Ricky Ponting: Rishabh Pant Is Very Confident On Playing IPL 2024

Ricky Ponting about Rishabh Pant’s Comeback in IPL 2024

After being unveiled as Major League Cricket, MLC Franchise Washington Freedom’s coach, Ricky Ponting about Rishabh Pant’s comeback in the Indian Premier League (IPL 2024) described the positiveness of his possible participation. He says that Rishabh is very confident about being right to play.

Ricky Ponting said to reporters that they are not quite sure yet in what capacity. You would have that Rishabh Pant is up and running well, as we can see all that in social media. But Ponting says they have only 6 weeks for the first game so they are unsure if they can get wicketkeeping out of him this year. He says if you ask Rishabh he will say that he is playing every game, keeping every game and batting at No.4. However he likes that so let us keep our fingers crossed and wait.

Uncertainties Acknowledged by Ricky Ponting about Rishabh Pant’s Comeback: Wicketkeeping In IPL 2024

Ricky Ponting on the comeback of Rishabh Pant acknowledging the uncertainties keeps us paused for a second. Of course, Ponting is an experienced cricketer with good analyzing skills. He says we are seeing Rishabh Pant’s gradual improvement in social media.

But will that be fine to perform in IPL 2024 and wicketkeeping in the match? As they are just 6 weeks away from the first match. Ricky Ponting doubts whether Rishabh could do wicketkeeping this year.

“We Missed Rishabh Pant Last Year: Says Ricky Ponting about Rishabh Pant’s Comeback

Ricky Ponting says they missed Rishabh Pant last year and he is a dynamic player and the captain. Ponting adds on by saying even if Rishabh doesn’t play throughout all the games, we can still manage him through 10 of the 14 games. Therefore, any additionally played game will be a bonus.

Who will be the Captain if Rishabh Pant is not playing in IPL 2024?

David Warner will be the captain of Delhi Capitals if Rishabh Pant does not recover in time and play for IPL 2024. Ricky Ponting confirmed saying in that case, Australian batsman David Warner will be taking up the captaincy duties for the entire season.

Ricky Ponting says David Warner will be the DC captain if Rishabh is not ready. However, he highlighted that the previous season strongly felt Rishabh Pant’s absence. So this time the franchise will do its best to manage Rishabh’s workload during IPL 2024.

During Rishabh Pant’s absence, Delhi Capitals won only 5 out of 14 games. Also, their performance was not at par and finished in the 2nd Last position in IPL 2023.

Rishabh Pant has not played since 2022

It is evident that Rishabh Pant has not played and couldn’t play after his car accident in December 2022. He by himself had no hopes of surviving. As he thought “Time in this World was Over”.

Rishabh Pant said he was scared after his right leg injury. Because if there was nerve damage then the chances of getting amputated were higher.

However, now he feels lucky to have the 2nd Life to live. He says that he is enjoying basic things like brushing his teeth and going for a walk. Also, he expressed that the first time he took a bath, he didn’t feel like coming out.

Although Doctors confirmed no fractures post the accident, Rishabh’s knee injury was major. But still, he feels lucky because it could have been more severe than anyone expected. As it was a horrifying accident.

Last year, they lacked batting quality and this year they are trying to improve it. They have highly talented Indian players who are ready to play straight away. One thing about IPL is it’s not like investing too much in young players and expecting them to improve overnight. You have to get talent that is ready to play and this year the team has got a few like that.

Final Words: Ricky Ponting about Rishabh Pant’s Comeback in IPL 2024

Fans are ready to cheer after the confirmation of Ricky Ponting about Rishabh Pant’s comeback in IPL 2024. Although there are many obstacles and probability questions. However, the Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting describes confidently that Rishabh Pant’s sensational comeback and playing will be witnessed throughout the full IPL season.

When asked about the team composition, Ricky Ponting expressed that he feels happy with the buys of Harry Brook and Jhye Richardson. Therefore he believes that Brook will be the perfect finisher for the team.  However, Surisers Hyderabad did not utilize him properly, launching him as an opener.

So, as it is said by Ricky Ponting about Rishab Pant’s comeback, we have to keep our fingers crossed and wait for the best to happen.

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