Shoaib Malik Returns To BPL 2024 & Joins Fortune Barishal

Shoaib Malik returns to BPL 2024: Makes a surprise comeback to play for Fortune Barishal

Finally, Pakistan’s former skipper Shoaib Malik returns to Bangladesh Premier League BPL 2024 and rejoins Fortune Barishal after overcoming the match-fixing rumors. As a result, he unexpectedly departed from the team amidst the speculations. Moreover, the franchise found Ahmed Shehzad as a temporary replacement for Malik.

Shehzad was looking in great form by scoring 105 runs in 2 matches, with his highest score of 66 runs against Sylhet Strikers.

It is expected that Shoaib Malik will return to his franchise on 2nd February 2024(Friday). During Malik’s absence, Fortune Barishal won its second match of the tournament against Sylhet Strikers by 49 runs.

According to the reports by the media, Shoaib Malik came under scrutiny after bowling three no-balls in a single over against the Khulna Tigers on 22nd January 2024(Monday). He conceded 18 runs and three free hits during the 4th over of the match. Consequently, Khulna Tigers comfortably chased the target of 188 runs with 8 wickets remaining and more than 2 overs to spare. 

Moreover, Shoaib Malik returns to BPL 2024 to play the upcoming match against the Khulna Tigers on 3rd February 2024 (Saturday).

Earlier, Malik found himself caught in the crossfire after receiving the news of Fortune Barishal terminating his contract on account of match-fixing allegations. The speculations were further bolstered when he withdrew himself from the tournament.

Later, the franchise owner clarified the situation through his social media account, thereby denying the spot-fixing allegations against Shoaib Malik.

Additionally, Shoaib Malik invalidated these rumors officially with a detailed post on social media.

Shoaib Malik returns to BPL 2024: Explains about the false spot-fixing allegations on social media

Shoaib Malik returns to BPL 2024 by ensuring to provide a detailed clarification to all his fans. He refuted the rumors with a post on his X handle:

“Before making a comeback into the tournament you have to know some realities. I would like to address and eradicate all the rumors speculating about my playing status with Fortune Barishal. I had a detailed discussion with our skipper. We mutually planned along with Tamim Iqbal forward. Due to a pre-committed media engagement in Dubai, I had to depart from Bangladesh.

I spread my wishes to Fortune Barishal for the forthcoming matches in BPL 2024 and I am always ready to support the team when they need me. It was a pleasure finding joy while playing the game. Hopefully, I will persist in accomplishing so.

Particularly I would like to exercise caution when it comes to speculating rumors. I firmly refute these baseless rumors. Importantly, I want everyone to verify the information before accepting and circulating it.  Unnecessarily confusions are created and these falsehoods can harm anyone’s reputation. We should ensure to have a clear understanding of the facts

Thank you all for your dedicated love and support always.”

Shoaib Malik clarified that due to his engagement commitments, he had to leave the tournament abruptly.

Mizanur Rahman clarifies Shoaib Malik returns to BPL 2024

In a recent interview with Sports 24, Fortune Barishal owner Mizanur Rahman revealed that Shoaib Malik had to depart suddenly from the team to reunite with his family:

“He is one of the greatest players. I deeply regret the rumor speculating about Shoaib Malik. He gave us his best performance. So, we shouldn’t be having a debate about it. Rather, we should focus on improving our performance after losing two consecutive matches.

Earlier he left the game and informed me that he wants to return on 6th February 2024. We have our next three games in Sylhet. Let’s not discuss this in detail and make it a big issue”

The Fortune Barishal owner supports Shoaib Malik by defending the false speculations against him. From his above statement, it becomes clear that Shoaib Malik had a conversation with Mizanur before leaving BPL 2024.

Why did Shoaib Malik Abruptly leave out of BPL 2024?

Before the spot-fixing allegations, he had to undergo a hectic schedule in the previous two weeks. He officially announced his divorce from his ex-wife Sania Mirza- the Indian tennis star, thereby concluding his second marriage. Within a short time, the 42-year-old veteran cricketer was ready for his third marriage to the 30-year-old Pakistani actress Sana Javed.

Simultaneously, the false allegations about his match-fixing in 2024 were further speculated due to his sudden departure.

It becomes evident that Shoaib Malik deliberately didn’t bowl any no-balls. Rather he wasn’t in his best form by scoring only 17,5 and 7 runs as well as managed to take only a wicket in the first three games of BPL 2024.

Furthermore, the unnatural deliveries caught the attention of many fans negatively.

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