Reasons Why BCCI Banned Certain Colours On IPL Jerseys?

Punjab Kings co-owner Preity Zinta reveals unknown facts about certain colours

Punjab Kings co-owner and Bollywood actress Preity Zinta revealed some unknown facts that the BCCI banned certain colours on IPL jerseys ahead of the 17th edition of the tournament. During the inaugural season, the Punjab Kings franchise allocated a combination of red and silver jerseys to its players. Recently, the new jersey’s colour changed to a red-yellowish mixture for the upcoming IPL 2024 season.

Furthermore, the franchise launched its New Jersey on 16th March 2024 (Saturday). The variations in colours symbolically represent Punjab’s emotions. Additionally, it motivates the entire team’s commitment to provide the most entertaining moment for all fans. Eventually, the design patterns of the jersey include, Kesari, Indian tricolour, Nihal blue arrows and the honeycomb structure. These colours and designs are a tribute to Punjab’s heritage and the harmony of the people.

After BCCI banned certain colours on IPL Jerseys, the management of Punjab Kings had to come out with an alternative idea. Ultimately, it resulted in introducing a new design for the Punjab Kings jersey for the upcoming edition.

Punjab Kings skipper Shikhar Dhawan and co-owner Preity Zinta were present during the event organized at the Elante Mall in Chandigarh. Additionally, the other members of the team including the coaching staff attended the ceremony.

Sporting this new jersey, Punjab Kings will play their first match against Delhi Capitals on 23rd March 2024 at their new stadium in Mullanpur.

Preity Zinta shares why BCCI banned certain colours on IPL jerseys

While speaking at the event Preity Zinta shared some interesting facts about why BCCI banned certain colours on IPL jerseys which included silver, grey and white:

“ There is a valid reason why we changed our jersey colour this season. When we began our  IPL campaign in 2008, our franchise jersey included a combination of red, silver and grey. Later, BCCI banned colours like silver, grey, and white because of the less visibility of the ball on-field. Consequently, we began finding alternative colours that integrated the best with the red colour. I feel that this year we have found the best combination along with red.

Especially, we are proud to launch our new jersey in front of our loyal fans. They have been the core support of the team. These new colours highlight every emotion of Punjab. Our team is ready to represent the fans on the field soon. Moreover, we aim to create many memorable moments in the new stadium in Mullanpur.”

Preity Zinta from her above statement highlights the fact that the white cricket ball and the shades in their previous jersey are identical which reduces the visibility. The management had to change the colour based on the new rules imposed by the BCCI.

What is the speciality of Punjab Kings New Jersey: Symbolical representation of each colour and its meaning

The jersey of Punjab Kings is designed in such a way that it has resistance to sweat, odour, and UV rays as well as possessing antibacterial properties.

These colours and designs symbolically uniquely convey the Punjabi culture as explained below:

Colour/ PatternReason for including in the new jersey
Red ColourA dominant colour of the jersey manufactured by PlayR. According to international standards, this colour maintains the touch of Punjabi essence.
Kesari PatternsThe designers were inspired by the colour of the fire and decided to provide it at the bottom of the jersey.
Honeycomb PatternUsed to promote the quality of unity and teamwork for each player.
Indian TricolourA tribute to the armed forces
Nihal BlueSymbolically represents the weapons of Punjabi warriors.

Overall, these colours when combined give a stylish look to a player while wearing the jersey.

Conclusive Facts on BCCI banned certain colours on IPL jerseys

The decision to introduce such restrictions by BCCI highlights the complex network of economic interests and collaborations that support the Indian Premier League. The rich-cash league can maximize its profits by appealing to advertisers and ensuring a mutually beneficial identity across all participating franchises. 

To uphold the standards of the T20 league, the BCCI banned certain colours on IPL jerseys. The ban on specific colours on IPL jerseys highlights the league’s responsibility to maintain a balanced and reputed brand image.  Also, Preity Zinta and the entire franchise demonstrated their flexibility and willingness to adapt to the BCCI’s terms and conditions.

At the same time, the creativity in choosing the jersey colours poses restrictions for the team management. However, the main goal of BCCI is to protect the financial rights of the IPL and its business partners. 

Mainly, the decision to ban certain colours on jerseys highlights the cautiousness of BCCI to maintain a balance between the tradition of the sport, commercial objectives and the demands of the present generation marketing strategies. 

Punjab Kings had another worst season in 2023 by concluding eighth position in the points table. They secured only 6 wins out of 14 matches with 12 points to their account. It remains to be seen how the new jersey will favour the fortunes of Punjab Kings in the forthcoming season.

Conclusively, the prohibition on specific colours for the IPL jerseys, according to Preity Zinta’s statement proves to be a strategic measure. Though it may pose limitations on the visual aspect of the team’s jersey, it certainly contributes to the upgrade of the professionalism and pride of the IPL.

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