IPL 2024: Why Are There So Many 200-plus Scores?

The impact player rule in the IPL 2024 has been a nightmare for bowlers as several teams are easily posting skyrocketing totals of 200-plus runs in a T20 format. Though fans are entertained by the high-scoring contests, not every player is happy with the rule, particularly the all-rounders participating in the ongoing season.

The rule introduced in the previous season, allows teams to replace any one player in the Playing XI during the match. As a result, teams swap a bowler for a batter during run chases or first batting to bring up 200-plus totals frequently.

Excluding the impact player rule, there are several reasons which prove that why IPL 2024 is the year for big scores

Aggressive Approach in Powerplay Overs

One of the main reasons that contributed to the upward trend of achieving high totals is the aggressive approach of the batters during the powerplay overs. Earlier, a score of 60-plus runs after the first six overs was considered to be challenging. When compared to the previous seasons, the run-rate in the powerplay overs have ranged between 9–10 runs per over so far.

For instance, Sunrisers Hyderabad scored 125-0 in 6 overs, which is indeed the highest powerplay score in the IPL as well as the T20 cricket.

Since only 2 fielders are permitted outside the 30-yard circle during the powerplay overs, batters take advantage of the restrictions to play unorthodox and fierce shots to score maximum runs through fours and sixes.

Strong Performance of Teams

Sunrisers Hyderabad have established themselves as one of the strongest teams in the IPL 2024.

Moreover, can you believe that SRH scored 287-3 in 20 overs against RCB on 15th April 2024, which became the highest total ever in IPL history?  Despite, RCB not being able to chase a mammoth total, they still scored 262-7 in 20 overs. Additionally, the SRH batters scored 277-3 against Mumbai Indians and 266-7 against Delhi Capitals (DC) in 20 overs.

Interestingly, even Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) posted a gigantic total of 272-7 against the Delhi capitals, which is the 3rd highest score in the Indian Premier League.

So far, the 17th edition of the IPL has witnessed many 200-plus scores. Recently, the Punjab Kings (PBKS) successfully chased a huge target of 262 runs against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) at Eden Gardens on 26th April 2024. As a result, PBKS recorded the highest successful run chase in T20 cricket. Indeed, PBKS along with RCB holds the record of the joint highest total in IPL run chases as well.

Long Batting Lineup

The impact player rule has allowed each side to include 7 to 8 batters in a playing XI, thereby providing the advantage to switch with a bowler in the subsequent innings.

Especially, the chasing side gets an extra batter who can completely turn the tables around and easily chase down the target of 200-plus runs.

Batting Friendly Pitches

The pitch conditions at Eden Gardens, Wankhede Stadium, Mohali, Chinnaswamy or Chepauk are batting-friendly allowing teams to score 200-plus runs, having an average score of more than 185 runs.

Slow Over-Rate Penalty

If the bowling team doesn’t complete their 20 overs within the allocated time of 90 minutes (including 2 strategic timeouts), a slow over rate penalty is imposed. As a result, only four fielders can be placed outside the 30-yard circle rather than five, which can prove to be favourable for batters, especially in the death overs.

Too Many No Balls and Free Hits

A majority of bowlers have delivered too many no-balls in the IPL 2024 under pressure, which allowed the batters to make use of free hits. Consequently, these penalty hits accelerate the batsman’s time to get into form and score huge runs even in the case of legal deliveries.

Absence of Yorker Deliveries

In the ongoing season, we haven’t witnessed yorker deliveries by any bowler. Rather, bowlers have bowled Full Toss, short-pitched, slow and length delivery which encouraged the batters to get into a comfortable position and smash a huge number of fours and sixes.

Misfields and Dropped Catches

Fielders under pressure often succumb to misfields thereby conceding double the runs, whereas the dropped catches provide a lifeline for a batter to execute shots more freely. This is because of the competitive nature and the dynamic pace of T20 cricket in the IPL, where the batters are hungry to score huge runs.

Dealing with boundaries

Mainly batsmen have begun accumulating runs through boundaries (fours and sixes), leading to two teams scoring a combined total of more than 500 runs in just 40 overs of a match. For instance, SRH have breached the 250-run mark three times in the ongoing season so far by following the same strategy.

It would be interesting to know how both teams scored 200+ runs in a single match of IPL 2024 and the stats showing the most number of fours and sixes smashed in both innings.

What Is The Highest Individual Score In IPL?

Two teams scoring 200+ runs in a single match of IPL 2024:

DateTeam ScoreNumber of BoundariesOpposition Team’s Score Number of Boundaries by the Opposition TeamsResult
23rd March 2024 (Saturday)KKR: 208-7 in 20 overs27   (13 fours and 14 sixes)SRH: 204-7 in 20 overs27

(12 fours and 15 sixes)
KKR won by 4 runs
27th March 2024 (Wednesday)SRH: 227-3 in 20 overs37   (19 fours and 18 sixes)MI: 246-5 in 20 overs32

(12 fours and 20 sixes)
SRH won by 31 runs
07th April 2024 (Sunday)MI: 234-5 in 20 overs33   (19 fours and 14 sixes)DC: 205-8 in 20 overs29   (18 fours and 11 sixes)MI won by 29 runs
15th April 2024 (Monday)SRH: 287-3 in 20 overs41   (19 fours and 22 sixes)RCB: 262-7 in 20 overs40   (24 fours and 16 sixes)SRH won by 25 runs
16th April 2024 (Tuesday)KKR: 223-6 in 20 overs33 (24 fours and 9 sixes) RR: 224-8 in 20 overs  32 ( 20 fours and 12 sixes)RR won by 2 wickets
21st April 2024 (Sunday)KKR: 222-6 in 20 overs34   (27 fours and 7 sixes)RCB: 221-10 in 20 overs33   (16 fours and 17 sixes)KKR won by 1 run
23rd April 2024 (Tuesday)CSK: 210-4 in 20 overs29   (19 fours and 10 sixes)LSG: 213-4 in 19.3 overs29   ( 19 fours and 10 fours)LSG won by 6 wickets
24th April 2024 (Wednesday)DC: 224-4 in 20 overs34   (18 fours and 16 sixes)GT: 220-8 in 20 overs32   (22 fours and 10 sixes)DC won by 4 runs
26th April 2024 (Friday)KKR: 261-6 in 20 overs40   (22 fours and 18 sixes)PBKS: 262-2 in 18.4 overs39   (15 fours and 24 sixes )PBKS won by 8 wickets

Overall Facts:

If we compare the team’s totals, just 5 years back, a 200-plus score marked a winning milestone for the teams batting first. But, now, even a score of 220-plus runs is considered a competitive score but doesn’t guarantee it as a winning total.

Conclusively, the high scores in IPL 2024 display a combination of aggressive powerplay strategies and the strong batting performance of teams dealing with boundaries. At the same time, it raises several controversies about the challenges a bowler faces in the ongoing season.

As the IPL 2024 is progressing successfully, it would be interesting to watch if teams can adapt themselves to the high-scoring trends or if bowlers implement unique strategies to prevent high-scoring contests.

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