Reasons for People Gambling

The history of gamblings and people is long and rich. It is the wagering of something of a high value on an outcome that the bettor hopes would go in his favour. It is a game of chance or luck which is also known as gambling or betting.

As a matter of fact, gambling has been practised. Since the beginning of recorded history. The pre-history gambling includes dice games, known as Astragali. With passing time. Games such as Lotto games, Card games, and Poker came into existence.

In recent years, gambling has become a fancy way to make a lot of money. There are tons of physical casinos around the world that offer the best betting odds. Many cities now call themselves the Best Gambling Destinations to attract more visitors.

Gambling is prohibited in Bangladesh. And considered unacceptable socially as well. It is because. The country has anti-gambling laws. Also, it is a Mulsim majority country that follows Sharia Law. The Sharia Law prohibits any form of gambling.

Most people consider gambling to be a quick way to make money. In addition to gambling, there are a number of other reasons why people do it. Some of them are:

Why Do People Gamble?

As a result, it is understandable. Gambling helps you earn big money in a short period of time. If you win big early, then you could become a compulsive gambler. But you will never win all the time.

People who are lonely could also turn to gamble as an option for escape. It can also help you reduce your anxiety, loneliness, and depression. Here are some of the key reasons why people go Gambling.

To Improve Financially

Gambling, it’s all about making quick money with less effort in a short period of time. It is most common for people to turn to gamble for financial stability. Also, there are plenty of winning opportunities if you win Jackpots or Lucky draws.

But, there is a clear mantra in the gambling world as well. The mantra is that ‘Gambling takes more than it gives. Thus, it forms a cycle where you would come back attempting to win what you have lost. So, learning safe gambling is a must before you start your journey.

Become more Social

Gambling has socially gained access to every culture. In modern times, it has become fashionable to gamble among a group of friends, family, or co-workers. The parties or functions are incomplete without a game of cards, slots, or casino games.

Overcome Loneliness and Depression

Gambling could be an ideal tool to kill time. And remove loneliness from your life. Imagine sitting at home doing nothing. Then, you get an idea of gambling on a sport. The excitement that it brings is unreal.

Also, you must be careful. As excess gambling could lead to loneliness and depression. The more you lose, the more you get depressed. And may lose hope in life.

Adrenaline Rush

There are people out there who love challenges. They are ready to push themselves to the extremes. Placing the bets and waiting for the result brings excitement. Thus, people get into gambling purely because of the thrills it generates.

Due to a Misconception

Most people fall into the trap of gambling. Because of a misconception. The misconception is that. Gambling always returns you good profits. But it is not. So some people have become homeless. And lost all their valuables. Just because of excessive gambling.

7 Areas of Responsible and Safe Gambling

The term Responsible Gaming was introduced to ensure fairness. And safe gambling is practised. It is a broad term that includes various policies and requirements. Responsible Gambling ensures free. And fair gambling practices.

This includes the highest quality standards along with a safe user experience. Users must be protected from the negative effects of gambling. It should only be treated as something that people would do in their past time.

 There are seven areas defined to ensure responsible and safe gambling.

Introducing safety measures

There are tons of online scammers on the internet. In order to avoid online scams. Website operators must install better tracking software. It would enable them to track. And block the scammers.

Privacy in data and information sharing

End-to-end information and data encryption is a must to avoid scams. All the user details. And the banking details must be encrypted and secured. This would act as a shield between the users. And the scammers.

Creating a secure online environment

Creating a secure online platform is a vital aspect of online gambling. The websites must not promote abusive language or threats. And racist comments. Those taking advantage of these immoral practices must be banned from the website.

Better online payment protection

Online payment is the most delicate aspect of the game. The betting companies must work on the latest software. That helps protect users’ data and finances. Players must feel comfortable while depositing their hard-earned money.

Preventing underage gambling

The prevention of underage gaming has to be taken care of. At all costs. The legal for betting in most countries ranges from 18 to 21 years. The registration process must include uploading an ID for age verification.

And also, the parents must track their kids. And take necessary actions to prevent them from betting.

Ethical and Responsible marketing

The operators must ensure that the advertisements do not reach underage children. Also, the operators must take permission from people before calling them. They must not go for aggressive gambling advertisements.

Protecting Vulnerable Gamblers

People have gone bankrupt. Because of gambling addiction. So, those vulnerable people must be protected to ensure their livelihoods do not get destroyed. The features such as deposit limits, and playing time. And self-exclusion programs are a must for better protection.

How can a Gambling Company stay Responsible?

All parties must respect the above-mentioned responsible gaming procedures. The creators, regulators, and players must share the responsibilities equally. The companies must ensure they use the latest software that follows the latest quality management system.

 The companies can show more responsibility by implementing the following points:

  • By fixing the betting limits. And self-exclusion tools.
  • Implement better data privacy. And security by adding modern security tools.
  •  Act against scammers by reporting them to cyber cells.
  • Making government IDs mandatory to upload enables monitoring of underage users.

Responsible Gambling Recommendations

Responsible and safe gambling is something. That every gambler must practice. Whether experienced or an amateur. Some of the responsible gambling recommendations include:

  • Gambling must never be considered quick. And an easy way to make money.
  • Only bet what you can afford. Excessive betting could lead gamblers to bankruptcy. Select those websites that offer effective gambling mechanisms. Like limiting the amount that you can deposit and bet.
  •  Limit your time. And money on betting. It can help you save from anxiety and depression. Always set a time limit before making a bet. Make sure you follow the same every day.
  • Always take counselling from a reputed medical organization. If you feel like you are addicted to it.


Gambling is considered a quick way of making money. But, it could also destroy your life, when you get addicted to it. Responsible gambling is something that everyone needs to practice. 

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