Dhoni Promoting Prime Sports with His New Bat Sticker

Dhoni Promoting Prime Sports with His New Bat Sticker for IPL 2024: Social Media Set on Fire!

The IPL 2024 is nearing and during a training session, we get to witness CSK captain MS Dhoni promoting Prime Sports with his new bat sticker. Prime Sports is owned by Dhoni’s childhood friend Paramjit Singh. Social Media is set on fire with questions as What does Dhoni’s new bat sticker mean? What is Prime Sports? Why is Dhoni promoting Prime Sports? You will get all the answers by the time you have read it completely.

Chennai Super Kings captained by MS Dhoni is the defending champions entering into IPL 2024. In the Indian Premier League IPL 2023 Final, Dhoni’s CSK defeated Hardik Pandya’s Gujarat Titans.

Even his biopic film (named – MS Dhoni: The Untold Story), clearly depicted the bond Dhoni had with his friends. Amongst them, Paramjit Singh was one of his dearest childhood friends and a pillar of support to the former India captain.

Deepak Chahar backed MS Dhoni: A Wish to play more!

In CSK, Deepak Chahar backed MS Dhoni in terms of fitness and stated that he could play a few more seasons as Dhoni kept himself fit.

He added on saying in an interview that he had seen the captain bat in the nets. Deepak thinks Dhoni has a lot to give to cricket and can easily play for another 2 or 3 seasons.

What is Prime Sports? Who is Paramjit Singh?

Former India Captain MS Dhoni’s dearest childhood friend Paramjit Singh owns the Prime Sports company. The shop is located in Ranchi.

MS Dhoni’s early cricketing career had Paramjit’s huge influence that helped in shaping his future.

Recently the practice session photos gained millions of attention and most talked about topic amongst cricket enthusiasts.

MS Dhoni: One of the Greatest Captains in Indian Cricket History

Undoubtedly, MS Dhoni is one of the greatest captains in Indian cricket history. He led the Indian team from 2007 to 2017 in limited-overs formats and from 2008 to 2014 in Tests.

In World Cup 2011, Dhoni led the team to victory. Also in the T20 World Cup 2007 and ICC Champions Trophy 2013. MS Dhoni remains the only captain to win 3 different limited-overs tournaments. India won the Asia Cup in 2010 and 2016 during Dhoni’s tenure.

Initially, Dhoni played for Bihar and made his first-class debut in 1999. Later, he played for India against Bangladesh in an ODI match, making his debut on 23rd December 2004. Therefore, he played his 1st Test against Sri Lanka but it was one year later.

Why is Dhoni Promoting Prime Sports with His New Bat Sticker?

In recent times, we have seen many discussions and questions asking why is Dhoni promoting Prime Sports with his new Bat sticker. We can observe that the bat has a sticker named “Prime Sports”.

It indicates Dhoni’s bond with his dearest childhood friend Paramjit Singh. As he is getting ready for the upcoming IPL 2024 Season, Dhoni is promoting Prime Sports as a symbol of friendship.

Many times, Dhoni had opened up on this topic saying that he had always received support from his friends in early cricketing stages. He notably mentioned that one of his dearest friends facilitated 1st bat sponsorship deal.

This time when everyone saw Dhoni promoting the Prime Sports sticker on his bat, they recollected the friendship bond they had witnessed in his biopic movie – “MS Dhoni: The Untold Story” which threw light on Dhoni’s personal and professional life.

Dhoni Utilizing Bat Space to Honour the Supported People: Recently Dhoni Promoting Prime Sports

It isn’t something new that Dhoni utilizes his Bat Space to honor people who supported him. During World Cup 2019, he had multiple bats with different logos of the brand names – SS, SG, and BAS.

It symbolizes Dhoni’s gratitude towards many sponsors. Also, Paras Anand – The Marketing Director of SG (Sanspareils Greenlands) said that earlier before World Cup 2019, Dhoni’s agent had approached everybody for a contract. However, Concerning the brands SS, SG, and BAS, Dhoni has been associated with throughout his career starting.

Initially, Dhoni started with BAS and later had an extended partnership with SS.

Paras Anand added saying that they had served him irrespective of whether he was using their sticker. He confirmed by saying that during World Cup 2019, it was Dhoni’s way of showing gratitude to the brands that supported him for a very long time.

Final Words on Dhoni Promoting Prime Sports

Regarding the sponsor brands people were usually aware of popular ones like the SG, SS, and BAS. But Dhoni promoting Prime Sports is the trending topic because it is a sports shop in Ranchi. So the audience is stunned that MS Dhoni has to promote that shop. However, it came out that it was a gratitude for his childhood friendship that is prolonging even now.

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