BPL 2024: Mohammad Mithun Ready To Play His Best Cricket

Mohammad Mithun in BPL 2024: Promises to play his best cricket

After, appointing as the vice-captain of the Sylhet Strikers, Mohammad Mithun in BPL 2024 promises to play his best cricket. He feels that technological development in this edition of the Bangladesh Premier League has become more advanced compared to the previous ones.

ADRS (Alternative Decision Review System) was used instead of DRS (Decision Review System). It resulted in many controversial issues arising upon the ADRS technology and the inaccurate judgments declared upon a batsman’s dismissal.

Unlike the previous year, the BCB plans to use DRS at the beginning of the BPL 2024 tournament. As a result, Mohammad Mithun praised the BCB ( Bangladesh Cricket Board) and BPL governing councilor.

However, Mohammad Mithun in BPL 2024 tries to remain contended with what he has to play in the tournament and expresses his desire to improve himself in domestic cricket.

Sylhet Strikers started their 10th edition of the BPL campaign by playing their first match against Chattogram Challengers on the opening day on 19th January 2024 (Friday) at Shere Bangla National Stadium, Dhaka.

As promised, Mohammad Mithun in his first match of BPL 2024 managed to deliver a decent performance by scoring 40 runs from 28 balls ( including 4 fours and 2 sixes). His performance as an opening batsman gave a good start to his team.

Furthermore, Mithun’s innings motivated Zakir Hasan to play an unbeaten knock of 70 runs from 43 balls (including 7 fours and 1 six) that steered Sylhet Strikers to post a total of 177-2 in 50 overs.

However, Sylhet Strikers’ efforts went in vain as Chattogram Challengers won by 7 wickets.

How Mohammad Mithun in BPL 2024 is ready to play his best cricket? Shares his honest opinion

A day ahead of the BPL 2024 tournament, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza– captain of the Sylhet Strikers didn’t join the team yet. As a result, Mohammad Mithun spoke to the media by sharing his team’s plans and status:

“The primary objective of the tournament is to improve the talent of our local cricketers. Certainly, there will be the best opportunity for domestic players to succeed in this format.

We call it our biggest stage mainly because it is the only competition that has TV broadcasts. If you perform well here, the highlights will be worthwhile. That is why all our players aim to give their best performance in the BPL so that they might get into the conversation.

Furthermore, Mithun shares  his thoughts about the DRS being effective from BPL 2024:

“Actually, as players, we don’t look for much difference. We are dynamically preparing for how to achieve well and contribute our best efforts to the team. This is where our attention has remained focused.

If you’re referring to the difference, I was at the meeting yesterday. As said earlier, the DRS has been present since the beginning, which was not the case previously. It is truly commendable.”

From the above statement, Mohammad Mithun in BPL 2024 aims to focus on playing his best cricket, irrespective of the DRS implemented. At the same time, he applauds BCB’s decision to show an interest in technological advancements and implement DRS from the beginning of BPL 2024.

Mohammad Mithun’s comparison: BPL vs other franchise league

When compared to the Indian Premier League, Mohammad Mithun highlighted the difference between BPL and other foreign franchise leagues:

“ We all relish the interesting moments of Indian Premier League (IPL) or Pakistan Super League (PSL) watching on TV. There isn’t any possibility to view the inside environment. If the opportunities improve, We will certainly be pleased. Thereby, the best thing can be done by reacting to what is going on.”

It is a fact that at one time, the position of BPL was prioritized after IPL. Earlier, BPL was not capable of competing with other tournaments in terms of quality. As a result, the BCB introduced the DRS and a reserve day scheme to upgrade the quality of the tournament.

Additionally, Mithun replied when one of the interviewers asked him about the reach of BPL to foreign people:

“That is an excellent question. If we plan ahead of time, we can give them the best possible outcome. Because, when I went to play LPL, a month ago, they requested a video from me.

But when we are asked, we have to provide since, we have a deal with them. When requested by the team management, upload the video on your page. Also, I have a video about pacers on my webpage. We are obliged to do when it comes from the team”

Overall Facts

From his above statement, Mithun tries to convey that TV channels broadcast IPL, PSL, and the new SA20 leagues. Contrarily, the demand is completely low in the case of BPL.

Thereby, he conveys that the excitement and message of BPL are reaching very less to foreign people.

Overall, Mohammad Mithun in BPL 2024 as an opening batsman, strives to play his best game against different opposition teams, but also desires a major improvement in the reputation of the tournament worldwide. 

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