Good News: BCB Confirms Reserve Day For Knockouts in BPL 2024

To avoid any interruptions during the knockout stages, BCB confirms reserve day ahead of the 10th season of the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL).

Contrarily, both teams will share each point if the matches in the group stages remain unsettled.

The 46-match tournament includes 7 different teams participating namely:

  1. Khulna Tigers
  2. Sylhet Strikers
  3. Rangpur Riders
  4. Durdanto Dhaka
  5. Comilla Victorians
  6. Chattogram Challengers
  7. Fortune Barishal

After playing 42 matches in the league stages, the top four teams in the points table qualify for the playoffs.

Recently, the opening match of the BPL 2024 tournament kickstarted with the intense clash between the defending champions Comilla Victorians and Durdanto Dhaka. The BPL 2024 tournament commenced on January 19th at Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium.

However, Durdanto Dhaka beat the Comilla Victorians by 5 wickets to start their campaign on a winning note.

Also, the other two venues, Zahoor Ahmed Chowdhury Cricket Stadium, and Sylhet International Cricket Stadium host the group stage matches.

Notably, each team will play against each other in a double round-robin format of a Twenty20 franchise game in the group stages of BPL 2024.

Rather than falling victim to unpleasant weather conditions, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has taken a crucial decision to provide uninterrupted cricket drama.

Especially, it is great news for all cricket fans as BCB confirms reserve day for the playoffs and finals of the Bangladesh Premier League BPL 2024.

BCB Confirms Reserve Day: A New Plan for BPL 2024 Playoffs

The main reason why BCB confirms reserve day is to ensure the continuity of the game.

Teams that rank at the 1st and 2nd position will play the qualifier 1 round. Whereas, the teams that secure the 3rd and 4th positions will compete against each other in the eliminator round.

The main advantage of playing in the Qualifier 1 round is that teams losing the match will get another chance to play in the Qualifier 2 round. On the other side, the winner of the qualifier 1 round directly enters into the finals of BPL 2024.

The organizers have perfectly planned the schedule and format of the BPL 2024 playoffs based on the first four positions of the teams:

  • Qualifier 1: (1st) vs (2nd) position
  • Eliminator: (3rd) vs (4th) position
  • Qualifier 2: (Winner of Eliminator) vs (Loser of Qualifier 1)
  • Final: ( Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 2) winners

If any of these four matches in playoffs gets interrupted due to rain, it will be continued on the reserve day.

Even if the match gets halted on the reserve day, teams with higher points or net-run-rate in the points table qualify for the subsequent rounds.

Interestingly, the Qualifier 1 and Eliminator round takes place on 25th February 2024 at the same venue Dhaka. For instance, if either of the matches gets disturbed with unsettled results, the match will be continued the next day at the same venue.

Furthermore, the same concept applies for the Qualifier 2 match on 27th February 2024.

It becomes evident that the schedule is properly planned to avoid clashes with other knockout matches by considering the factors of conducting a reserve day.

BCB Confirms Reserve Day: Pros and Cons

It isn’t simple to conduct a reserve day having many crucial factors to consider.

Simultaneously, the BCB’s decision to confirm a reserve day has sparked debate among cricket fans and experts. BCB has to undergo certain pros and cons by conducting a reserve day in BPL 2024 knockouts:


  • Match can be continued from the same point where it has been interrupted.

  • BCB’s decision to plan a reserve day encourages players to focus on the game. It results in delivering their complete performance, irrespective of the weather conditions.
  • The uninterrupted game results in huge sponsorships by considering the increased viewership rate. As a result, the BPL tournament boosts its reputation among other franchise league contests. 

  • Ultimately, fans experience a worthy moment for investing a huge sum of money in the ticket.


  • Many logistical challenges like players’ availability and efficient ground maintenance can occur on an extended schedule for a reserve day. BCB needs a well-defined plan to address these issues.

  • Possibly, players sometimes lose their consistent form with a huge break of more than a day.

  • Due to the abrupt change in weather, the pitch conditions tend to change. Consequently, it becomes unfavorable for the well-performing team of the preceding day.

  • Importantly, the BCB needs to maintain the quality of the tournament to ensure its financial viability. Reserve days pose increased operational costs and extra charges for players to accommodate an additional day.

BCB Confirms Reserve Day: A wise decision or unplanned move?

Overall, the BCB made a wise decision to ensure uncontrollable external factors don’t overshadow a player’s hard work and best performance in the tournament.

Moreover, the prestige and intensity of the game are amplified with the reserve day.

Additionally, the implementation of reserve day was not only a logical solution but also a strategic move by the BCB.

Since BCB confirms reserve day, the stage is perfectly set for a thrilling conclusion of BPL 2024.

Conclusively, many cricket enthusiasts will certainly experience the ongoing season of the Bangladesh Premier League as the best edition with the new concepts introduced in the tournament.

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