Dandekar has charmed cricket fans with her beauty and vibrant energy. Also, her presence as an anchor in the IPL has been nothing short of delightful.

Pakistan Super League (PSL):

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has become a platform where talent meets glamor. And hottest female cricket anchors play a significant role in enhancing the tournament’s appeal. Also, these anchors bring a perfect blend of beauty, grace, and cricketing knowledge to the PSL. Thus, creating an engaging atmosphere for viewers. Let’s delve into some of the notable female cricket anchors. Those who have added a touch of elegance to the PSL.

a. Zainab Abbas:

Zainab Abbas

Known for her in-depth cricket knowledge and charismatic presence. Zainab Abbas has become a prominent figure in PSL. ALso, her ability to connect with players and fans alike makes her an exceptional cricket anchor.

b. Erin Holland:

hottest female cricket anchors

With her stunning looks and impressive hosting skills, Erin Holland has made a mark in the PSL. Also, her charm and personality make her a fan favorite during the tournament.

ICC: Global Appeal and Expertise:

International Cricket Council (ICC) events bring together teams from various countries. Thus hottest female cricket anchors play a pivotal role in the coverage of these prestigious tournaments. Here are two ICC anchors who have earned accolades:

a. Isa Guha:

Isa Guha

A former England cricketer, Isa Guha has seamlessly transitioned into the world of cricket broadcasting. Her insightful analysis, combined with her poise and elegance, makes her a highly respected cricket anchor during ICC events.

b. Mel McLaughlin:

Known for her professionalism and versatility, Mel McLaughlin has covered several ICC events with finesse. She has the ability to bring out interesting stories and engage with players on and off the field. Thus, makes her a standout anchor.

Big Bash: Vibrancy and Charisma:

The Big Bash League, Australia’s premier T20 tournament, boasts a vibrant atmosphere both on and off the field. The hottest Female cricket anchors contribute to the tournament’s exuberance with their energy and charisma. Here are a couple of noteworthy names:

a. Neroli Meadows:

hottest female cricket anchors

With her enthusiasm and wide knowledge of the game, Neroli Meadows has become a popular face in the Big Bash. Her ability to connect with players and fans has made her an integral part of the tournament’s coverage.

b. Ellyse Perry:

A renowned Australian cricketer, Ellyse Perry has also tried her hand at cricket anchoring. Her incredible cricketing skills, combined with her charm and elegance, make her a standout presence during Big Bash matches.


Cricket tournaments such as the IPL, PSL, ICC events, and more did bring a host of female cricket anchors with talent. Those have enhanced the viewer experience with their beauty, expertise, and engaging personalities. Also, it could be the glamor of the IPL. Or even the grace of the PSL too. Also, the global appeal of ICC events, or the vibrancy of the Big Bash. Thus, these anchors have left a mark on the cricketing world. Also, their contributions go beyond their attractive appearances. As they bring insightful analysis, great hosting skills, and a deep love for the game to the forefront. Thus, making cricket an even more enjoyable experience for fans worldwide.

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