Betting on E-Sports: Here Are The Top 7 Games

As we all know, the betting industry is growing tremendously. And, now even e-sports games are catching up. Though these games are not as famous as blackjack or poker. But, they are introducing new games every single day. And, yes the betting on those games is going on. Now, you must be wondering which games to bet on. As there are uncountable numbers of those games available online. Therefore, here are selected seven of the best e-sports games for betting.


This is one of the most renowned games in the world of e-sports games. Even though this game is not in the top three playing games in the world. Still, there are a fair number of players worldwide. Also, if you are new in the betting world. This is the game you can start with.

The game is just like football. In this, the player selects his or her team. You can control one player at a time. Though you can shift controls from one player to another from your selected team. And no, the game does not go for ninety minutes.


This is one of the other most popular e-sports games. It came under the roof of e-sports in the year 2017. And, thereafter the users kept multiplying.

It is similar to a battle royale. All teams compete altogether. The last one standing is the winner. It could be a team or a single player.


This game was launched in the year 2020. The bettors are quite fond of these sports games too. This falls under the name of Riot Games. It has three levels to bet on. Those are Valorant Masters, Valorant Champions and Valorant Challengers.There is news that similar to franchise leagues, the Valorant variant is coming in the year 2023.


COD is short for one of the remarkable e-sports games. It is Call of Duty. People began playing it around twenty-one years ago. And, there are a huge number of bets placed on this game. The most famous version of COD to date is COD 4: Modern warfare. However, Activision also presented a league of twelve too. In this, the most bettors bet.


This is Counter-Strike: Go Offensive. The fast-paced game for users of all kinds. And, most of the students and youngsters play this. If we rank it on the basis of popularity, it is definitely at the top. Basically, it has two teams competing against each other. And, there are four players on each team. Also, there are multiple maps to play on.

Now to bet on such e-sports games, we have ample betting services. Many of the sportsbooks cover it. Though betting is quite easy on this game. Still, go through online research work. Just to be sure.

League of Legends

The second most popular on the list of betting games is the League of Legends. This game was released by Riot games in the year 2009. This is a multiplayer battle arena game. There are above 150 million players throughout the world, playing it. And, definitely gained huge success in the betting world.

Dota 2

Here comes the seventh and last on the list. It is quite similar to League of Legends. Both are multiplayer battle arenas. It means if you know how to bet on any one of those e-sports games. You can easily go for another one too.

But of course, games have many different features too. Dota 2 organizes one of the biggest gaming tournaments in the world. The prize money for it is 20 million dollars. It attracts a lot of audiences. And, the betting world is totally involved in it too.


Above are the seven of the most famous games under the category of e-sports. People bet on it all over the world. But, we have literally uncountable more games to bet on. Therefore, at the end of the day, it is your own choice. But, make sure to research enough before entering the betting game. Those games are addictive in nature. But, if you are cautious enough. You can definitely enjoy both the games and the betting. And, if luck favors you, you might end up getting rich.

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